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13 Earth / CABAN – Preparing for the Light



TOMORROW: A New Beginning in the Light

Tomorrow, the Next Full Moon is the Flower, Corn Planting, or Milk Moon, Vesak or Buddha Purnima, a Lunar Eclipse, and a Supermoon. (NASA offers the Time and Date.) 

When the Moon rises in the Himalayas, the Vesak celebrates the first 8 minutes of the Light as the Outpouring from the Highest One. The Light is given to purify the Water on Earth as Holy. The gathering of priests in the place bring their vessels of water to be carried back to share with the Whole. We can set our vessels of water out to be blessed in the Moon’s Light. We can set our Self out in the Sun for the Water within to be purified and blessed.

By Eastern Time (USA) the 8 minutes begins at 7:14AM. Local Pacific Time here is 4:14AM. The tide is high near me at 4:18AM.  My heart would like to be there. And, I know that Time is relative for every Divine Purpose. We can create the Time we arrive by claiming the Heart’s time. It’s more important to remember the Time that changed us. All Sacred Ceremony is Divine, carried out Above or Below. It is equally Divine when we carry it out as REAL, through every step, in the Sanctuary within. May we make the Offering our Choice to see the Whole the Way a Divine Mother sees us. It’s the least we can offer to her for ALL the children she Loves in Harmony. May we honor the Beauty of Her Ways, Seen and Unseen to imagine the Offering we would bring Our Way.

May her Light shine on the Beauty so we can see it in every One, to create an All-In-One circle of Love.

in lak’ech, Debra

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13 Earth / CABAN – Ascension: Day 13



13 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Earth/CABAN is the symbol of Mother Earth and her Movement that Creates Time. The Elders on the Medicine Circle path say, “Mother Earth was the first and enduring gift that was Given to Human Beings by the Creator – to Be Alive and Living in a Living World.” It takes a 3rd perspective to see how Divine a Life of Being and Consciousness really is, when it was freely given by Love.

Counting our Blessings we feel a Human debt that’s long over-due in our Heart. We Ascend with a Reason to follow our Divine Mother around. We learn everything Divine from her Beauty. We didn’t have to have a Divine Human Mother to see what the whole world imagined her to be. The REAL Divine One guided us to see the Truth of it ALL. She taught us to keep going and all things would work out in the end. Once in a while we’re in the place where we can see when she was right.

13 Earth/CABAN is the Answer to our Prayer, that every dream she shared, and everything she saw in us was possible and it’s True. We were both born together, as both ways were over and both new lives began. We know a bond that can never be broken, one who was the Divine Provision of Motherhood for us. A Divine One showed up when it was a matter of life or death.

Tone 13 is the Ascension, the Answer to a Prayer. Something that was heavy has been given over to Love. We found that with all our limitations we can  give our own Life a little push, when we need to “even the Divine score.” If we used the “Divine Sum of the Whole” as we went along, and we made the wrong turn. We have TIME to make up the difference with every Higher Creation of one another. Something in the Wind that’s a TRUTH of Love will disseminate a happy thought they could follow.

Number 13 is the symbol of theurgy, the power given to Human through our rituals and sacred ceremonies, to call upon the Divine Intervention of the Higher One. The 1st time we ask was the Choice. We didn’t have to ask again. We ask to Remember.

CABAN is the Source of Consciousness to Know everything. The faculties of discernment are illustrated on the glyph. From the East begins the light of an idea, along a linear path of Reason. We see “what it is.” That turns a thought into our Imagination where we wonder “what it means.” If we don’t see anything meaningful to us, that’s where the thought ends. The 3rd thought of Divine Trinity is the One we have to Lean to find outside of our Human train of thought. The rising circles represent an application of Reason to apply a Divine Truth to the Whole Equation. We add the Truth of Divine Possibility with every little piece of Truth we claim, when it’s the Power of Love.

We were raised to live this New Life in the Haab year, 9 Earth/CABAN. Will we remember what the Mother told us we should always do at the end of every creation? What was the meaning for the Time when “the creation is finished?” Each round of the Tzolk’in brings us here, and every Time, Our Life will “never look better” than it does in the Moment we Know Mother Earth is the Answer to our Prayers.

