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Global Burner: 4 Eagle / MEN – Sacred Ceremony on Behalf of the Whole

Prayers for all the 2’s, and the Year of the Tiger, ASKING Peace, Harmony, Love, Happiness and Well-being for the Whole. And Giving Thanks for it from the Beginning…

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4 Eagle / MEN – Road to Tomorrow: Day 4 of 13


DMalmos, Dec 2021 (Acrylic painting from lightbox shadows on film over a photo taken in an old time and place.) The energy in the photograph was compelling and this was as NEAR as I could come to capturing the FEELING of it. It moved me during the time of the Solstice, a “first light” that “with passion” there’s a way out of the storm that’s cold and hard to see. The stick turned out bigger than the photograph, at least MY attention was drawn to the ONE TOOL she carries in the GIVING hand. That, and her Passion of HER REASON is all she needs to break a horse that has to come in from the snow.

Dear Beloved Kin,

A whirlwind of thoughts was turned to the central point – the fact of a matter.

For me a vision of the future was clearer. I was looking  to the future to see how I might think and feel tomorrow. That’s not the most important Truth I need to SEE. The Highest Truth of the Tzolk’in is that we ALL think and feel the same – just in OUR set of circumstances in OUR time and place. There is no “good” or “bad” place to be, when we’re united by the Truth of the same REASON, and there’s so many other WAYS we could see, demonstrated by all the Human acts of Love. (If we claimed Love IS the reason for everything we do – forwards, or backwards. Love moved by Spirit is beautiful. The Love our Ego wants is driven by Human emotions – not INTENDED to be the Truth, but the REASON to look for it… TO STOP THE BLEEDING, and PAIN.)

The Elders say that what you heal in yourself, you heal for the whole.  HEALED, we won’t be the rude person behind you in line. Someone who was already thinking about life and death, goes home and “kicks the dog” or is even WORSE by the time they reach the counter for customer service. OUR WELL-BEING MATTERS TO THE WHOLE – whether they KNOW and CARE, or NOT. If we look close enough, we SEE the REASON the Divine Truth makes sense.

On Tone 4, our natural thought is to corral our heart and mind to the work at hand, and to reinforce the boundaries of thoughts toward a Divine Cause – Who’s the Master? Will we let the Ego, and a scale of human emotions be the “Sense and Reason” that we turn to for the best choice for us? BEFORE, we even ask for us, we could START by asking “what’s the best thing for the whole?” DUH. At least the Divine Truth looks plain and simple when it finally “grabs you.”

Sometimes the Divine Truth looks too simple to make a difference. It’s balance for Human’s mind of reason – so it won’t be easy. The Human Being CAN fight again for Love. We have to be conquering SOMETHING to be happy. In a way, it’s cool that we can “get mad” about Love. At least a power of the Ego can set the Fire to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. CLAIM the TRUTH BEFORE… tiny things can be matters of life and death to our Heart. Tiny changes we hardly see, MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE – when EVERYONE is adding an experience to the SAME light of truth.

It’s beautiful that on EVERY SCALE – even “right or wrong” we LEARN the Truth of Love. There is no other end in sight. Even if we followed our Darkest Road of thoughts, we’d be so broken by the end – the One Spark would cry out as One Last Hope for the Pain we could no longer bear. We’d ASK, grasping for LIFE at ALL COST, already broken.

Human Beings are BEAUTIFUL living beings of physicality. Under the Master’s Hand, we’re like horses, domesticated by Love when we’re broken. Our Master uses a “soft hand” to train us, and a strong arm to open a way to the Light that pulls us through.

The Wisdom of the Ages waits for us to look to the past to see. When we look at the WHOLE picture we can remember, THEIR Divine Inspiration was given for OUR future, and they learned they would love the ones that follow more. The Children ARE the future. The ONE is training us to be the Masters, while we think we’re single-handedly re-training the whole. Though, we still can reach the divine end, with the ONE TRUTH held in the “left” hand… the Hand for RECEIVING. Our “non-dominant hand” holds a Balance of Divine Power – a “negative charge” that “attracts.” When we get within range to see anything we want, the Way “comes to us,” grabs us, and we’re Stuck to the Truth.

