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12 Serpent/CHICCHAN – Vision Quest: Day 12


We are changed back and forth to resolve the New Way for the Future. The Creator intended us to Love ALL Time.

Have you changed? Has Truth taken holds that feels integral to a New Consciousness of Your Self? I couldn’t be the “old me” if I tried to be. It feels like I grew up, finally. At 71 I learned I can walk on my own.

The old perspective that held you back carried you here. For the Time, it held the Highest Meaning and Purpose. One thing Human’s Divinely do in Common is bury the dead. Life isn’t finished without Memorial. It’s our Divine Nature to Forgive, when it’s our Last Chance to SEE the Truth we KNOW. From the beginning to the end, we were Perfect – on the way, growing the Seed of the Creator’s Dream.

Serpent/CHICCHAN is the Divine Spark of the One Heart of the Whole. When we know what the Feeling Means, Unity with the One, we’ll KNOW a Higher Communion, through the Eyes of our Higher Self – we’ll Look to See. And all we have to do to create ANYTHING is See it Once and hold it as an Object of Our Affection. The Light multiplies everything Beautiful to Abundance.

much love, in lak’ech, Debra

(The Journal, AFTER, all the journals before.)


Published: February 21, 2021 (02/21/2021)
12 Serpent/CHICCHAN 
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12 Serpent / CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 raises the Intention of Understanding. Disassociated experiences are all drawn together into a new and meaningful whole. If we keep on tracking our thoughts, we’ll see that we already held the Truth. Only, the same Truth was revealed in many different ways.

The Intention of the Jaguar’s journey was to lead us to the Light that shines invisibly for the Whole. 12 is the symbol of Humanity, defining Human Life as the 2nd Consciousness in the lower place, living in Communion with the 1 in the higher place. 12 represents Human’s potential To Be the 13, when the 2 in the lower place are united as 1 Trinity.

12 symbolizes Human’s gift of Divine Discernment, when we Turn to the Highest Provision of Love that we can imagine. It’s hard to imagine anything Higher than One that would Love without any conditions. To maintain the Balance of Harmony and Equity, a Human Being had to be given something of equal value for the Sacred Exchange.

Forgiveness is Human’s gift of Salvation to the Whole. A Supreme Creator that Dreamed of our Divine Design, never saw a fault. Human’s gift of Forgiveness is made equal by our Human limitations. Forgiveness represents a Conscious Choice to Love, because we did see fault in “the other.” KAN is the “Spark of CHICCHAN” within the Seed that holds the Light to “see clearly.” CHICCHAN reveals the same Truth under the brightest light.

Forgiveness is our OWN Salvation to see clearly. Only through Forgiveness do we see the Truth about our self, “we saw fault in another” when we were intending to look for Love. Looking within, we know the reason why. When we forget, we can’t see what we’re doing.

We can hold the Inner Strength to forgive when we conceive the Truth that Being Human means that sometimes we will forget all about Love, even though it’s our Highest Dream. It tends to happen when we’re clawing for our own Higher Ground, and we see someone else standing in the way of our own Peace of Mind. A Savior said it best, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” It’s our own Dream that others will forgive when we’ve done something without thinking it through. We didn’t MEAN to. When we forgive, we support the Truth that someone else “wants to be.”

CHICCHAN is a Higher Power of Love who will carry out the Divine Provision for every Human limitation. CHICCHAN is the symbol of “lightning in the blood” the Maya call the Sixth Sense of the Heart. One Above knows the Passion for a Dream, and when we’re unable to make a Choice we need to make for our Self, CHICCHAN will strike like a Clarion Call. CHICCHAN is the Sense of Knowing that is the Divine Source of all our Gifts of Spirit.

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13 Eagle / MEN – Ascension: Day 13



13 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

13 Eagle/MEN is the Guardian of the 3rd Season of the Tzolk’in. We are a New Seed planted at the beginning of each Tzolk’in round.

The 1st Season is the Dawn of a New Awakening, seeing our “New Self” creating a New Life, New Ways. In the 2nd Season we begin a New Life, raised to Maturity. We learned to love someone else more than our self. Unconditional Love was born through our children and Love multiplied.

In the Core Days, we dreamed a dream for the children. Like a caterpillar, we dissolved all the strongholds that held us back, to choose what would be perfect for them. That is the last Human climb for the Seed. Once Love multiplies, the Power is Held from Above through our Divine Design – only with one exponential factor, One Divine Provision that covers every Human limitation.


