2022 SUMMER SOLSTICE: 4th Day of Light

“Born into Darkness with Eyes to Look and See”, by Merrill Leonard, Layers of Paint, Photography, Digital Effects
(For the Summer Solstice, 06/25/2022)

The Vision of Four Directions

by Merrill Leonard

By the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Tiger. The symbol represents a feline spirit – one that’s been pacing back and forth, waiting for the Time when the cage door is opened. It reflects the 2nd chances, and the power of 2nd tries symbolized by the year 2022. There’s more than 1 calendar that shares the Sign of a chance to break free from old ways we thought were carved in stone, and to FINALLY move into a New Truth of the Light.

My Elders, the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of a Divine lineage, taught us that we could change our Life in 4 days of Sacred Ceremony. We are given the Longest Light for 3 Days to See the Sign of the Harvest. There are still more Signs to Come, when we reach the Lion’s Gate on 08/08.

The date wasn’t chosen arbitrarily for the numbers of infinity. The Most Important Time was chosen by the Julian Date, 220. What it means to me comes from adding the Wisdom of Time from the Mayan calendar. Destiny Kin 220 is 12 Sun/AHAU (uh ‘how). The “lord of that day” signifies Human’s highest understanding of the Mystery of Creation.

The Lion’s Gate is a matter of Timing when the Earth reaches it’s closest alignment with the Light of the Central Sun of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. If we receive photons of pure energy from the Sun of our Solar System, then we can also receive photons from our glimpse of a Greater Sun that shines in the center of the closest Universe of our Life on Mother Earth.

The Light only breaks close enough to catch the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. Our eyes can’t see it shining beyond our own Sun’s Light. Though, we always Feel the Divine Energy that passes through all matter. Photons are the particles that order our biological clock, and change the DNA in Human’s body. It’s a matter of a Creator of Divine Genius.

Think back in your own Time to the weekend before Labor Day. That’s when school starts in Northern America. Can you remember a Time when you were 8 years old that left a Mark on your life? If you can, ASK to forget forever what you were not intended to know before you could understand. It was all an illusion that your Dreams were broken… NEVER the Truth, NEVER Seen by the God of Unconditional Love. How could it have anything to do with your choice when you were ABOUT 8 years old? A Divine Promise that You Believed was the Truth, can be restored, so YOU WILL KNOW the First Promise was True. BAN the darkness forever, and don’t look that way. Hold only the Vision of the Light of Love as you pass through the Lion’s Gate and you will claim your own Salvation. And, don’t worry. The gate opens every year. If you can’t remember now, you will remember later – a question you can’t remember, pieces and parts of time that don’t fit and for some reason unknown, you just can’t forget what happened.

When we were born, we were looked on only as a thing of Beauty and Purity by Human eyes. But they didn’t see what was happening to us. From our first perspective, we were intended to be in a Sanctuary where no harm could come to us. All we heard was the Heartbeat we shared as One in the womb of total darkness.

Whether we were born with a cry or a whimper, our first breath was the expression of our Greatest Fear. In the Light we were naked and afraid for the place we Knew and left behind, longing for the all-around to be rejoined as One. The best we knew, was the first pair of arms that held us close with Compassionate Love and Discernment that knew the First Need and was waiting there to Save our Life.

[An Angel Doll I created to sleep with, praying for waking nightmares about the IRS to go away. They disappeared before the week was thru, after going on for years. The Elders said to bury it in Mother Earth, but I kept it anyway.]

The Darkness of our Doubts and Fears manifested in that moment, and since that beginning, they became a stronghold for every doubt and fear that came to pass in our life… of promises broken and a heart that could never be mended to Know the REAL Beauty of our Light again.

John 3:3 – “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
(Jesus said it.)

I used to think that being born again is something we have to do for our self. Now I believe we only have to Ask. If we Ask on 8 Eagle/MEN, we could see the Light that waits at the end, and the Truth of our own Salvation that waits on the 08/08 of Divine Justice, As Above, So Below. Only the Highest One can fight the war between Good and Evil.

The way to get through is reflected by the 3 fundamental precepts shared by the Buddha:

“See no Evil. Hear no Evil. Speak no Evil.”

Don’t ever worry about a passing thought. YOU KNOW you will reject the idea if the Highest Truth about your own Divinity is what you want to see. Remember, humans are like the flowers that sway in the wind, while all the time the “object of their highest affection” is the Sun that crosses the Sky. Remember the perennial Spirit of all Humans, like the Grass that bends and sways without being broken. Remember how grass can appear to be dead, yet rises again every Spring when the Earth is warmed by the Sun’s Light.