It’s OUR LIFE and we hold the POWER to create the Vibration of Harmony through the TONE of our voice and the PASSION from our Heart. We wouldn’t care about the words if they were YELLED at us if we saw the matter of Life or Death… standing near a ledge. I’m sure YOU would. I know if I LOVED I would, and no one else deserves any less.

All we have to do is FEEL it. With Wind beneath our Wings, we lean to the Truth we always Dreamed was True. Someone would save us. Maybe we question  that, more than we ever imagine we could be the hero.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

PS. We ALWAYS see better with Time. In the night, a treasure was left by the high tide. (The messenger, Mercury, brought News. It’s TIME to LOVE our BEST SELF. Sextile to Chiron, we get a beam to see the TRUTH in our Heart. On a second wave, near dawn the Truth will be brought to shore, when Uranus goes direct. That’s when our “brain fog” is supposed to go away.) Today, we’ll SEE the Truth – that we CAN COUNT for each other again. EVERY TREASURE we find on the shore, is Beauty we can imagine for every beach where we walk looking down at our feet.

The Journal Before, for AFTER…

Published: May 3, 2021 (05/03/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: January 18, 2022 (01/18/2022)
Always check my numbers, please. 
4 Eagle/MEN, Destiny Kin 95
(Looking to the future, Eagle’s position 15, holds the Truth that what you look for, is what you’ll see. Think of the Highest Hopes and Aspirations you COULD choose to look for. Why look for anything else?  If it’s a worthy cause, ASK and you’ll see it.

4 Eagle / MEN


Greetings Kin,

4 Eagle/MEN is the Global Burner at the Center of the 2nd Season of the Tzolk’in. What is no longer needed is burned away as residual energy. Matters can be brought to the resolution of “pure Spirit.”

Old matters get heavy leading up to Human’s release. The Mayan priest performs the Sacred Fire Ceremony to draw the Community back into harmony again. When the smoke of the prayers and the smell of copal are present in the Air, the Whole Sees and Remembers the Fire where we can let something go. The Whole is drawn by the Light to kneel for the Offering.

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. All the Global Burners are marked by the 4th Tone. Tone 4 is related to the cube, the most stable of all forms. The area and dimension are defined by its borders and parameters. The pillars of faith in our Dream are established by defining a dimension of thought. From the beginning we can choose which thoughts “belong” in our Life, and which thoughts we’ll turn away as belonging somewhere else.

We can direct our thoughts AND human emotions, when we lay boundaries from our own objective consciousness, rather than the choice we make later as an unconscious reaction to experience. We have our Own Truth to live by.

Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary that can teach us to fly by Intuition. The Eagle looks far off to the future for the prize. It doesn’t expect to see the whole picture. The speck of  a distinctive color of fur, under a bush, 1.9 miles away is within the Eagle’s vision to see. The Gift of the Eagle is knowing that whatever it can see lies within its grasp.

The Eagle’s way is to see the future and mark an “X” on the prize. That’s all the Eagle needs to know, is that Spark of Higher Truth we know we’ll know. Without having to know what it is, the Eagle never turns its eyes away. When its locked in the coordinates of a destination, it leaps and falls to the first Breath of Wind that catches its wings. To fly like an Eagle, we let the Truth catch our wings, and we lean in to the way.

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10 Wisdom / CIB – The Truth and the Way: Day 10 of 13


Dear Beloved Kin,
The Deer’s Mission is the Creator’s Dream for our Life. Every One was intended to live for a Divine meaning and purpose. The injustice of the world below is balanced by Forgiveness. When we forgive, we know we made a Wise Choice. We hold Higher Hopes for our Self.  Seeing clearly, we Remember we the One who never saw our fault. The Divine Truth is always Beautiful.