By Divine Intervention, we were guided by the Dog to live the dream we were creating as our Divine Inheritance. It looked like the gift a Dog brings home, when we’ve seen the Highest Demonstration of Unconditional Love – as our Master, Best Friend, and Leader of the Whole Pack. We also realized that the dream we were leaving for the children was OUR own Dreeam for our Self. It IS STILL OURS to Create. In our AKBAL Dreams we were initiated into the  Truth of NEW possibilities.  We don’t know where they may lead, but NOW it feels like LIVING.

13 Eagle/MEN completes the AKBAL Deam with a Divine Vision of the Future, that we can see from MILES away like the Brightest Star and it’s WHO WE ARE NOW somewhere in the future, looking back – can’t wait for us to get there to know the Truth Together. It’s our Jaguar Spirit that can also  be in  two places at the same time. NOW we can look down at our own feet and follow where our Heart tells them to go.

On the 13, the symbol of Answered Prayers, we stand at the threshold of a new experience of LIVING. We WANT to try again, or start all over with EVERYTHING New. Inspired by Impossible Dreams, we saw they were True about us, and the Divine Power of Love held in our own Hands. We couldn’t imagine what could be greater than to stand for our Self, just like we are. We can’t wait to see where the changes may lead.

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12 Jaguar / IX – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 12 of 13



12 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

12 Jaguar/IX is the Divine Revelation of the Creator’s Dream. Marked by 12, the Intention of Understanding, is Human’s number. We are the 2 of Duality in the lower place, standing with One in the Higher Place. We are the 12 tribes, the 12 disciples, the 12 constellations that compose every story of Humanity. As as Symbol, 12 holds the Potential to be 13, the Divine Number of Creation as 7 days and 6 nights. 12 becomes 13 when the 2 are united as 1 in Trinity.

We hardly think the numbers matter, yet we know exactly what they mean. We know what 2 eyes can do. Together they conceive an entirely new dimension. Once we’ve Seen Dimension, we can now see it with 1 eye… we remember we’re seeing it with  one eye and we fill in what we know the other 1 would see to discern the accurate image.

We know what 5 means. We know the power of 5 fingers and how well we can employ every one at the same time to carry all the groceries bags in one trip. 5 is a symbol of power. Our unconscious mind works in pictures and symbols, not word-by-word. We can move a “mountain” or a “mole hill.” It’s our choice of perspective.

Divine Wisdom is “plain old Common Sense,” Wisdom we Know is True when it matters. Or, when we have a REASON to look. We can Create our own Reason.

Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of Spirit. We are ALL Jaguar Spirits – shaman, time-travelers, shape-shifters that can cross dimensions of Time to see through someone else’s eyes. We know what’s True by what we Feel – we can CREATE the feeling that’s the Truth.

IX is the Divine Feminine. The Jaguar is the Guardian of Mother Earth that hears her Heartbeat. We could hear it every morning if we listened to the awakening of Life. We HEAR the morning chorus. It does make a difference to know our own sound will become part of it. IX is the Mother’s Heart of Compassion tied to ALL Life. The Jaguar holds the highest senses of vibration – why their footprints are all that you are likely to see. You are never in danger if you look down and you are on the Jaguar’s path. The Jaguar knows you’re there, and knows if you will follow. If you can’t see the footprints, you’re following an Invisible Jaguar – Human’s Highest Force and Power of Unconditional Love. Love that doesn’t seek to be seen is the Brightest Light of the Divine Spirit, and Human’s most Holy Sacrifice for the Gift of Divine Justice.

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11 Reed / BEN – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 11 of 13



11 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the Intention of Resolution. Like a Divine set of antennae, the number 11 tunes us in to a channel of the Creator’s Love and Divine Genius. Master Number 11 represents the Inspiration of Divine Consciousness in Atonement for the Highest Meaning and Purpose.

Reed/BEN is the Guiding Light for Family and Home. BEN’s Power is Love for the Children. Residing in the East, holding the Element of Fire, we receive the Truth of our Highest “object of affection” – a Light of Love in the world below, our own Flesh and Blood.

The glyph illustrates and altar. Reed is the “hollow bone,” the channel for the Communion of Spirits. To see the Light, the flesh of Human’s ego must be burned away. We are called for a Human sacrifice for the Sake of Love.

