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Eagle’s Ascension of Empowerment: 15:15

Beginning in January, hundreds of Bald Eagles migrate along the Skagit River in the Northern Cascades of Washington State.


Number 5 is the symbol of Empowerment, as the Grasp of Human’s Hand. The Power is magnified with every repetition. 1 Night/AKBAL marks the 15th trecena. Eagle/MEN holds Position 15. The Power of 5 is magnified x 3, Above and Below as 15:15.

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Holy Observances: A Mayan Forecast of the Future

Greetings  Beloved Kin,

13 Eagle/MEN is a good time for me to catch up with the details on the Holy Observances on the Tzolk’in and Haab calendars.

Following are the detailed descriptions of Holy Observances to the end of this Tzolk’in round and through the first quarter of 2023.  The Daykeeper Resource page includes tools you can use for calculating dates on the calendars. Sometimes it’s interesting when you remember a significant date, or are inspired by one of the Ancestors to find their Destiny Kin, and how it relates to their life purpose.

(It was interesting to find that noted astronomer, Johannes Hevelius was born and died on the same date. His Mayan birthday is 10 Dog/OC (a 10:10 as Tone 10, Position 10), plus, in the 1st Uinal, 1st Season. Although there’s some dispute regarding William Shakespeare’s birthdate, the same MAY be true for him. Baptized April 26, 1564, Died April 23, 1616, His Mayan birthday has been speculated as  April 23 (11 Offering/MULUC). There was a tradition of being baptized 3 days after birth. He was baptized on 1 Wisdom/CIB, the 16th trecena of the Tzolk’in (still a synchronicity of 16:16:16 associated with the important dates of his life).

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13 Eagle / MEN – Ascension: Day 13

M42: Inside the Orion Nebula; NASA Science


Greetings  Beloved Kin,

The Intention of the Night/AKBAL trecena is to lift the veil of a Mystery that is the Truth of our Dreams. In our Dreams we exist in a realm Above in Communion with a Divine Creator that speaks to us through the Signs and Symbols of our Dreams. The Book of Revelations includes the Visions that St John received in his Dreams. Our Dreams are Truths that are intended to be Unseen Mysteries, only to be revealed as Truth that’s Seen when it’s the Creator’s Divine Time for everyone to know. We were prepared to know what is intended to be hidden through the Wisdom of the Jaguar.

A Divine Creator’s  mysteries revealed as Dreams we Understand (ie. know exactly what they mean) is hidden knowledge. By Human Nature, we want to know everything. Then, our Ego wants to share everything we know. There is such a thing as knowing too much for our own good. Those are the mysteries that  are not meant to be revealed, but held under a cover of stealth until it’s Divine Time, when the Creator reveals the Truth.

Our Ascension from the Night/AKBAL trecena is knowing what was revealed in our Dreams that’s only for us to know. To know the Divine Mysteries, the Truth Known to the Highest One, we need the Wisdom to preserve the Truth that’s intended to be hidden beyond the veil. The Elders said that we are not intended to run and share our Spiritual Experiences, but to “hold the power” of knowing for a time until we Understand what they mean. By their nature of signs and symbols, no one else will understand. They didn’t see the signs and we can’t convey the signs we only understood through the memories of our own Dreams. It’s the same with Divine Inspiration, when it comes to “holding your power.” Did you ever have a wild idea that felt like pure genius, only to share it with someone else who “rains on your parade?” They diminish the experience, and we begin to question what we KNEW. We can lose the Vision of a Dream that was meant to come true. The good news is the Creator will save it until we’re prepared to know it again, and hold the Vision until the Truth becomes self-evident.

If you had a vision in your AKBAL Dreams, hold it close to your heart and “more shall be revealed.” The intention of the Light is to guide you through the darkness to the end of your dreams. Walk in stealth by the Light that was revealed from beyond the veil.