CIB guides a Divine State of Mind, in Harmony and Right Relationship. Love is the Power of Tangibility that connects Human matter up close or far away. Forgiveness is a Choice “finished” in our heart. It matters without saying a word. It has to, to be offered as a Divine Way in harmony and equity. It’s never too late or too early to forgive. No one else has to change a thing. “Everything will be okay,” IS an expression of Peace and Wellbeing. It’s different than “It’s all okay.” That’s the same as “nothing matters.”

EVERYTHING MATTERS. I want time to hurry by to a day when THIS time has already passed, and I’m somewhere else AFTER. My Highest Hope is anything better than this. Just remember we’re only the first little sprout in the 2nd uinal. It’s a miracle that such a tender shoot from a seed has the work of pushing through the earth. We’re getting close to rising from the dirt.

On 13 Storm/CAUAC we’ll be delivered by the Light. We’ll know where we belong by the place we turn for Sanctuary.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

AUM Mantra 432 hz (108x)



The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 5, 2021 (03/05/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: November 20, 2021 (11/20/2021)
10 Wisdom/CIB, Destiny Kin 36 


10 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 raises the Intention of Manifestation. Tones 8 through 13 are the “transformation phase” of each cycle of Light, led by Divine Intervention. Our Transformation is the Gift of Divine Justice. Through the Eagle’s eye we could see the future, Divine Justice always has our name on it.

Tone 10 presents the challenge of manifestation. No matter how far we’ve traveled, and no matter how many obstacles we’ve overcome, we have to claim the Truth of our own Transformation to manifest the Wisdom of the Experience. The Maya symbol for 10 represents the 2 Hands that will complete the end in the future, a Divine Hand Above and a Human Hand Below.

Guided by the Deer, the Mayan priest who is dedicated to follow a path to an altar of Love, we found a Reason for Life that would always lead to the Divine Justice of our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations. At a Divine Altar, kneeling in humility for all our broken ways, a Creator’s Divine Justice is to See the Beauty in our Self, and Beauty all around. It was Offered from the Beginning. We can’t reach to know it without receiving what was already given as ours to have and to hold, the Power to live the most beautiful life.

The Deer/MANIK led us to the threshold of a new life that is already here and now. We are standing at the door.  The Creator’s Dream for every Human was a Life of Harmony and Equity from the beginning to the end. To manifest the end of the Creator’s Dream, we have to claim Life is Beautiful from the “Alpha to the Omega.”

To manifest the Creator’s Divine Justice, Human has to Choose to open the door that leads to a Divine State of Mind.

How to manifest our Dreams is the first and last Wisdom that Human always wants to know. We are the Seed that’s been pushing so far through the darkness, reaching away from the matters that hold us down. Sometimes a Human will fly away, when we’re so close to the end. The longer we wait for the Divine Future to be, the harder it gets to Remember how far we’ve come.

CIB represents the creation of Human Consciousness as a Whole. The glyph illustrates the Human mind in it’s Highest State of Consciousness, emanating the Light of Love and Truth, shining as the Light of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom that Human has to Choose. A Divine One can lead us to the Reason we should use it, but Forgiveness is Human’s Choice to make.

When we claim the Wisdom of Forgiveness, we’ll claim the Truth in the Light.

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9 Eagle / MEN – The Truth and the Way: Day 9 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,

Today I celebrate my Mayan birthday. The day always shows up fast, even  when I see it coming. I definitely TOOK OFF on  a Leap of  Spirit yesterday, without looking back. It all came down  to the simple question, WHAT MATTERS? What, exactly, makes an Intention of Love worthwhile to carry all the way from the start to the finish. If nothing really matters, what matters?

Love deserves to be invested in the Highest Cause. Everyone deserves the chance to Create their own Divine Effect, Above and Below. The BEST Truth, when we stand back to see the WHOLE Truth, is the Question – did we ever ASK what would matter? How well did we convey the Truth that Beauty was the end and Love of Creation.

