7 Crocodile / IMIX – Grateful x Six

There must be SOMETHING to the x 3, x 6, x 9 idea from Tesla inspired idea shared on TikTok. Yesterday started out in the darkness, and today the future looks VERY BRIGHT – and nothing had to change in the world to “be there now!” (If you missed that post, it was a revelation marked by 6 Sun/AHAU.)

Right now I’m counting my blessings x 6 for the NEW fairy garden. The first one in Washington was carried out on a 4 x 6 slab that was my “backyard.”

I have room here for more visitors – CARDINALS, sparrows, doves, and a couple of pigeons with the starlings that I try to run off early for the smaller birds – and squirrels!  AND, for the first time I can remember – a vegetable garden on a small scale. It’s already producing enough for give-aways! AND, the Pink Hostas I was about to give up on are FINALLY making an appearance!

I’m grateful for the way Mother Earth helps EVERYTHING Grow – x 6!

You are all in my Count of Blessings, and I’m praying ABUNDANCE from Mother Earth for the whole!

love, in lak’ekch, Debra


I love the Citronella that puts off a beautiful scent when it’s being watered. 🙂


Tomatoes, strawberries, a variety of squash and jalepeno peppers! (It’s a learning experience.)

I was about to give up on the pink hosta bulbs – but they finally showed up, and the 3rd one just broke ground. 🙂


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