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12 Wisdom / CIB – Guided from Above: Day 12 of 13



12 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

The trecena of CHICCHAN guides us by the Light of the Highest One. At the top of every climb the Heart of Earth meets the Heart of Sky. We climbed by Intention to Reflect the Heart of the One. We made the Climb for Divine Love.

The 2nd Season of the Tzolk’in is marked by the 2 of Duality. In the 1st season of our life, loving our Self was the priority. We had to Know our Self to survive in a world of illusion, where everyone would imagine who we were. We might claim the thought as our own, and that would be all we could be. Like the Seed, from above we were given the 1st Light of Knowing, and the Love of Divine Provision for all our limitations.

It was a beautiful life, and an unsustainable way to carry on for All Time. We had to grow up. We were put in charge of someone else. We learned to be the Provision of Love. It wasn’t by human power that we gave way to the demands that required a sacrifice. By everything our Ego knew by then, it just wouldn’t be “fair.” Again we were guided by a Sound of Love, when we heard the children cry.

11 Eagle/MEN raised our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations to carry on the Love that was Created To Be. Our thoughts were narrowed in by one that can see the future.

Wisdom/CIB shares the Vision to see all the way around. We learned the Whole Truth about Human’s Live in one journey along Earth’s orbit. The Owl is the nahaul of the animal kingdom that symbolizes the “mystic ferryman that holds a torch aloft for passage to the other side.” The fare to cross is a “heart as light as a feather” by Egyptian tradition. We have to weigh all our time to see if we balanced the light and the dark. By human limitation we could never reach the Divine Zero. A feather leaves room for any margin of doubt.

Wisdom/CIB guides us to explore our past like an archeological treasures… especially after everything is changed by the Higher Truth we can see. The Owl can see best in the dark. We can  fly silently under the cover of darkness to go back to our past with an offering of belated Love and Understanding. When we do, we won’t stir the memories of our human face. We could imagine they just wake up with a smile on their face and thank God for it. There’s never any conditions when we use the Divine One as an Intermediary of Love. CIB guides us to resolve the past, in the present, to create a Divine Future that was a story perfect from its beginning.

12 Wisdom/CIB marks the Higher Wisdom of Love. The glyph illustrates the Human mind in its highest state of Divine Consciousness, emanating the rays of Light as Vibration and the Truth as the Way. Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom. When we know we are One, the Highest Truth of Love will guide the way. 12 is the symbol of what a Human Being was created – To Be. Human is the Being of Duality in the lower place. We know the Truth through a God-given way to see the difference between one way or another. We can hold One Perspective AND Another. Wisdom is knowing we were given a Divine Choice to see things the way we would Love them to be.

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11 Eagle / MEN – Guided from Above: Day 11 of 13



Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

The Serpent/CHICCHAN is opening our eyes to the Beauty of the Mother, and the Truth that we were claimed in her arms. She saw our Seed of Light to grow the Beauty of Love.

Tone 11 raises the Intention of Resolution. The Truth resolves itself when we’ve claimed the new Light. On Tone 11 we receive the last piece of Light that makes all the pieces fit. We know our Time and Place, and Why the Divine Mother in us will always Belong. The number is illustrated as two lines with one dot above, the power of 2 Whole hands to raise the Truth of an even Higher One… the Circle from which the Creator drew the Breath for the Spoken Word of Light from a Void of Darkness. The Whole Truth includes the Darkness we can’t see.

Tone 11 represents the Master Number 11, knowing the Divine Source of the Inspiration is the Truth of Love that will always stand in our corner. There’s a Divine Provision for what we can’t see by human limitation. The One Above marks it for its beauty in the future, when we Know. Any doubt we create by it in others, WILL lean toward Love for the benefit of the doubt. Love is a Truth that will always be known. 11 raises the vibration of our thoughts to feel Truth, like we’ve Really Seen it. On Tone 11 we’re tuned in to a higher channel. The Sound reaches our heart, and Love resolves its Higher Way for NOW.

