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Wesak Moon: Sacred Ceremony of Art in Oklahoma


The Wesak Moon, 4 Sacred Berries by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Minisa, 1 Wind/IK, shares a Sacred Ceremony of Spirit through the creation of her art.

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Wesak Moon: Sacred Ceremony and Release to Puget Sound

Wesak Moon Offering to Mother Earth near the shore of Puget Sound 11:43AM Pacific Time, May 7, 2020

I chose white flowers to represent the purity of intention with green for life that grows in the Sun. My heart was turned to the life in the water, so it was created for them with greens and fresh blueberries – and a few colored candy sprinkles as an extra surprise.

I ended up in the same spot as last year, though the tide was farther from the shore. It’s a rocky beach hard to walk, and few options for place close to the water. This year the tide was further out, leaving a small narrow sandbar, sturdy enough to hold a place.

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Wesak Moon: Times of the Full Moon Blessing

The Wesak (Vesak) Celebration in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the center for Buddhism’s celebration of the Wesak Moon, honoring a Blessing of Light to Water. Some observe time nearer the Himalaya Mountains, the birthplace of Buddha.

You are invited to share in the ceremony of JaguarSpirit. You can choose your time. We will be remembering one another and the Whole for the Blessing May 7-8, 2020.

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