Wesak Moon: Sacred Ceremony and Release to Puget Sound

Wesak Moon Offering to Mother Earth near the shore of Puget Sound 11:43AM Pacific Time, May 7, 2020

I chose white flowers to represent the purity of intention with green for life that grows in the Sun. My heart was turned to the life in the water, so it was created for them with greens and fresh blueberries – and a few colored candy sprinkles as an extra surprise.

I ended up in the same spot as last year, though the tide was farther from the shore. It’s a rocky beach hard to walk, and few options for place close to the water. This year the tide was further out, leaving a small narrow sandbar, sturdy enough to hold a place.


My heart felt the same as the One who made an offering in Mexico. I tried to stay up too, though it was a broken day and sleep was a blessing when I finally went to bed after midnight. Though, I was awakened by an involuntary shudder sometime after falling asleep. I woke from a jolt in my hip I’d compare to the reflex you feel when a doctor uses that little hammer on your knee. That was out of the ordinary.

Collecting the flowers and food for the offering was a somber detail. Going through the motions felt like walking in my sleep to complete a mission that “had to be.”  I was grateful for a force beyond my own to make my way “home” to Mother Earth. It felt like the mission to go to the only place left TO GO to find faith to believe.

A little girl about 3 years old, along with her father, passed me on the way and she pointed to the flowers in my basket. I stopped to share one of the white roses, and she claimed it her surprise. It was soon after that I heard the Mother’s heartbeat – waves and wind that must have been, though I didn’t hear them so close before.

It was a blessing to have a place on land to create the beauty that the Mother would soon reach, on her return to the high water mark. I knew she felt my heart and heard my prayers. I could imagine the beauty left behind as a second surprise she would claim when she reached the place. Beyond the prayers heart-to-heart, my spoken prayer was simple, “Help us Mother to remember that it IS possible for Love To Be Again.” I tossed my frozen ashes of “impossible” and it disappeared to the bottom.

Though it is a work day, nothing stopped me from taking the hour and I didn’t feel a rush to be anywhere. It was slow walk back. The offering wasn’t much to see unless you were close to the sandbar. But, when I looked back, a couple had discovered the unexpected beauty and someone else also took a picture. They must have known that prayers were spoken. I would know if I found flowers left that way. I thought that of all the Human expressions of Love, Sacred Ceremony is the most beautiful expression of our prayers. To know the Light was shared with another Human Being was a Divine Blessing.

The Wesak moon fell out of site in the early hours of morning. It will rise again for us to see tonight, beginning at 9:09PM. Clear skies indicate another change to see the Beauty that is our Sign of a Divine Illumination to the world… a Divine Collaboration between the Sun and the Moon. My prayers continue May 7-8 in Spirit with the whole.

I’m grateful for you, and Divine Love that will always be… may it be Multiplied to Abundance.

in lak’ech, with all my love, Debra

I wanted to share a picture of Bogainvilla flowers, the flowers that were chosen by beauxzoe1 for the Offering in Mexico.

4 thoughts on “Wesak Moon: Sacred Ceremony and Release to Puget Sound

  1. Beautiful! Pure! Love! In continuation of your ceremony I will be carrying the Wesak blessing energy to the river falls and releasing with gratitude and prayers for all tomorrow – 8 MEN – May 8! Thank you Debra! : )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tammy – Thank you for sharing a song for this day! I’m grateful for the extended time of May 7-8 – Tomorrow is the day observed as a Holy Communion of Divine Justice. my love, in lak’ech, Debra


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