CHICCHAN is raising us with the Eyes to See Clearly. Eagle/MEN is the nahaul with the Vision to See the Future. We have to open our eyes with an Intention to see Higher Truth. Our Hearts have been made willing, now that we are beginning to see that the Truth and the Way by employing the Spiritual Tools of the Divine Truth of Forever Love, through an application of Understanding, Tolerance, Kindness, and Forgiveness. We know we can rise to that occasion, when we’ve Moved on the Highest Ways we know to Love.

Change is always seen in the Big Picture. Love will always be the Truth of Change when an old established way has broken down, for the New and Higher Way to be. We don’t give the kids a chance to run the business until we’ve totally broken down the old way. We dreamed the children would create a Higher Future. We want them to feel what we’re feeling now. And the only way is to let Our Dreams for them go.

We can see it now for our Self. All the things we dream for the ones the follow, is the old Dream we had for our Self. It never was THEIR dream. If they have a Dream of their own, we completed the work in the beginning from a little Spark they could imagine. Suddenly we see the Dream that is STILL OURS to claim. It’s not too late for us. Children aren’t the end, but only One Season of our Whole Divine Life. They were raised, when we learned to listen to them and let them be a “grown up.” (Their seeds won’t fall far from the Tree.)

The Eagle holds the Element of Water. Seeing the Truth that lies in the Future, the Eagle’s Witness of Truth can calm the waters of Human emotions. Like a Reflection on the water, the picture is getting clearer. Feeling the Truth wipes our last Human doubt away.

The Eagle knows and Feels that whatever it can See lies within its grasp. When Love has Expressed the Truth, we will open our eyes to claim it as the Wisdom of Common Sense. It only makes sense to carry our expanded vision to the Highest Place to see the Truth. Tone 11 is the day the priest brings an offering of the Truth to the Highest Altar. With every offering we know the Divine Exchange of Atonement. On the Eagle’s wings we’re carried to the Highest Proximity of the One from the realm below. In mid-air, the Truth will catch our wings.

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10 Jaguar / IX – The Manifestation of the Divine Feminine


Humble thanks to our Kin, Pauline who shared the following story.

Thank you, Pauline.
Love, in lak’ech, Debra

SOURCE: DailyGood.org

All art emulates the condition of ritual. That is what it comes from and to that it must always return for nourishment. — T.S. Eliot
Each dawn, millions of Tamil women create intricate, geometric, ritual-art designs called ‘kolams,’ at the thresholds of their homes, as a  tribute to Mother Earth and an offering to Goddess Lakshmi. A Tamil word that means beauty, form, play, disguise or ritual design– a kolam is anchored in the Hindu belief that householders have a karmic obligation to “feed a thousand souls.” By creating the kolam with rice flour, a woman provides food for birds, rodents, ants and other tiny life forms — greeting each day with ‘a ritual of generosity’, that blesses both the household, and the greater community. Kolams are a deliberately transient form of art. They are created anew each dawn with a combination of reverence, mathematical precision, artistic skill and spontaneity. Read on for one kolam practitioner’s deeply personal exploration of this multidimensional practice.
The Tzolk’in Date:

10 Jaguar/IX (Cherokee, Panther/SAHO’NI)

Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation. What were once intentions or ideas, hopes or fears become physically present with the energy of Ten. What is focused upon with attention and intention becomes real with Ten. Ten is a powerful energy that carries a great responsibility.

Jaguar/IX: Born with a deep love of the Mother Earth, Jaguar or shaman is directly tied to the source of all Earth magic. They possess great power of intellect and strength or character through integrity. Jaguar energy is feminine in nature and is the ruling spirit of jungles, plains, and mountains. The spirit of Jaguar inhabits the Mayan temples and is called on to assist in spiritual as well as in material ways. Jaguar is also the god/goddess of gratefulness.