When we see the children try on our shoes, we want them to be the best pair we own. The human challenge is Remembering that Children are the Hope of the future. We Dreamed they would be wiser so they could reach beyond Our Limitations. Reed/BEN holds the Highest Personal Expectations for Living the Truth.  The Highest Wisdom we can share is the Truth of Answered Prayers. “Believing our own prayers” is a Truth that shines for the Whole.

Every trip we make to the altar is a Divine Offering to the One Above. Kneeling there in Humility, we enter the Light of a Divine Communion. Our Heart filled to the breaking point with Love is the Highest Offering we bring. Our AKBAL Dreams were given to see beyond the Feelings of Human Emotions. Emotions don’t have to rule “the Truth of any experience.” We can make an Offering of the Time it takes to Know that Love can’t be Lost no matter how deeply the Truth is buried, One Above will complete the Creation of the Highest Beauty. We kneel to a Power of Love greater than our self and give thanks for One that will always Know the Truth about our Love, and how much we would give for someone we Love to know the Whole Truth. Our Heart will be proven by the One Above in the Sacred Exchange.

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10 Road / EB – A Prayer for the Lion’s Gate (08/08/2021)


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10 Road / EB – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 10 of 13



10 Road / EB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 holds the Intention of Manifestation. What we’ve focused on becomes a Real Matter to us when our Heart and Mind is invested in the end. Manifestation always presents a challenge. We have to claim the Truth in the Future. This time we’re climbing to realize the Creator’s Dream, and what was intended as our Divine Justice.

Road/EB connects the Whole of Humanity. Residing in the South, EB relates to Relationships and our experience of physicality. Holding the Element of Earth, EB is about tangible Truth of everyday life. EB connects our Common Thoughts through Truth that matters to the whole.

The glyph illustrates the Road to Destiny on Human’s head. On either side are the milestones. They are the Truths that guide the Course of our Life, Times we Know and never forget. The Cherokee Day Sign is the Rattlesnake Tooth, an implement of Sacred Medicine the shaman used to break the skin where the Healing would be applied. It left a mark. Eb always leaves a mark and today it marks the Manifestation of the Creator’s Dream.

We are being raised to Higher Wisdom by a Divine Consciousness that holds the Power and Authority of Time. The Maya were called the “Lords of Time” as the most accomplished Masters of the Truth. Ancient aliens DID share the Wisdom from Above, only they didn’t need form or physicality to share the Common Thoughts of Truth and Wisdom. We’ve been guided to SEE how Truth “comes to us” – especially in matters of Life and Death.

LION’S GATE: 08/08/2021
Universal Time is only a measure of a circle. Time only exists as measures Human created, based on the Light. The Sun is our living symbol of Light, Life, and Happiness. On the Lion’s Gate, the light of a Central Sun casts a glance through our atmosphere. The gate started opening on July 24 and carries on through the next 7-10 days in August. Today is the PEAK MEDICINE of Light, rushing as Photons from some distant light. We can’t see it, but we can feel the tangible affects of thoughts vibrating at a higher frequency. Like a gyroscope, we find a new Center of Balance. We are positioned to claim a higher identity, as One and the Whole.


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9 Monkey / CHUEN – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 9 of 13


9 Monkey / CHUEN


Greetings Kin,

HOLY OBSERVANCE: Initiation of the Mayan Priestess

9 Monkey/CHUEN is the Highest Holy Day of Human transformation. All the other Holy Days are commonly observed on Tone 8. If you follow Tzolk’in time, you Schedule events of Highest Importance on days marked by Tone 8 or Tone 9. Energy becomes unstable as the Wave crashes – unstoppable from the momentum that was applied before. Beyond the 10, Destiny is beyond human’s control. It’s TIME to CATCH the WAVE OF TIME.

Tone 9 is the Intention that Completes Creation. We stand back in the Ninth Hour to see what we’ve done. Seeing and Acknowledging the Truth, we are prepared to claim it. This time, the Ninth Hour falls as we are turning the “Nth Degree.” If Earth were a perfect circle, a Year might sync as 360 days, moving 1 degree at a time with each 24 hours. Earth is wide around the middle from the Forces of Movement, and Water that is easily moveable as the tides. However, Earth DOES also exist in the perfect circle of her atmosphere. We can see it from space. The Nth place in time is a minor degree with a major difference. At just the right angle, after the Summer Solstice, a Light from another Sun is at an angle to send light through the Heart of Sky – between Earth and the edge of our Atmosphere. We can’t see it, but PHOTONS of “pure energy” stream through from a Greater Body of Light.