I’m holding the Highest Hopes and Highest Expectations for the end a Supreme Creator plans for me. I don’t know what it is. But I know that Asking the One Above for MY Highest Cause for Love, is the One Mission that can ONLY lead to the end that was meant to be. The “X” is all I need, for the Freedom of Choice – the Wings to Fly. I only need the Wind under my wings. No one else has to see what I can see for myself.

That’s what a Divine Intermediary should share. Intermediaries are only remind us that most Truth can be broken down by our own Common Sense. The future couldn’t be any clearer, facing the Truth of NOW that was created from the past.

I hold the Highest Hopes on behalf of the whole for a Vision of Crystal Clarity from here to a Divine Future. We can give thanks now for the Unknown “X” that IS the LIGHT of HOPE and a PRAYER for a Divine Possibility.

love, in lak’ech, Debra
PS – I didn’t want to be Eagle/MEN. Then I learned that we are “not defined” by any one of the Day Signs. Our Mayan birthday is a reflection of what we love to do, and how we go about it. Who we ARE can’t be defined by one “lord  of a Day” or an astrological Sun Sign. The  Identify of our Spirit is the Expression of “what we love to do.”  Everyone can be our Best Friend, when, regardless of how different we are, we’re both aiming toward the same end.

On the day of the Lunar Eclipse, something is FINISHED – what no longer serves. The Jaguar’s “earth magic” way is to Count the Divine Blessing to see a Truth we KNOW changes everything, they way it worked before. We don’t work that way anymore. Our last Ascension of Spirit was the Truth. It’s clear, we’re not the same anymore.  I count my blessings for the Unknown future, that can only be higher, given that’s Truth I’ve Asked to See. Signs are for the future. We still may have to “wait and see,” but we won’t wait long to the next eclipse.

The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 4, 2021 (03/04/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: November 19, 2021 (11/19/2021)
9 Eagle/MEN, Destiny Kin 35 


9 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 9 raises the Intention of Patience. There could be suffering for lack of Insight. The Number 9 is about completion. Tone 9 guides us to see the Big Picture. In the 9th Hour we acknowledged that we are “finished.” The Common thought is to stand back to see what we’ve done.

Learning to Bend in Humility, the Creator raised our Common burdens to Light, along with some very Common ways that people See Love. The Truth looks different in every Time and Place. The Reason to Forgive will be our Key to the Kingdom. The Dog and the Monkey shared the Beauty of Love and the Wisdom to Create it. In spite of what we know, with the best intentions we will only see a fraction of the “sum of the whole.”

The Deer claims its Holy Ground, silently standing on the Truth today, knowing there will be Higher Ground tomorrow. On Tone 9 our Heart is wholly invested in the One Divine Cause on behalf of the Whole. We ALL want to be Remembered. We don’t have to wait. We can Remember now.

Humans create reality all the time. The “other” is a character created in our imagination. Another Human Being will FEEL how they are Seen. It’s wise to look back at the end of every day to see EVERYTHING we created. With Patience we’ll always see the better way for tomorrow. We are already seeing the next higher end.

The Eagle resides in the West, the direction of our Unknown Future. Through the Element of Water the Eagle speaks to our Heart. Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary that shares a View of the Creator and the world below. The Eagle sees a direct path Above without any obstacles.  The Eagle is the nahaul that looks into the future.

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2 Eagle / MEN – PURIFICATION: For Sacred Ceremony


Greetings Beloved Kin:

The Highest Spirits are already guiding the Quest. The gentle reminder started yesterday, when there were these PERFECT BIG WHITE ROSES at the store for $6… waiting for my altar. WHITE is Jaguar’s color. Dress for the time you spend in Sacred Meditation – cover yourself. We never left the dance circle without being under a sheet – we carried the altar within under cover of stealth outside the Sanctuary. HOLD THIS POWER FOR YOUR OWN HEART AND DREAM FOR THE FUTURE… ALL CLOSE TO THE CHEST.