Cherokee, Panther/SAHO’NI: Panther is symbolized by comets, meteors, shooting stars, fireballs, and magicians.  Meteors appearing around the middle of November are Heralds of the Coming of the Light, the Cherokee New Year. Panther is the Shadow of the Sphinx, Herald of the Dawn, guardian of the night when the sun is traveling through the underworld. Panthers have unlimited imaginations, visualizations, and are spellbinding speakers. The Cherokee Totem Jaguar is the guardian of the portals to other dimensions; shamanic abilities will open; multi-dimensional magic; healer, leader, way shower energy when used for spiritual growth.  Conducive to pray for grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and wives day. For wisdom at 4 Balances, cunning and protection of Mother Nature. To thank the Earth for sustenance. Ix is the native cunning, enterprising, vigorous, bold and realistic.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]


10 Jaguar / IX – Guided from Above: Day 10 of 13



10 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

We were changed by Truth we reached to Know on Tone 8. Through an Offering of 9 we offered our Patience to see what the Creator intended to share as the Sacred Exchange. Through a choice of Divine Intention we prepared our self for the Highest Truth we need to know, Here and Now, for every climb the rest of the way.

Tone 10 raises us to the Challenge of Manifestation. Our Human dreams always lie in the future. The challenge is always that leap of faith. We’ve been guided to maturity. We know that to see the future you only have too look down the Road. You know where you are Now, and where you’ve been. Without the patience to see what all we learned, we’ll circle back again.

Manifestation depends on meeting the challenge to claim it. It could all be another coincidence, and we’ll fall right back down again. Do you think? That’s Human’s last doubt we have to overcome.

We won’t be thinking it now for a Divine Mother who’s right on course. Her arms can steer us to a Higher Meaning for Time. It’s time to claim the Truth, if we do, we won’t forget. The Mother teaches the Truth of the Father, in ways We LOVE to remember.

Jaguar/IX is the Spirit of the Divine Feminine that knows how we Feel. She is the Divine Witness who walks in stealth. From her own shadow she guards the Light. The Jaguar is hardly seen, but for the footprints left behind. IX shares the heightened senses of a Holy Spirit within, and Knows it in Everything. Mother Earth is the Source for ALL the Life and Love Spirit can See to Know. We open our eyes with a Choice to Know.

The Jaguar is a symbol of the 7, residing at the top of the pyramid at the threshold to the Divine Sanctuary. To cross we must Humble our Self in Gratitude, the Jaguar’s “earth magic.” The Jaguar resides in the North, the place of ALL Wisdom, and the Sacred Breath. At the top of the calendar pyramid, the Offering is our Gratitude for ALL Time and every way we went that led us here. Patience is the Power of Divine Trinity when we use it to think and feel what everything means. We are born creators. If we’re Dreaming of creating a Divine Relationship, at the end  of every exchange with another Being of Light, we should step back to make sure we allowed them a place for their own course.

The Jaguar is guiding us for the Serpent/CHICCHAN who intends a higher end than we can still imagine. The Jaguar will prepare us to see it if we start counting our blessings, for every moment and step of the way. Jaguar is the Invisible Witness to Spirit, with no desire to be seen – only to Lead others to see the Higher Light at an altar. IX is a Presence of Divine Discernment and Compassionate Love. All things want to be seen. The offering of invisibility is a Divine Exchange for the Beauty a Divine Hand can make of it.

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9 Reed / BEN – Guided from Above: Day 9 of 13



9 Reed/BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 9 raises the Intention of Patience. 9 is the Sacred Number of Completion. In the 9th hour of Light, we’ve finished the work of Creation and by Divine Design, we all step back to see what we’ve done.

It is said that there is great suffering to bear, if we fail to follow this thought. Tone 9 is the Patience to see the Bigger Picture, the Whole Truth. The first Truth was something we Asked the Divine One to Know. We were changed by the Truth on Tone 8. There is always more to see. Tone 9 helps us see the Reason Why we Know the Truth. In the Bigger Picture we see the Cause and the Effect.

One Divine Creation always begets another, when we know how “we pulled it off.” In this case the Higher Truth is that we fell short by our own Human limitations, but in our Heart we held the “pure spirit” of our Intention. We didn’t fail when we turned back to a Human way. When we saw it, we recoiled and turned away. We are Operating Perfectly when we do that.

Reed/BEN is the Guiding Light for Home and Family. We were changed by the Truth that Humanity is the One created to complete the Creation of Beauty. The Creator’s dream for us is so high, we’ll never see the end on Earth, though we can Imagine our Heart’s Desire and it will be touched by the Creator’s hand with the Perception of Beauty.