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12 Jaguar / IX – The Creator’s Dream for Creation: Day 12 of 13


12 Jaguar/IX (eesh), (Cherokee, Panther/SAHO’NI), Destiny Kin 194
January 12, 2023, 01/12/2023

12 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Beloved Kin,

I’m starting with yesterday’s journey. I hope you experienced some signs of synchronicity and new inspiration on 1/11’s 11:11, 11 Reed/BEN. It was an awesome day here for some new ideas. The best ones came during stops I made just for fun. Yesterdays steps inspired some next steps I can take today.

We don’t have to know every step if we’re aimed in the right direction. That IS the Jaguar’s path. There’s a divine meaning and purpose for everything, when we surrender to God’s Will.

Tone 12 holds the Intention of Understanding, a day Truth is taken to heart. Through a Gift of Retrospection, we connect disassociated pieces and parts into a new and meaningful whole. The “ah-ha” moment is the comprehension of Truth we witnessed before. The more you track your own thoughts, the more you can see the Unseen Truth in the moment.

Jaguar/IX is the nahaul of Spirit, the shaman and shape-shifter with the power to cross dimensions to every realm of being. Residing in the North, the place of Wisdom and the Element of Air, the Jaguar relates to a state-of-mind and the capabilities of Consciousness.

IX holds the aspects of the Divine Feminine: Compassion and Divine Discernment. A Mother’s Intuition is a Power of Love to “walk in their shoes.” Compassionate Love empowers the Gifts of Spirit that lead the journey to the highest choices for the whole.

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Divine Inspiration: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Under a Waterfall, by Irving Starr – Source: Fine Art America

11 Reed/BEN, ((Cherokee, Reed I’hya), Destiny Kin 193
Published: 1/11, 11:11 AM, Central Time

Greetings Beloved Kin,

We are beings of energy, made of stardust. Our thoughts are electrical signals with positive and negative charges. We collect dust just like a TV screen. We collect the residue of negative thoughts that are projected onto us by the thoughts of others. We ARE changed when we wash it off. We always feel better, after.

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Divine Inspiration: Seeing the Signs

Seeing the Signs of Divine Inspiration

Greetings Beloved Kin,

We are drawn to the end of our Dreams by the Divine Inspiration of “everyday.” When you’re present in the moment, you’ll know by Feeling the divine “next thing” you’re CALLED to do. Divine things don’t always look that way. That’s why we’re offered Signs from Above.

The Elders say the only way to “hear” the next thing is to track our own thoughts. God’s ways are mysterious because he knows every moment of the way. There are tiny steps as well as huge leaps. To get to the end you have to take EVERY ONE.

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11 Reed / BEN – The Creator’s Dream for Creation: Day 11 of 13

11 Reed/BEN, ((Cherokee, Reed I’hya), Destiny Kin 193
January 11, 2023, 01/11/2023

11 Reed / BEN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The Reed is a symbol of the “hollow bone,” a channel of Divine Communion of Spirit that is opened between the Above and the Below. A channel is opened within when the flesh is burned away from our bones. Bones are symbols of the Truth for our Spirit to stand in the world below. Reed is the symbol of an altar, the place to go where we humble our self to reach for a Higher Truth from Above. We come with our own discernment of the meaning  and purpose of our experience in the world. In Atonement, we are opened to know a Higher purpose for the Truth we are intended to know about every experience.

BEN holds the Element of Fire, a passion that burns from within to become who the Creator intended for us to be… our Divine identity written within the Human Seed.

Reed/BEN represents the essence of thought we share when we become the leader of a family. BEN is known as the Guiding Light for family and home, in the interest of the children. We are inspired by the children to walk the walk. We put our Truth into action for the Ones we Love more than our self. We can learn from the children through the wisdom of their Innocence. As One, we feel the responsibility and the duty to be the best we can be to set a good example.

The symbol for 11 represents 2 lines for the 5’s – the Power of Human’s Hand and the Hand Above. When they are united in the highest work of Creation to manifest the Truth and Power of Love, they create the dot – a “one” of even Higher Value by an exponential power of Divine Trinity.