The Divine Thoughts we choose for our self are the Spiritual Tools we are given – thoughts to ASK for and to be CHOSEN as our Own Intention. And, remember the Highest Tool that is offered by the Deer/MANIK – a Holy Provision for every Human limitation. Lean in to the Truth, like the Staff of the High Priest and the One Above will already know what you Ask to Know is Truth. By a Promise of Answered Prayers, the Truth lies ahead for us to SEE at the end of Human’s calendar of Creation, day 260 of Human’s cycle of Time.

2022 reflects the Master Number 22, Human’s Divine Power to create the Highest Hopes and the Highest Aspirations for our Life that we can imagine. That symbol resides in the “lower place.” Above, the 20 is the symbol of the All-in-One, the Divine Omega. On the next day, we are born again as a New Seed of our Self, in Divine Communion with the One Above.

This is the Haab vague-year calendar’s year guided by 11 Deer/MANIK. Master Number 11 is the Source of Divine Inspiration that guides our Life Path. 11 is the Time when we manifest the Truth and carry it to the Highest Altar – tuned-in to a Divine Channel to the Holy of Holies that IS THE GREATEST Truth we can ever KNOW is REAL. Deer/MANIK signifies the Mayan priest who holds the Staff of Truth and all the Spiritual Tools that have been passed down by the Ones that came before. MANIK signifies an experience of Harmonic Resonance, a Divine Sound of Vibration that is the Dream we are intended to follow with all our heart.

The Black Jaguar is the symbol of the Star, that is the Initiation offered at the Black Star Jaguar ruins of Ek’ Balam. The meaning and purpose is an “illumination of darkness.” Given the Truth that reaches the Heart as Comprehension, we’re offered the Wisdom to “see darkness coming” and like the Jaguar with Divine Senses, we’ll be long gone before it reaches us. The evil that comes our way will only see the footprints we left behind. And like the Jaguar, we’ll be invisible on our journey of stealth to the place where we are the Guardian of Light at the top of the Temples and Sacred Sites that were created by our Divine Ancestors in the past – such wonders and mysteries that we still can’t explain. (A human couldn’t have done that. It had to be some “alien” from outer space.” That’s only half true. They were created with a helping hand by Celestial Beings of Light, the Stars that reflect the Legion of Light.

Their hands will pull us through. We’ll remember when the time comes if we Light a Candle and say the Prayer. And, we’ll remember we Asked to Know the Truth of Answered Prayers.

Give thanks now for the Unlimited Possibility of EVERY DREAM you ever dreamed for your own Life to be. And, ask again, on behalf of the whole – so you WILL KNOW your Dream was offered in agreement with the Highest Meaning for the Lives of the Whole – and the Divine Justice of a Lord and Savior of Light and the Truth of Love. LOVE is all we need to create our Highest Dreams, Above and Below.


July 2, 2022 (07/2/2022) is our Transformation to the Highest Truth of Answered Prayers. The Day after, July 3, 2022 (07/03/2022) we are born again, defined as “simply the beginning of all things.”

You can remember 08/08.
And, if you Ask Now, giving thanks for the blessing, you won’t forget to “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak no Evil.

It only takes a 144,000 of the Whole World’s population to reach the Hand of Humanity to save everyone in this Era of Human Creation. There are surely that many praying for the Whole out of a total population of 7.753 Billion Humans, estimated in 2020. If we calculate the odds from a mind of reason, then… there’s no way the Highest Hand can lose.

LEFT: 144,000 out of 7.753 billion humans, not factoring in the exponential power of prayer when 2 agree as 1. (The Odds for Evil to win. 19 is the Symbol of the Signature of God.)

The odds of winning the Mega Millions Kansas Lottery is 0.001443607, if you ever EXPECTED to win that. The Divine odds are x 10 x 2 Times greater (20 times greater). If we do the math, then the Divine End can be the Truth of our own Common Sense.

And, if we Know the Truth of Answered Prayers, we could ask that it only takes 2. So, I’m one, and you would be 2, if we both agree in prayer for our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations, and claim the prayer is offered on behalf of the whole.

The Neverending Story (5/10) Movie CLIP – Through the Sphinxes’ Gate (1984) HD – Humans in 1984 had the divine inspiration to create this movie, and a lot of human beings loved it, and watched it more than twice.

CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR: Poetry, Prose, Stories, and Art

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Contact: Merrill Leonard

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