The glyph illustrates an altar. Above are 2 channels of Light shining on the altar table. Below, the thatched prayer rugs where Human kneels in Humility. BEN represents the Divine Inheritance we create to carry on. BEN is the essence of thought we feel when we’re in charge of the little ones. We have the Sense to be on our best behavior. BEN raises the Higher Truth of How it happens and the Reasons Why.

BEN reminds us to lead with a “garden hose” and not a “steel pipe.” We were all given the Sacred Right of Choice and our own Sanctuary of Consciousness. We have to find the Truth for our Self. It’s all hard knocks, stumbling over what we can’t see. BEN’s Wisdom is to believe in your own way, and your own prayers for the children. Believe in the One to share the Truth. The ways of Spirit are an opposite reflection of Human’s way. We always learn something when we ask the children what they think.

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8 Road / EB – Guided from Above: Day 8 of 13



8 Road / EB (Human)

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 is the Holy Day of the trecena. Number 8 is defined by the Maya as the Intention of “pure spirit.” Tone 8 holds the Intention of Divine Justice, through the Harmony and Equity of the Whole.

Tone 8 begins the Transformation phase of the trecena, under the direction of Divine Agency. Through an Investment of Heart and Soul we crossed the threshold from the Holy of Holies into the Divine Sanctuary Above. We were made One through an Offering of Time, and the Intention of Love.

We climbed to Human’s limit, as High as the Maya could reach beyond the canopy. One pyramid was built over another. The Ones that came before, paved the way. In the Offering of Our Truth to know the Highest Truth, the Living hold the Power to reach Higher Ground. We have to have our Own Way for the Consciousness of Humanity to expand to Higher Wisdom.

Road/EB is Human’s Road of Destiny that connects the Whole. We feel our place in the Whole, walking in the footsteps of wisdom passed down before. This is a day to honor the foundations of Truth and Wisdom that can only be learned from the “hard road.” When we’ve conquered the Truth Below, we’ll know the Truth Above. One is a Reflection of the Other. The “other” is a Reflection of the One.

The Road of Destiny is illustrated on Human’s head. In the end, we’ll be defined by all the Choices we make. That’s the Truth of Life and Destiny. “Human” is another name for EB. Residing in the South, we are drawn to the Truth of Right Relationship, with one another and the Natural World. Today we are given  the Divine Sense to know we are One in a tangible way. The Element of Earth can ground us to the Truth.

Most of the Holy Observances fall on Tone 8, with the exception of the Initiation of the Mayan Priestess on 9 Monkey/CHUEN. Tone 8 represents the 8th Hour of Light. The 8th Hour begins when Human’s Zenith Hour is over. Our Offering to the Highest One is to See and Acknowledge that the Road was cleared before. Our way is easier, though the challenge will always be the same. This is a day to Acknowledge the Whole – every One who walked the Road, even if their greatest accomplishment was survival. There would always be one waiting for the next to follow. Our Mothers, Fathers, Grandfathers, and Grandmothers are still serving us. We see Our future, and beauty we should create NOW. Today we Feel the Gratitude for our Life. We are grounded by the tangible experience of Earth. We thought we were ALL One. Now we Know by the Truth we hold in Common.

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7 Monkey / CHUEN – Guided from Above: Day 7 of 13



7 Monkey CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Serpent/CHICCHAN guides us by the Highest Light of Intention to manifest a Meaning and Purpose for our Life. We are being raised to Holy Ground in the Highest Way. The meaning and purpose of This cycle of Light was to inspire a Dream for Life… a “Living Dream.”

Monkey/CHUEN holds the Genius of Divine Consciousness that knows Love is the meaning for Time. CHUEN is the “weaver of time.”  The glyph illustrates “time rolled up” on the head of the Monkey. Monkey sees the Choices of Time to Create Beauty. CHUEN is said to create a beautiful tapestry of Life, lifting the threads of beauty from ALL time.

Our Greatest Gift of Genius is the capability to time-travel. We imagine the fantastical stories and fail to see we’re doing it ALL THE TIME. We are constantly jumping beyond our own time. We’re called back to the past by our feelings and memories.