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2 Eagle / MEN – Vision Quest: Day 2 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin:

I didn’t PLAN  for the sub-heading “invisible” to BE invisible – at least on my screen. We’re about to take off. We’re the Seed again, completing a process of germination. IMIX offered the PRIMAL WILL to survive for Dreams in our Heart. It was a bedtime story. Now we’re supposed to SEE how THAT LOOKS applying the SAME TRUTH in the Down Below… not a dream, but in “real life.”

Do you feel like something is about to take off? The Creator hid all the Divine Mysteries in NATURE – a code of Beauty. We don’t see it sometimes and then all at once we see the everyday is beautiful.

How I saw an eaglet take off from a video camera on the nest… first they branch, jumping around on the big sticks in the nest. Their GRASP is the first EXERCISE! Jump and grasp x 3. 🙂 The whole time he was watching somewhere he wanted to go. Once they know a limb that will hold.. they exercise their wings, holding on in place. THAT is AWESOME. Fledging is any day from there.

We all have the all-in-one aspects like our nuclear cell. Eagle/MEN is that feeling of being Set on Something and you are NOT going to look away… doesn’t matter, it’s all you can think about.

Time is on our side. Intentionally. Tone 2 is “making the choice” to BE, or NOT to be. IF YOU FLY hold your power close to the heart – there will be more to know. If you can’t help yourself, ask to be covered in advance. Wind can interupt your cell coverage.. and this is a WALK, as the experience of knowing the SPIRIT came first, caught up in matter and perpetuated by Human love. No one is supposed to know YOUR deepest heart’s desire – and could UNDERSTAND  BUT the One Above. And, only Some REALLY DIVINE Creator could send you an “real life” experience that will always be the PROOF to know there’s a DIRECT PATH – a WAY it all can come together to fly.

From Tone 3 to Tone 7 is a Sacred Ceremony.
ALWAYS ask at the BEGINNING when you consider what you would CHOOSE…

The only TRUTH we need to fly like an Eagle is the Truth of Answered Prayers. If we REALIZED it was REALLY TRUE, we’d suddenly KNOW many things we could create… without any help. I’m about to read the last journal with you. Jaguar’s can cross in any realm they choose, Invisible for something a Creator would have us see.

See you in the future.
love, in lak’ech, Debra

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8 Eagle / MEN – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 8 of 13



8 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

8 Eagle/MEN marks the day of a Divine Communion. We are raised on Eagle’s wings to catch the glimpse of our Divine Future. We will see the Light that shines at the end, and the Truth that will carry us like the Wind beneath our wings. We’ll KNOW a Dream lies within our grasp.

Tone 7 completed the zenith hour of Light to See the Truth. We are always transformed by the Truth we realize from the Unknown. We love Knowing and figuring out the Truth as much as we Love Loving. We WANT to Understand.

Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary that teaches us to lean into the Truth that’s REAL ABOVE. We could change the cast and characters tomorrow, from the Truth we know today. The Truth of Love is Eternal. Love is our perennial way, an imperishable spark in the Human Seed. Our prayers were answered from the beginning, in the Seed. We only have to choose to follow Our Own Instructions for the higher choice to reach the higher end – the Higher Dream of Beauty from Above.

Eagle/MEN raises our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations through the Element of Water that holds our Spirit. MEN offers the clear view from Above to the End without any obstacles on our direct path.

The Gift the Eagle shares is the Vision to See the Future. The Eagle reminds us to Look for our Self, while we’re up in the Air in the closest proximity to the Creator’s thoughts. We don’t have to see all the details, only a speck of our Highest Hope. In Holy Communion with the One Above, we’ll know the Creator has the clear image that’s on our mind. A Creator of Divine Genius can’t help but leave its own Impression of Beauty for the Higher Love we reach to know.

