Wesak Moon: Sacred Ceremony of Art in Oklahoma


The Wesak Moon, 4 Sacred Berries by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Minisa, 1 Wind/IK, shares a Sacred Ceremony of Spirit through the creation of her art.


Minisa’s Sunrise Altar

On May 7, 2020
With the Four Sacred Berries (demen), gokbenaben (basket), deweben (drum) and full moon (nibakises).
Medium: oil
Size: 11×14″
Artist: Crumbo

Minisa and Jim hold the Sacred Space at the Spirit Horse Ranch, the land where a Medicine Circle gathers to hear the Elders stories passed down in the Proven and Worthy way. The berries are traditional symbols found in the art of the Potawatomi tradition.

Thank you Minisa for sharing the Communion in Spirit and for the Offering of Beauty.

“I am always as a child in these ways and there is much I do not know and much of which I cannot speak…the path is as old, deep and preciously guarded as life itself, as we know it now, upon our Mother and Father, with the Creator, and before…..and beyond. What is offered here is an open door and an invitation to proceed upon this beautiful path of balance and harmony in your own WAY. Be Breathed.” ~ Minisa’s Words of Wisdom  


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