It is NO coincidence that the Mayan Priestess is climbing to the top of the “pyramid of the magician” for the NEXT DAWN that breaks on the Lion’s Gate. That’s why the observance was made a Divine Tradition and a Holy Day – for the Synchronicity with Universal Time. 19 is a number that symbolizes the “signature of God.” It’s the covenant promise, whenever the “place below” invests everything it has to give (9) to manifest the 2 Above – Human’s claim on a Higher Place of Holy Ground. The way it falls this year, after an 18 year moon’s wobble, marks the Truth for the 19th turn, synced in the North for 10 Wind/IK. Tomorrow on  08/08 it’s 10/10/10 – Tone 10, Uinal 10, and Year 10. It’s Time for Human to manifest our own TRUTH about Divinity and The Creator’s Design for Time.

The HARVEST is the EASIEST Time to see how  the Natural World leads the experience of Human’s Consciousness. In EVERY TIME of Abundance, our Heart was designed to Remember and  Give something back. Our biological clock is adjusted by the Light of the Seasons. It’s only NATURAL that after a Harvest, we adopted the tradition of Thanksgiving. Everyone starts giving to charities over that holiday. Everyone feels Complete when we stand back and know we Remembered to SHARE. Our own Blessings were the Reason – when we Counted the Blessings, we wanted to give something back. Time and Reasons carry us right into December holidays – a Time of Expectation. Our HEART knows we Shared, our Heart Remembers the Sacred  Exchange that  happens every time we do. We ESPECIALLY remember in December,  after we Give more than any other time of the year. The TIME of the Universe ordered thoughts of Loving when  we had the most to give.

The Mayan priestess, leads the “with the Heart” on behalf of Humanity. She can see our Beauty and Light. She can see and acknowledge us from  a place high above. It’s Time to see something new – something that REALLY  matters.  Something will change the Big Picture. Tone 9 holds the Intention of  Patience that takes Time to see it from a Higher Perspective and from the Highest Scales of Time that hold Beauty in Balance.

Tone 9 comes with a warning. There will be suffering to bear for lack of Divine Insight, if we FAIL this step – especially, if we CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE NOT TO LOOK at the Big Picture.

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8 Dog / OC – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 8 of 13



8 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 begins the Transformation phase of each trecena. Number 8 is defined as “pure spirit” by the Maya. Tone 8 is the day when most festivals and Holy Days are observed. All the Peak Tones of each cycle can represent times of Peak Performance. Tone 8 is the Creator’s Highest Intention of  Divine Justice – Harmony and Equity for the Whole.

The 8th Hour from dawn at 5:00am in the Maya lands is the 13th hour of the Whole Day, 1PM. The Tone numbers only count the hours of Light – Human’s cycle of Creation. A Consciousness High Above, sees everything come to Life with every Sunrise.

Dog/OC magnifies the Creation of Love, our Highest Dream of Love. Dog/OC resides in the 10th position, in the Center of 20 with Monkey/CHUEN, the Creator in position 11. Our Divine Justice is marked by Unconditional Love. There is something by Divine  Agency, that we will never see the same.

Dog/OC invites us into the Pack. We hold the Truth of Possibility, and a Vision of Freedom. All we have to do is follow the Master of Love to see how easy Love can be.

Residing in the North, OC relates to Wisdom. And, the Element of Air relates to thoughts and the inner workings of our Mind… the “pure spirit” of us. The Dog is one side. The Monkey is the other. The Dog is ALL Heart – can hardly wait for the next opportunity. Every day offers a new adventure. And the Dog is faithful and loyal.

White and Yellow mark the Day Signs of “darkness.” “Darkness” represents an application of Truth for Discernment. There’s Truth we’re putting to the test. We’re ready to know the end of our Dream so we can start Living.

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7 Offering / MULUC – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 7 of 13



7 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 7 is the summit of a climb toward higher Truth that employed Human Resources. We are guided by Divine Intervention that REMINDS us to factor in Divine Possibilities. We still made the climb by Human’s willingness to take the Leap.

At the top of a pyramid we see “all that is” and “all that is not.”

Tone 7 raises the Intention of Reflection – to see in a mirror, to review the past, to Know the Truth that is True on every scale. Number 7 is a symbol of the Great  Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” We imagine the Truth of our physical reality. We have a whole scenario and the cast of characters, reading people like a book. Only that’s the reflection Below. We think the characters we made up are real. The whole story inside, is another matter.

