7 Road / EB – Signs for the Future: Day 7 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,

Don’t be disheartened if you see the darkness. In the Reflection, it’s the Promise of the Light from Above. The Truth in the Balance is the Hand of the Creator that feels what we Feel in the Offering back and forth. The darkness that was beyond our limitation, is the sum of the whole work that will be “finished from Above.”

A  Supreme Creator shared the Gifts of the Dog and the Monkey for Humans to discover the Divine Mysteries of Life and Death.

Divine Time is applied by the One Above to “finish” the “Beauty of Love.” The Supreme Authority over Human’s breath, uses Time to Answer our Prayers. We could see “all there is” from another point of view. We are given DIVINE SIGNS for the Future – when we (10) invest our Whole Heart (9) in Loving the 1 Above. When Human raises the 10 by our own Choice to Offer our Heart, the Master Number 11 (CHUEN, the Creator) is BLESSED by the Higher One with a Divine Truth – an Illumination as One Mind. Together, when we Create an Offering of Love – free of obligation, free of expectations, as the Offering we are Willing to bear, a Miracle Happens in Divine Time. It’s guaranteed – as long as we don’t change our own mind, and reach for it again with a Human hand.

We HAVE TO LET IT GO to the One Above to KNOW our Divine Justice. Today, we know the Divine Creator has the Ways and Means. The Road to our Destiny is marked by the Light of the Truth by the all-in-one Above, to be Witnessed by the all-in-one Below. Today we know there’s a TIME for Love and it’s waiting in the FUTURE. We can mark the First Light of Spring, when the Highest Light descends from Above.

We may think we’ve seen it before – but the Light from Above always raises the Truth beyond our imagination on the Spring Equinox.

love, in lak’ech, Debra
I’m grateful for the MAGIC of Time – how it only makes Love more Beautiful, After. We Instantly Create Love through an Offering. At One with the Creator’s Divine State of Mind we KNOW the Future is Love. When Believing is raised to Knowing – Knowing is everything we needed to LOVE NOW. While we wait, we’ll imagine how Love will grow. And, there will be a Time and a Season when the Truth will be the Most Beautiful to See.


Published: April 10, 2021 (04/10/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: December 26, 2021 (12/26/2021)
7 Road/EB (Human), Destiny Kin 72


7 Road / EB

Greetings Kin,

On Peak Tone 7 we complete the Human climb of Intention. At the top of the pyramid we have a Higher Perspective of the Truth. We climbed to see “all that is” and “all that is not” the end of Human’s Creation. Tone 7 represent the threshold to the Higher Truth Above.

In the 7th Hour the Maya stopped for rest and regeneration. With a new “system” in place, they could calculate the new higher ending, when half the work was done. The 13 steps of Creation represent the 7 days, including the 6 nights. At the Center of Time “the work” changes hands. A Divine Agency will complete the Truth of the “sum of the whole.”

The borders and parameters of the cube don’t measure the whole value. The Whole value depends on the substance within the area. The value of Faith within, expands the area by unlimited possibilities. We are weighed in the Balance for the Substance within, the REASON we Chose to make the climb.

Road/EB is also known as Human. Human is the physical manifestation on Earth of the Dog and the Monkey rolled into a Divine One. Our Being of physicality is Happy engaging all our senses in the Beauty of Life and reaching for that Divine State of Mind. We reach to believe the end is the Resolution for ALL Time, the Truth we Know in every Pinnacle Time and Place… if only it could last forever.  By Divine Nature, we CAN create the Masterpiece of our Life – Loving Life with a Sense of Curiosity about all the Beauty there is to see and all the things we could learn about something we Love.

“The Discovery” of new ways is the Light of Life. At the top of the pyramid we see new Human possibilities. We can See Our Way to Remember a Divine Future. “Today” is designed for the Sacred Sacrifice for the Love we Dream tomorrow. We can see “Today” is the “Before” for the Divine Choice that was placed in Human hands.

Road/EB is a Sign of Human Destiny. The Road is our destiny as the journey through Time. EB represents Human’s Consciousness of a calendar within, an order for the ways and means of creation. The Road within, the Tzolk’in, serves both our Human and Divine Nature. Our “Road” is the Light of a Divine Way… a Sacred Road of Consciousness for Human’s Divine Transformation.

