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The Harvest Moon: Let it Be

The Harvest

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The Full Moon effects the tides of our Emotional Bodies and our Longing to reach for our Highest Potential. At the crest of our emotions we anticipate the Fall. We want to be something greater than we were before. Will we fall back into old ways of the past? Or, will our greatest treasure be brought to shore?

Extremes of Human emotions create the chaos for change. We’re stirred up, reaching to find a sense of equilibrium, hoping and wondering who we will be. I’m feeling vulnerable. Are you? Did you wake up with a sense of a sound in the background, beyond hearing?

We have two choices, we can hang on to what is familiar or we can let go. Don’t resist what the Creator intended and Beauty Shall Be.

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5 Dog / OC – A Transition of Life and Death: Day 5 of 13

Dog/OC – Unconditional Love, Life, and Happiness

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The Dog is man’s best friend. That’s the Truth. Dog’s are loyal, faithful, and look for every opportunity to give back and pay forward the Offering of Unconditional Love. If we don’t have time now, they will wait, or go look for another opportunity in the moment. The Dog claim the time of its life using all its senses to create an adventure of life.

We love to watch dogs being fools for Love. They don’t care what we think. They live in the moment. They know there’s something somewhere they will find to Love. They bring every discovery back to the pack, and leave a scent back to the buried treasure. Half the fun of anything we love is the discovery. It’s said that the Dog is faithful beyond death to lead us back to the Stars. The Maya called the Milky Way, “the place where the dog ran.”

All we have to do is follow the Dog’s way to manifest the joy of living. Dogs (and all animals) can teach us a thing or two about Life, Love and Happiness… if we’d only follow. Love is the Greatest Power for living. Its a Reason we’ll do anything for the next opportunity. The first step to “being a dog” is to see all the opportunities we would Love.

Tone 5 is symbolized as the center of the cube – a central organizing force within that manages our resources for application. When we acknowledge we have the means and the way, and we’d Love the end, we’ll follow too. The thought is inherent in the 5th hour of Light.

In the 1st hour we have a bright idea, what we could do with the day/time. In the 2nd hour, we remember yesterday’s limitations or success to discern the possibility. We Move when we realize something we could do today that could lead to greater things (Tone 3). Then, we get to work and see what’s “on the bench” and survey the “field of creation.” That’s Tone 4. On Tone 5 we gather the tools we need to complete the task. We get into the flow on Tone 6, wholly engaged in the process, we create a rhythm and pattern and follow the flow to the end. The 13 Tone are reflected by the 13 major joints in the body. The 13 Tones of Intention reflect all the ways we move in divine order toward the end of creation. Elevating vibrations are Spirit’s way of moving with the Flow of Life to create Love and Happiness. It doesn’t happen “all at once.” Time was given to see how we become who we choose to be. We’d all choose to be the Best we can be at something, if it weren’t for our doubts and fears. It usually happens when we have too much Time in our hands.

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Reblog – Yolanda’s Photo, from an angle

Yolanda och hennes kreativa skrik ~ Aspergers syndrom, bipolaritet, fotografi, konst, poesi.

Yolanda and Her Creative Scream ~ Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolarity, Photography, Art, Poetry.

You have to go to Yolanda’s site to see this awesome photo and others, and more. 🙂 It says it says it all in a photo.

I once asked Joseph Rael, “Beautiful Painted Arrow,” for advice on a matter. We were sitting on the dirt in the floor of Minisa Crumbo Halsey’s Peace Chamber, now the Longhouse at Spirit Horse Ranch in Oklahoma.

He told me to illustrate the people/situations with some rocks. The play was like paper dolls with rocks… my delima. He got up and told me to get up. He guided me to take a step to the right. Then we sat back down. He said to look at it again from this angle. AND, IT REALLY DID make a difference. (There’s a Spiritual Tool for you.)

Yolanda’s photo reminds me I can look at this angle ANY time. (AND, I just saw a youtube video about how to take better pictures, looking from an angle.)