Today we can see that the Truth we have is enough. Knowing the Truth that is common to us all, we have the faculty to imagine the ups and downs of everyday life are true for the Whole. We have our good days, and our not as good days.

That’s good enough. I’ve had some good days and bad days, several time, in the same day. My primordial soup feels closer to gruel. Oatmeal and mushy rice has been very comforting lately. The zero sounds like Peace at the center of wild extremes. I hope you are smooth sailing, or have a strategy for crossing the waves. Water will reach its equilibrium. A big wave has been turning around.

Offering/MULUC is the symbol of Water Everywhere, from the cosmos to our tears. The glyph illustrates one drop raised above the Whole. An Offering is the means for an Atonement, to be One Mind with the Highest One. Human emotions are a powerful force that can draw us away from the Truth of Feelings that ARE worthy to follow. Emotions are always part of Human’s doubts and fears. “What if my dream doesn’t come true, after wishing on every star?” The ANSWER to EVERYTHING is always Truth that we forget. You’d think we’d remember Divine Magic.

There’s SUCH an easy answer from the Highest One. We didn’t Choose Our Dream. We are reaching to stand on the Offering that would come from the Higher One. We may not get what we want. The Ego feels like it must be the consolation prize. There’s two ways to see it. We may have to settle for something even better than we imagined.

MULUC resides in the East, holding the Light of New Beginnings and the Fire to fuel our Passion for Love. Every Offering calls for a Sacrifice. The Elders say you should bring an offering that is worthy of what you expect to receive. The Sacred Ceremony begins on our knees Counting our Blessings. If we are humble, we won’t get far before we know the list goes on forever. Offering/MULUC generates an Intention for Giving Back and Paying Forward. In an honest assessment, we come up short. Our Heart will be Drawn to Give Back, but that will only manifest another Sacred Exchange. When we Join the Flow, MULUC can heal us with Love that is Given back and forth.

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6 Star / LAMAT – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 6 of 13



6 Star / LAMAT

Greetings Kin,

What if our Dreams are our own “primordial soup?” The recipe includes every daily witness we’ve added over time. Only it’s Divine Soup that always holds the potential for it’s perfect flavor. If  it’s too salty, just add sugar. If it’s too bitter, add sweet. And, one ingredient always balances all  the rest, the more and more we add of this One Ingredient,  the more it covers every human hand that walks by, and thinks it has to add salt or sugar, when no one is looking. With enough of the One Ingredient, no matter who added the “secret ingredient” – EVERYONE would take credit for the ingredient they added that  made it perfect – but, no one would ever know – except One Someone Above – that made their extra-perfect.

Tone 6 raises Flow. Momentum is created from a rhythm and pattern of movement that expresses  what we are trying to accomplish. Joseph Rael, “Beautiful Painted  Arrow” taught that it really doesn’t matter WHAT the movement is… you can carry out your dreams with paper dolls. It’s the same as reading a book, when the scenes and characters only  exist in your mind.  It’s a REAL experience, when you chose to go along to the end.

This 13-days we are being raised to Higher Consciousness of the Supreme Creation and what our part of it will be – and KNOWING WHY every single one of us is equal in  the creation for what ONLY WE could ever give. We create the Face and Image of a Supreme Creator – the way we always wanted to see it. We created Santa Claus, the highest one – even if he didn’t show up at our house. Santa wasn’t REAL to us unless it was that perfect one we imagined for everyone else. It would take “OUR REAL Santa” to prove he existed.

Star/LAMAT reflects the Beauty of Venus, a symbol of Human as a Star that appears as the Morning and Evening Star. Each cycle is equal to Human’s gestation/orbit. The dynamic identity of Earth wasn’t created until she made her first complete pass. Though, every pass that created new life, increased the gravity between the surface and the heart – where magnetic properties of the metals in her heart, were flowing around in circles in our body – through the Heart. LAMAT is the symbol of the Scion. Love is the ether of an electromagnetic force that Human can’t resist at the first Light of it.

6 Star/LAMAT is the Divine Momentum and FORCE we create when we imagine our own Supreme Creator of Unconditional Love. It’s designed so that they don’t even have to show up to always imagine exactly how ours would be. It doesn’t take faith or knowing – only wanting something more beautiful than we can see where  we are in Time. We are held in the orbit.

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