We never feel “finished” when there’s an obstacle between us that casts a shadow on our Love. The One Within knows the thought that created the divide is not really the Truth, but only the response from the Heart that couldn’t see any Love. We can go back aimlessly to see it over and over.

We wonder if we will EVER stop “going there.” We pray for the journey to be over. We are led there every time for the Love we need to find. Love will complete the Whole Truth. Instead of trailing behind Human thoughts to get there, we could go Consciously and REALLY look around. We were praying for a mystical experience. We have to step out of our everyday thoughts TO SEE IT. If we drag all  our dirt a long, we’ll see the same Love  Covered Up again. We can Choose to return with our Love to see the Truth, once and for all.

Tone 7 raises the Intention of REFLECTION. We were given two points of view with a Conscious of Truth and Love. If you have a Conscious, you can see how you are guided by Love. We know we are. We hardly give it the Time to see “what it means.” Unconscious thoughts tend to see it as the party-spoiler for all our Human plans. That’s where the friction lies within, when we think “our way” is the end-all. We focus all our Love at One Moment of Truth. TIME changes the Truth of our Heart’s Desire. Sometimes it takes a bad thought to plant our feet squarely into an Intention of Love. Monkey has the Senses to see a battle in the mind, and to wonder what we’re fighting for when we KNOW the Truth is Love. On Tone 7 our eyes are opened from the Highest View. From the top of the pyramid we reached the place where we see the Truth of everything all around.

The Reflection for Tone 7 is a Truth that we create our own Reality. Our Life is what we make it. It is beautiful in the end for every Moment we invested in Love. Over a lifetime of experience, the Truth will add up. We only have to think from a balanced perspective to see “all that is” and “all that is not” a way to reach the end of  our Dream.

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6 Dog / OC – Guided from Above: Day 6 of 13



6 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 raises the Intention of Flow. We feel the Power of Love that has carried on. Momentum is created from a rhythm and pattern of movement. We chose to keep turning from the darkness to the Truth shared by the Light.

The Serpent/CHICCHAN is raising a Light within. We can feel our little spark is connected to a higher power and beauty of Love. We find it within, through the one Divine Spark of Common Sense every Human Being could hold. When we see a choice between knowing an experience of Love or Hate, Love would always be the easiest choice.

When our little light comes on, we’ll FEEL the Truth like Common Sense – enough to satisfy a Human mind with a Reason to follow the Truth we can’t see.

Dog/OC holds position 10, the Higher One created by the Whole Investment of Love. Dog/OC is the perspective of a Divine One that knows the Truth of Love everywhere. The Dog doesn’t have to see what it can taste, smell, feel, and roll around in. The Dog knows Love it can’t see is only buried treasure. A little digging with love, and it’s always there beneath the surface.

Dog is that Divine State of Mind that sets out on the adventure to Love, just to see all the ways that Love can Feel. Home is the Sanctuary for the Dog. The members of the pack will be the ones we run to share the Truth of a Treasure. Love doesn’t always look the way we think it should. The Dog knows it takes time to see the Beauty. For all the beauty that isn’t seen, the Dog leaves the scent of a trail. It only takes the thought of a Dog to lead a happy thought.

All the times we witnessed the Dog’s Life, we wished Human life could be like that. Our Dream is to head out the door to life just the same, knowing Love is  ours to claim in every direction. We’d run to find it. We hardly see who’s leading who when the Dog is the Master of Heart and Home. Dog is the nahaul to remind us that Love is Faithful and Loyal to always stand in our corner. Love always shares the benefit of a doubt. Our minds go round and round like a dog, but dogs will finally stop chasing their own tails when it’s time to eat.

6 Dog/OC resides in the 6th uinal. By a Higher Intention we are drawn into the Flow of Love. We Feel the Choice. When Humans Feel the Whole of Love shared back and forth, nothing can stop us from jumping in. Love makes the Choice in our Heart. Repeating numbers magnify the Force of the Truth they speak through “lightning in our blood.” Today the “lightning” raises a Higher Truth to the Light to feel the 2 Divine Trinities that  are working together as One. Two as One Above, and Two as One Below, together hold the Power to Create the Highest Trinity of 3 x 3 – the Realization that “finishes” creation.

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