October 10, 2021: Master Number 10/10
Number 10 is the symbol of Divine Manifestation, the result of a Whole Investment from the Lower Place. Through the Element of Water, we’ll know we’ve Offered our Heart to the One. Dog/OC holds Position 10, guiding the Truth of Unconditional Love. When we are Conscious of repeating numbers, their meanings are magnified in our subconscious thoughts. Like every time humans see things more than once, it leads to the thought of the Divine Possibility of 3. In the Light of Holy Communion, we can see that Divine Possibilities are the Truth… and it leaves twice the impression.

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1 Eagle / MEN – Light for the Future: Day 1 of 13


1 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The Next 13 days…

13 Jaguar/IX marked an Ascension of Consciousness to the Creator’s Dream to create Beauty that goes on  forever. Written within “the Heart” of Human is the Dream that lies in the future. We Ascend to higher Wisdom when use the Truth all around. Only the living can complete the Circle of Life for the Ones that lie in the past. Only the Living can pay the balance of the “mystic ferryman’s” fare to Freedom on the “otherside.”

Our Divine Justice is Knowing someone saw the Truth of Love in our Heart. Our Light in the future is the “credit balance” for every treasure buried on Mother Earth. “All that is not” will be transformed to “all that is” by the Truth we know “in Time.” We are always presented with the Truth from Above, exactly when we’ve been prepared to Look and See.

Eagle/MEN shares the Vision to see the end of a Dream, far off in the future. The Eagle only needs to see the speck of a distinctive color of fur, under a bush, about 2 miles away – to Know the prize lies within its grasp. What the Eagle KNOWS that it only needs to a speck of Light to reach the end. The Eagle knows where Beauty lies at the end, without seeing the whole picture.

An Eagle flies by Intuition. It marks an “X” on the spot of Hidden Treasure and never looks away. The Eagle isn’t distracted by earthly illusions that “things don’t look right” on the way. The Eagle leans in to the Truth it grasps from thin Air. An Eagle doesn’t flap its wings to reach its destination. It Sees the End, then  Leaps and Falls to the next Truth that catches its wings. The Eagle rides the Truth of Here and Now as its Way to the end.

The trecena of Eagle/MEN Empowers us to  Ascend to a Higher Consciousness of Truth Unknown as Beauty we KNOW lies in the future. Holding position 15, the 5 holds its “lower place” in all the Kin numbers for Eagle/MEN. Eagle/MEN is an Intermediary of Spirit. We have to see the Truth for our Self. Eagle/MEN offers the wings to raise us up for a heavenly view from the closest proximity to the One Above. We’ll see the Way to our Dream as a Direct Course without all the obstacles we saw through Human eyes from the ground. The “Speck of Truth” that is our Divine Dream for Love will be sealed in our Heart as the Mystery for a New Life. Life is born with the Question of Love in the Future. In the Light of a Question we will always Look for Love. Through the Miracle of “Beauty” Human was “captured by the Light” from the Beginning. Beauty is always within Human’s range of Vision to See as the Truth to know Love is never out of reach. We were Created to Know Beauty at the End to carry us through every day.

The Eagle/MEN trecena guides us to our Highest Understanding to See a Higher End that was planned from the Beginning. We already see the Invisible Truth of Time that’s always on the right side of Love. We have new Spiritual Tools to fall back to as Truth we’ve claimed before. We complete the 12th uinal of Understanding on 6 Sun/AHAU. AHAU always offers a Revelation of the Truth. We will see that we’re already on our way. By the Force of Momentum, we’ll feel the Truth of “Love at our back.” 6 Sun/AHAU will share the Divine Will to carry on, when we See the Truth of a Higher End in sight. In the 13th uinal, we’ll take in the Whole Light of the Truth. The End is the Answer to a Prayer, known by the Truth of the Highest One – 13 Sun/AHAU.

