FREE SPEECH: A Right of Democracy

“LOST CHORD”, by Merrill Leonard, Watercolor/Digital Effects (06/05/2022)

The Right to Speak Our Heart and Mind

by Merrill Leonard

I’m speaking my Heart and Mind.

For every good way, there’s an equal and opposite way to hold the Balance of ALL Things.

Proverbs 18:21 -“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

You can discern the Proverb in more than one way. I mostly recall sermons about “holding the tongue.” But, that depends on what we’re saying. It’s always wise to THINK BEFORE we speak. We have to ask our self to Know if it’s Wise. We have to ask another to Know the Truth.

The 2 most important Truths we need to ask our Self and Others to make wise choices for Right Relationship are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?

The Elders on my spiritual path shared those questions at the very beginning. They shared it from the perspective of discerning the Truth between Divine Discernment and the Passing Thought of a limited Human Being. These were the questions we were told to ask, when we felt discomfort within. We have the Freedom of Choice to turn thoughts and people away from our Life.

It’s curious how we’re afraid to ask for the simple truth of a matter as important as that. The Truth is everything we need to know before we engage any relationship. Though, I don’t remember anyone asking me that question, except when it’s a business deal. So, we ALL must be 1) assuming, or 2) hoping we know. We DO KNOW, if we’re willing to ask our self about the facts of any matter.

I never asked before, when I thought I needed to assume to have any friends at all. I don’t want just “any friends” anymore. I want to know BEFORE, “who are you” and “what do you want.” For the first time, after DECADES of assuming, it’s the first question I ask myself. And I’m willing to ask anyone who comes my way.

I’ve noticed that sometimes people ask more questions than they reveal about themselves. Without sharing Truth in an equal way, I’ve come ask a third and fourth question. “Why do you want to know?” and “Who needs to know?” (Isn’t that usually the case, when someone wants to know more about you than they’ve shared about themselves? And, don’t you wonder WHY when someone asks you a personal question?)

I don’t want to be a “character created” by third-party conversation. That’s always a figment of an imagination, from one fact or 2 that’s carried on as the whole story. And, I want to know up front, why someone is asking questions.

In most cases, it’s more polite to say nothing of substance about yourself, until you’ve asked yourself the question. We CAN see the Truth, if we’re WILLING to Look to see it. We’re ALL given the Spiritual Tool of Intuition. No one is more gifted than another. Some are more tuned-in to one gift or another.

USE YOUR intuition. You can Look to see, if you listen to your own gut instincts… a feeling you have one way or another. We don’t listen to our own Truth when we care, one way or another. Before, I’d rather believe the Truth was what I wanted it to be.

Once you Feel this Truth within, and start turning to use it to make a choice, the louder it gets, and the more you want to listen. Most of the Time, it’s exactly the Truth. Then, the Gift multiplies by the perpetual Wisdom of Truth from the Spiritual Tool we are ALL given “to Know.”

I’ve been trying to discern the New Truth of Who I Am. It’s not an easy question, when you’re in the middle of a major life change. My best way is to Treasure my own Time and Space where no one can add any thoughts of identity to a Truth that I can only discern for myself.

Being a hermit can be liberating when there’s fewer outside thoughts to wade through. When we are attached to an answer, we’re likely to take them to Heart. I LOVE being alone with the One I’m Learning is REALLY ME. I have a constant companion of Unconditional Love – now TWO of them – the One Above, and ME. That makes 3 in Divine Trinity for the Best I CAN be.

We don’t have to be what anyone else wants us to be. We have choices and the FREEDOM OF SPEECH to speak our mind when someone imposes their assumptions into our body of thoughts. We’re the ONLY ONE that’s witnessed our life from the beginning, and the only one who really sees a transformation from who we were yesterday to who we are today.

We are all free to shut the front door and take the phone off the hook until we KNOW the Answers, and BEFORE we let another Human cross the threshold of our Sanctuary. We don’t have to hold any resentment about it. It’s just a silly human trick, born of our doubts and fears of Being who we really are. We all do it just the same – I think.

It’s only when we are Being our Self that our Most Divine Genius comes through. Loving our Self and the One Above is the first place to create Right Relationship – with our Self.

Once we’re rooted, like the Grass, we won’t be trampled. We’ll stand tall and speak our mind, because we’ve taken the Divine Time to really think about it.

In the meantime, we can give everyone the benefit of the doubt – on the street. Assuming the very best in one another is what we are intended to do… before we see anything that’s different. Before we get any closer than that, we need time to Look, knowing we don’t know, and before we’re attached to the answer we want to believe. That only makes it harder to ask, when we hope we’ll never know what WE KNOW from the beginning.

It’s a “hard road” when we’re AFRAID to speak our mind. And, that’s the GUT INSTINCT of your intuition. When your gut feels the FEAR of knowing, that’s exactly when you need to ask for the Truth at ANY COST. Then, you can claim the Truth of your Freedom to choose for “Who YOU are” and for “What YOU really want.”

Divine things happen when you do. You love yourself even more, and earn your own self respect.

That’s the way it is with me.

CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR: Poetry, Prose, Stories, and Art

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