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10 Road / EB – The Creator’s Dream for Creation: Day 10 of 13

10 Road/EB, (Cherokee, Rattlesnake Tooth/Kanu’ga), Destiny Kin 192
January 10, 2023, 01/10/2023

10 Road / EB

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Light of Life and the Consciousness of Time and Beauty is the substance of our “I Am.”  Road/EB is the symbol of Human. We are the only living creations who hold the Sacred Right of Choice with the faculty to conceive Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

We can see the Creator’s Dream in all other living things that don’t have a Choice. Love is a Primal Instinct. They don’t need to know the Power to Create to carry out the Creator’s Dream. The Sacred Right to Choose is the means to become the Scion, the Personification of the Creator.

We manifest the Truth of our “I Am” through every Divine Choice we make. Road/EB is Human’s Road to Destiny. Our Destiny is the same Journey through Time. In the end, who we become is defined by the Sum of every Choice we make. EB is also known as Human. The glyph illustrates the Road on Human’s head. On either side are the milestones of Love and the Truth we believe about our self. We know when we’ve made a Divine Choice. The Wisdom of the Whole is the Truth that shares the Journey. The World is an illusion. The Dream for the highest ends of Love is the Truth of who we were intended to be.

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9 Monkey / CHUEN – The Creator’s Dream for Creation: Day 9 of 13

Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal

9 Monkey/CHUEN (9 B’atz), Destiny Kin 191
January 9, 2023, 01/09/2023

HOLY OBSERVANCE: Initiation of the Mayan Priestess

Mark 10:9 KJV
9 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Master Number 99:
Number 9 is the symbol of a Divine Trinity Above, joined with a Divine Trinity Below. (3 x 3 is a symbol of exponential value.) Every repetition magnifies the Power of the Symbol that transforms our body of Consciousness. The 9th Tone/Hour and the 9th Day of January create the Master Number 99.

Number 99 is comprised of the vibrations of number 9 appearing twice, amplifying its influences and energies. Number 99 relates to the attributes and energies of communication, inner-strength, leadership and leading by positive example, selflessness, a higher perspective, intuition and inner-wisdom, humanitarianism and altruism, spiritual awakening and enlightenment, serving others and lightworking, the Universal Spiritual Laws and your Divine life purpose. Number 9 also relates to endings and conclusions. Source: SacredScribes.org

9 Monkey/CHUEN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Peak Tone 9 relates to the Time when “the work” of creation is finished. The 9th hour of Light falls at the end of the workday. Our Common Thought by Divine Design is to stand back to see what is finished. Tone 9 comes with a warning that if we fail to see the Big Picture, there will be suffering to bear for lack of Divine Insight. The Intention raised by 9 is the Patience to Look to See. We don’t have to follow any of the thoughts that were written in Divine Order. We always do when we’ve invested our Love in the Creation.

9 Monkey/CHUEN is a “rite of passage” and a Divine Initiation of the Truth that Love is the Power to create Beauty. We become a thing of Beauty when we follow the ways of Love. A Light shines in our eyes when we know we’ve followed the Divine Path of Beauty.

Monkey/CHUEN is the nuhaul of Divine Consciousness that puts Love to the test to Create Beauty everywhere. As the Weaver of Time, CHUEN holds the Consciousness that Time is a critical element of Creation. It takes Time to see the Whole Cause and Effect Below, after it is already the Truth seen from Above.

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8 Dog / OC – 1st things 1st

Charlie – The Story of Charlie — How One Dog Began to Heal a Grieving Family, by Jodi Whitsitt

Greetings Beloved Kin,

My first and highest intention is to manifest a Divine Relationship with the Lord of all Creation. Close behind is a dream to share the Truth that the possibility is an Offering free to everyone in Harmony and Equity. God is Love and the Word that can’t be changed no matter the language or tradition. Even if you’re a “lone wolf,” a Divine Genius of Creation offered the opportunity to reach the Divine End of Knowing.

I’m no more a good example than the next human being. I’ll always have my limitations. And, I’ve lived and learned the hard way. God is the only witness to the Truth that lies in any heart.

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