Road/EB connects the Consciousness of Humanity. George Floyd was killed on Road/EB, and the world was as “One Mind.”

7 Road/EB offers the pinnacle view of the Divine Possibilities, shared through the Sacred Right of Choice. We see what the Whole of us could be, when we are aligned by a Divine Intention of Love. Today we can see farther than we’ve seen before, the reach of Human’s Power to Love.


Road/EB lies in the South, the direction relating to Relationships with one another and the Natural World. This is a day to Honor the Whole for the “hard road” of physical life. Every one of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers, fought for Love – if it was only to survive. We also honor the Divine Masters who carried their Faith to its highest end. We can only imagine what we’ve seen is possible. It’s a Divine Gift to Know what is humanly possible. We can see how much Human loves to prove what we can do.

May we Honor all the  Divine things Human can do, and Give Thanks for the Offering that was worthy to last the tests of Time. No darkness has every been cast over the Human Spirit that could extinguish the Light of Faith in Love.

This is a day to Honor the Legions of Light Above AND Below, and to See and Acknowledge the Truth that we are all warriors in an army of One Love, Dreaming for the Whole. There is Power in our Numbers and our Different “Time and Place.”

The “Burden of Time” – Human’s Offering (c) D Malmos 2019

Studying American history I learned that the power of the American Infantry was that they didn’t play by one set of rules. The British lined up for battle. The American’s initiated the skirmish, infiltrated behind the lines. They weren’t trained as soldiers. Their rifle practice was shooting squirrels for dinner – running targets. I know you are there and I honor every moment of Light you shine through the darkness and the light. I send my love to you and wonder if it finds the end. We must ALL be pushing Love at one another from all different directions. Somewhere part of our ripple carries on.

We were born to be the Light and the Oxygen, a network for the One Body of Humanity. Cancer can’t grow in oxygenated tissue. Breath is Sacred for the Divine Properties of Heart and Mind. We were given a Choice to Draw the Light of Truth by a Choice. Through prayer, Human only has to ask to Know. The Light that breaks FOR us, will forge all the pieces of Truth that lie within, into the Truth that is Real, Above and Below.

To all my relations, may we See and Acknowledge one another as the One with the “hard climb” to make with the promise of a Divine End. May we stand for one another, wherever we may be along the way.

Road/EB is a milestone to see and remember how we can all be drawn into the Same Mind by an Intention to Love. May we see how it is the REAL Truth, ALL the Time. Sometimes Unseen, yet always waiting to be Moved into Action by the Call of Divine justice.

May we give thanks for the Days given the Meaning to leave a mark on our life, a turning-point to remember.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN

I’m grateful for the days when we know we’re headed to a Divine Future. The Truth is the Divine Justice for the Whole.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
 for a daily aspects of the current trecena.

My gift for the Tzolk’in round is the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.” Volume 1 covers the first two seasons of the Tzolk’in round. The “Field Guide” is available to download from a link on the 13-day Trecena Guide Page.



7 Road/EB (Cherokee, Rattlesnake Tooth/KANU’GA)

Galactic Tone 7: Reflective. Seven stands as a mirror to divide light and dark and to reflect all that is and is not. Seven is associated with the source of creation and the flow of Divine Will. With a keen sense of ethics, Seven establishes purpose to current and future goals.

Road/EB: The bearer of time and conductor of destiny; also known as Human; these persons open the road and guide to the future groups, communities and individuals alike. Likable, obedient, dedicated hard workers and organizers, Road persons are fortunate in business and travel. Many become care takers of the poor, sick, or old people, where they may make personal sacrifices. Road is sometimes referred to as the sign of grass, which is the most bountiful of all life forms, but is also the most humble. Road persons are affectionate and emphatic; they are easily hurt but slow to anger. Holding in of negative emotions and unexpressed resentment can lead to illness, a poisoned opinion of others and a false bravado for this sun sign.

Cherokee, Rattlesnake Tooth/KANU’GA: Symbolized by a rainbow, the delicate display of electromagnetic rays of the SUN. Rattlesnake Tooth is the Natal day sign of Medicine, the Shaman, the Priest, the Healer, and the Sorcerer.  Guardian of the Way, Keeper of the Keys of the secret Kingdom.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!


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