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13 Eagle / MEN – Ascension: Day 13



13 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

13 Eagle/MEN is the Guardian of the 3rd Season of the Tzolk’in. We are a New Seed planted at the beginning of each Tzolk’in round.

The 1st Season is the Dawn of a New Awakening, seeing our “New Self” creating a New Life, New Ways. In the 2nd Season we begin a New Life, raised to Maturity. We learned to love someone else more than our self. Unconditional Love was born through our children and Love multiplied.

In the Core Days, we dreamed a dream for the children. Like a caterpillar, we dissolved all the strongholds that held us back, to choose what would be perfect for them. That is the last Human climb for the Seed. Once Love multiplies, the Power is Held from Above through our Divine Design – only with one exponential factor, One Divine Provision that covers every Human limitation.


By Divine Intervention, we were guided by the Dog to live the dream we were creating as our Divine Inheritance. It looked like the gift a Dog brings home, when we’ve seen the Highest Demonstration of Unconditional Love – as our Master, Best Friend, and Leader of the Whole Pack. We also realized that the dream we were leaving for the children was OUR own Dreeam for our Self. It IS STILL OURS to Create. In our AKBAL Dreams we were initiated into the  Truth of NEW possibilities.  We don’t know where they may lead, but NOW it feels like LIVING.

13 Eagle/MEN completes the AKBAL Deam with a Divine Vision of the Future, that we can see from MILES away like the Brightest Star and it’s WHO WE ARE NOW somewhere in the future, looking back – can’t wait for us to get there to know the Truth Together. It’s our Jaguar Spirit that can also  be in  two places at the same time. NOW we can look down at our own feet and follow where our Heart tells them to go.

On the 13, the symbol of Answered Prayers, we stand at the threshold of a new experience of LIVING. We WANT to try again, or start all over with EVERYTHING New. Inspired by Impossible Dreams, we saw they were True about us, and the Divine Power of Love held in our own Hands. We couldn’t imagine what could be greater than to stand for our Self, just like we are. We can’t wait to see where the changes may lead.

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6 Eagle / MEN – “The Work” of Creation: Day 6 of 13



6 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 raises our Common Thoughts of Flow. On Tone 5 we gathered the tools for “the work.” On Tone 6 we engage the best way to use them.

The 6th Hour of light for the Maya is 11am. We employed better ways as we went along, like an assembly line. Through a rhythm and pattern of movement, we manifest a Force of Momentum. On Tone 6 we can see we’re farther along than we thought. We see the possibility of a higher end. “Over the zenith hour, we’ll add the sum of the whole. Whatever gets done now, will be the measure halfway.”

Peak Tone 6 engages Human’s Divine Force of Consciousness. We want to know what we could REALLY do. We set our heart and mind on it. We direct the command center.

In the 9th uinal we’ve made the whole investment, and we still don’t know what will work to re-establish the Divine Order. On the Jaguar’s journey, we’re watching from the shadows, standing back to see what a Divine Creator will do.

Dog/OC is the highest cycle of darkness to Know the Truth by experience, what Life was created to be.  Dog is the Human-monkey’s totem of Unconditional Love. Mother Earth  is the Sanctuary for the whole Pack. It’s Time to see the Biggest Picture for a life-sized Masterpiece, conceived together by the 2 Highest 1’s (Positions 10 and 11.) We’ll see the Truth before we get close enough to believe our eyes.

No one can take this dream again. And, the Timing will be perfect. We’ll see the Design is greater than all our limitations.

Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary to help us See how Time will Flow. The Eagle flies by Intuition. From the Eagle’s view, there aren’t any obstacles. Everything is invisible but an “X” that marks the spot. The Eagle Leaps to Fall to the first Wind that catches its wings.

Wind/IK is the Truth that was Spoken in one Breath. The Year 10 Wind/IK marks a Time the Whole World is intended to see, we created it. If that’s  the Truth, we can re-create it as the Dream we Love.

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