You have to go to see the photo bigger on her page.  Visit Now. 🙂



11 Dog / OC – Holding on to the Light: Day 11 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,

As soon as we claim something we love, our thought turn to tomorrow. Yet, Human is limited to see Beauty when it becomes an everyday experience. The Dog is the perfect example of one who remembers the limitations of Love. When the Highest One is our Object of Affection there will be something new for every day.

The “dark” and “light” days have felt like extremes during this Time. That’s a good way to remember, “tomorrow IS another day.” I’m learning to find balance taking bigger steps, two at a time. I’ve been grateful for Spiritual Tools. All I have to do is light some candles to know I’m Seen and Acknowledged from Above. A Supreme Creator never forsakes us, I know that.

I hope you’re taking life in stride. There’s always beauty and peace waiting on the inside, and when Love appears to be gone we will see it again.

all my love, in lak’ech, Debra

(Angels are messengers of Light.) 

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3 Dog / OC – A Day to Move and Disseminate the Divine Truth

We step out with the Right Foot with an Intention is to Move on the Truth.

Or, there’s always another wave in the future… if there’s Time, Below. There’s Endless-Time Above, even more beautiful than Now. God’s Answer of Truth is always Beautiful.

David Archuleta – Paralyzed (Official Video)

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3 Dog / OC – Manifesting the Future: Day 3 of 13

El Castillo, the calendar pyramid in Chichen Itza, where the Light comes down on the Spring and Fall Equinox. El Castillo is the Temple to Kulkulkan/Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. It shares the ley lines that are connected to the Pyramids of Giza and many more places where Temples are built to the One-God Above. In Giza the God is Ra, seen as the symbol of the Sun. In the Himalayas, the One-God is the Buddha that. The lesser Gods, are only pieces and parts to see the Whole One and all Divine Ways of Being.

Greetings Beloved Kin,

In the Night of our Dreams there are no stars to separate us from the Pure Light of the Creator’s Love. Everything is possible in our Dreams, and the experience is just as Real Above as it appears to be Real in the Down Below. We were give nearly half of our life to know ALL Possibility as a Truth we can apply to all our Dreams, Below. God said it was good. All Time was given a Sacred Purpose, and there IS a Time for every Season under Heaven.

On Tone 3 we hear the Sound of Divine Trinity to Feel the Truth of the Real Hand that reaches from Above. We only had to reach a little way to be claimed by the Highest One. When we Know a Hand Above is Real, our doubts and fears are finally over.

The Dog is the Maya’s Highest Symbol of Unconditional Love. The called the Milky Way, the place where the Dog ran. The Dog/OC is faithful to the end and beyond the path of stars that leads beyond to the other side. We know when we catch the Dog’s scent of the trail that Happiness is the Sign that we are on the right path. And, we KNOW there are only brighter days ahead.

Dog/OC resides at the “top of the pyramid” in position 10, sharing the place with Monkey/CHUEN, the symbol of Human, as a Creator of Divine Genius. Together, they express the Joy of Life, feeling the Truth of the Master’s Hand, and all the Beauty that we can create with the Love of our Deepest Heart’s Desire.

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8 Dog / OC -The Truth is Love

8 Dog / OC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Truth is the only way to manifest Peace and Harmony. It takes Time to know the Truth that weighs on another heart. The facts of a matter always set our mind at peace – a gift of Love when our Ego bears the sacrifice. The Truth doesn’t guarantee forgiveness. The Truth honors the Sacred Choice.

Sometimes the Truth hurts. But, we at least know that Love was the Truth when we are Seen and Acknowledged as worthy to know.

love, in lak’ech,


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8 Dog / OC – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 8 of 13

The Journal Before, for After…

8 Dog/OC
Published:  August 6, 2021

8 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 begins the Transformation phase of each trecena. Number 8 is defined as “pure spirit” by the Maya. Tone 8 is the day when most festivals and Holy Days are observed. All the Peak Tones of each cycle can represent times of Peak Performance. Tone 8 is the Creator’s Highest Intention of  Divine Justice – Harmony and Equity for the Whole.

The 8th Hour from dawn at 5:00am in the Maya lands is the 13th hour of the Whole Day, 1PM. The Tone numbers only count the hours of Light – Human’s cycle of Creation. A Consciousness High Above, sees everything come to Life with every Sunrise.

