Holy Observances: A Mayan Forecast of the Future

Greetings  Beloved Kin,

This update includes the Holy Observances for the 1st and 2nd Seasons of this Tzolk’in round, and the Mayan New Year at the beginning of the 3rd Season.

Note the dates on your calendar and compare the dates to the to the traditions of your own faith. The Tzolk’in energies are aligned with every observance of Time.

The next Holy Observance is May 5, 2023. The Celebration and Initiation of the Mayan priest falls in synchronicity with the Wesak Festival and the Full Flower Moon that marks the High Watermark of Spirit, and a day that celebrates the Birth and Death of the Buddha.

8 Deer/MANIK holds the Element of Water in synchronicity of the Time when the Light of Illumination is poured out from Above to all the Water on Earth.

love, in lak’ech,

Holy Days of the Tzolk’in Round

THE FIRST SEASON – Beginning 1 Crocodile/IMIX
The Alpha, the Beginning and a Germination of a New/Higher Seed of our Spiritual Identity
Guardian of the 1st Season: 13 Serpent/CHICCHAN, the Quickening of Spirit by the Highest Power

Destiny Kin 30
1/3/2024, 9/19/2024, 6/6/2025, 2/21/2026, 11/8/2026
4 Dog/OC – GLOBAL BURNER – Center of the 1st Season; Release of Past Energies
Restoring Right Relationship and the Stability of Unconditional Love
Observed by the Sacred Fire Ceremonies, carried out by the Mayan priest as an offering of prayers on behalf of the whole

Destiny Kin 47
5/5/2023, 1/20/2024, 10/6/2024, 6/23/2025, 3/10/2026
8 Deer/MANIK – Celebration and Initiation of the Mayan priest; Zenith, Tone of Divine Justice
Blessing of Initiation through the Element of Water; used by the Mayan priest for Blessings, Purification, Initiations, and Baptisms;  dedication of the path as a Mission to Love

THE SECOND SEASON – Beginning 1 Transformer/CIMI
Major Life Change, a transition on the scale of “life and death”: chaos of change as the breakdown of a pre-existing order of thoughts; realization of the Truth of Transformation
Guardian of the 2nd Season: 13 Dog/OC, (Position 10, top of the pyramid, highest intention)
Completes Human’s climb and “whole investment” on the journey to a New Life; maturity of Love

Destiny Kin 95
6/22/2023, 3/8/2024, 11/23/2024, 8/10/2025, 4/27/2026
4 Eagle/MEN – GLOBAL BURNER – Center of the 2st Season; Release of Past Energies
Stabilizing a Vision of the Future and our Divine Way to reach our Highest End
Observed by the Sacred Fire Ceremonies, carried out by the Mayan priest as an offering of prayers on behalf of the whole

Destiny Kin 112
7/9/2023, 3/25/2024, 12/10/2024, 8/27/2025, 5/14/2026
8 Road/EB – Day of Destiny, Sac be, the Tzolk’in, Human’s Journey, Zenith, Tone of Divine Justice
A shared experience by the Collective Consciousness of Humanity; seeing where we are and what we have created; a milestone of higher consciousness of Our ways; a tangible experience of the Truth that leaves a mark that the whole will remember

Destiny Kin 125
7/22/2023, 4/7/2024, 12/23/2024, 9/9/2025, 5/27/2026
8 Serpent/CHICCHAN – Serpentine Day, Spiritual Strength, Tone of Divine Justice
Celebration of Consciousness of a Power Greater than our Self; a Quickening that ignites the Gifts of Spirit and the Passion to Create; Clearly Seeing by Feeling the Truth

THE THIRD SEASON – Beginning 1 Monkey/CHUEN
Guided by a Power of Divine Agency, we create the reality of a new world. CHUEN is empowered by a Hand Above to Create the Beauty of Love and to Manifest the Truth of all Time from the beginning to the end; the Divine Alchemist of the Arts that creates the Masterpiece of our Life
Guardian of the 3rd Season: 13 Eagle/MEN, Seeing the Truth of the Future we Created through a Divine Intention to Love our Life and the Beauty of the Whole

Destiny Kin 151
8/17/2023, 5/3/2024, 1/18/2025, 10/5/2025, 6/22/2026
8 Monkey/CHUEN (WAXAJQIB B’AATZ), the Mayan New Year of the Tzolk’in, Tone of Divine Justice
Initiation of the Daykeeper, those dedicated to Count the Days to discern the meaning of Time
(Establishes a course of Divine Synchronicity by the Count and Number of Days and Duration of Time)


I found an earlier resource on the Cherokee calendar in my archives that is no longer available anywhere online. Below is a link to the resource that offers some insight into the myths and symbols of time and the cosmology of the Cherokee, that is relevant to the Mayan traditions. It also includes the meanings of the Cherokee lords of the day.




The Elders taught us that the spiritual wisdom passed down was supposed to be FREE. My interpretations are copyrighted by Debra Malmos. I share this wisdom FREE with you here and it is NOT intended to be used to copy, paste, SELL as a product on a PAID commercial platform. You are free to link to the resources here, noting the JaguarSpirit.com website as the source of information. The same applies for resources shared on the Daykeeper’s Resource page that I have collected over the past 7 years of research. “What you are willing to give away is returned 10-fold.”  (Thank you.) Debra




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