Signs of Life and Death from my back door

Celosia Feather

Signs of Beauty, Life, and  Death around me…

I’d never seen this flowering plant before. I usually look for perennials, but made an exception for this one. It’s been attracting pollinators outside. We’ve had heavy winds for the past two days, and it kept falling over, so I brought it inside.

I also rescued it from a cold-snap night 10/20 when temps dropped to 24F in the cold morning hours.

Flowers below weren’t in pots I could bring inside, but the Geranium burst more blooms after the freeze, and the Red Dianthum wasn’t affected at all.



At my back door, facing North, I see the Life of living things – where I throw my offering of seeds and nuts in the morning. (Cardinals, Sparrows, Pigeons, Starlings, and Squirrels are routine visitors. I have to scare off a black cat that lives behind me and jumps over my fence from time to time. He was waiting in the alley this morning, watching for the morning visitors to fly in.)

As I was making the morning offering, the leaves at the bottom step was the sign of death at my door. Though, life goes on just beyond it and blooms in the South  (front door). I offered Love and water to the Celosia Feather that was brought inside, for the one-life it has to live. I’ll watch for some seeds for Spring. Plants thrive in the presence of  our Breath and our Loving care. I charged the water with my intentions of Love and there was a divine communion between us.

ALL Life is conscious of the Hand of Love, Above and Below.

It’s a beautiful creation. And, the Divine Mystery is how our Love can be exchanged in a real way from far away… even beyond the Sun. Of all beauty we see, Humans were the Creator’s highest objects of affection. I’m grateful we can pay it back, through a vigilant eye for beauty all around.

love, in lak’ech,


Lord, Thank you that you created us to be part of the whole creation, and the place you gave us on Mother Earth.

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