Dog/OC magnifies the Creation of Love, our Highest Dream of Love. Dog/OC resides in the 10th position, in the Center of 20 with Monkey/CHUEN, the Creator in position 11. Our Divine Justice is marked by Unconditional Love. There is something by Divine  Agency, that we will never see the same.

Dog/OC invites us into the Pack. We hold the Truth of Possibility, and a Vision of Freedom. All we have to do is follow the Master of Love to see how easy Love can be.

Residing in the North, OC relates to Wisdom. And, the Element of Air relates to thoughts and the inner workings of our Mind… the “pure spirit” of us. The Dog is one side. The Monkey is the other. The Dog is ALL Heart – can hardly wait for the next opportunity. Every day offers a new adventure. And the Dog is faithful and loyal.

White and Yellow mark the Day Signs of “darkness.” “Darkness” represents an application of Truth for Discernment. There’s Truth we’re putting to the test. We’re ready to know the end of our Dream so we can start Living.

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10 Reed / BEN – Manifest the Truth of Answered Prayers

Claim that all our Dreams for Love are meant to be. The Highest One offers a Divine Provision for every One.

Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK…

Night Altar

“Our thoughts are our reality. We must think better, smarter, longer, and deeper about ourselves, our world, and what we really want that to look, feel, and be like. Be it. Do it. Don’t let up.”

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10 Reed / BEN – The Dream in our Heart: Day 10 of 13

The Journal Before, for After…

10 Reed/BEN: Published June 30, 2021



10 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 raises the Intention of Manifestation. We want to claim the Higher Truth is  Real. Manifestation is always the greatest human challenge of Creation. Our Highest Truth always lies at an end in the future. To manifest the creation we have to claim it as Truth we Know.

Life is changed, when we do. When we Really Know, the Truth can start working on its own as Common Sense. We won’t have to keep adding 2+2 to know the answer. We don’t have to be genius for the Truth to sink in, with Time. The bigger question is how much Time will it take to claim the Truth that makes us do something about it. It’s beautiful how we were designed to learn the Truth, one way or another… if only we could see it that way.

The trecena of the Seed/KAN is guiding a thorough inspection of our Self.  We can claim Truth we can See through the elements of our Divine Design – the whole human package. All living things reach for the Light to be multiplied to abundance, to grow strong, and to reach high and branch out to receive all the Light we can. That’s the way of Human’s Tree of Life. When we think we’ve lost a limb, it hurts. By design, a Human Being doesn’t lose Consciousness of our limbs. They continue to serve the Truth that our Spirit is Always Whole.

Human Beings were created as a thing of beauty. When we can’t believe in our Self, we can believe there’s a Reason for such a Divine Design.

Reed/BEN represents our Highest Human Expectations, based on our Own Truth. BEN is the Guiding Light for family and home, the Center of Belonging. Part of Human’s Divine Nature, one of the 20 aspects of the all-in-one, is a Cause that is Created when  we are raised by Unconditional Love. BEN is about the Love of the next generation, the children. We see how beautiful they are from the beginning, and know it’s up to us to share a way.

The Truth of BEN is shared in its equal and opposite Light. Our own High Expectations can lead us to impose Our Truth on another. That’s the “steel pipe” shadow of BEN. The Truth that matters is that we can be guided by our own Truth within. The Light of BEN is the “garden hose”  that pours out the Blessings of LIVING Water. Our Truth changes all the Time. We’re TRYING to change what we can Really claim is the Truth. Our Truth only works for our Self. The Highest Light of BEN is sharing the Truth that we can ALL believe in our own prayers, when the Reason is Love.

We can manifest a Higher Truth of our Divinity, through the way of the Reed that is the “hollow bone.” Reed/BEN is illustrated  as an altar with 2 channels of Light Above. Below are 2 prayer matts for the equal and opposite ways we are. There is a place for “who we are” and “the other.” Reed/BEN holds the Element of Fire, and Truth from the Light of the East – Divine Inspiration. A channel of Divine Communion is opened as the flesh is burned away from the bone (the White within that is Truth that can stand). Kneeling in Humility, we are United by all the Divine Ways we share as One and “the other.”

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