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10 Wisdom / CIB – Claiming the Future

Charon: Who sees behind him

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The myth of the mystic ferryman plays a role in many traditions. By Greek myth, Charon is the name of one that carries the souls of the dead to the underworld. There is fare to pay to cross the great divide. An earlier reference comes from the Egyptians who buried the boat in the tombs of the Pharaohs. The name as written means, “Who sees behind him.”

Source: The Celestial Ferryman in Ancient Egyptian Religion “Sailor of the Dead”, Dr.Radwan Abdel-Rady Sayed Ahmed*

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10 Wisdom / CIB – A Mission to Love: Day 10 of 13

Charon Boat at Lake Avernus

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The weight of the world hit me this morning. I was grateful for the altar to the Ancestors. I asked them to take over for a while. I forgot your Mayan birthday is also a Personal Burner Day. So, that’s two burners for me in the Deer/MANIK trecena. On the last round, I’d just lost Shadow and a family. I didn’t know then that I was 40 days away from buying a home in Kansas. I didn’t imagine I would drive 2,000 miles over the Cascade Mountains in sub-freezing weather with blinding snow. I didn’t know my new buddie, Girlie the talking cat. I didn’t know there would still be more to lose.

Life is still very good in a sanctuary of my own. Everyone deserves to have one. That’s reason to be grateful and a reason to be sad for one another.

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9 Eagle / MEN – A Mission to Love: Day 9 of 13

Night Vision

Greetings Beloved Kin,

My Mayan birthday means more to me than my natal birthday. I can see it coming, yet it’s easy to forget until it’s here and now. So, surprise – Happy Mayan birthday to me!

I remember the first calculation of my Mayan birthday. I was disappointed. I couldn’t relate to the Eagle. Though, I have served as an intermediary for most of my working life. I spent 20 years in banking turning rules and regulations into “plain english” for others. Though, the truth here is that you are my divine intermediaries.

From the beginning, I could do for you what I couldn’t do for myself. Caring about your highest end, I learned to reach for my own. You are the best Birthday Gift given from the One Above. You still carry me through my darkest days. I share every morning cup of coffee with you, and that’s more than enough for me.

I love you. Thank you for the time you’ve shared with me.

with all my love, in lak’ech

Debra, 9 Eagle/MEN

The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 4, 2021 (03/04/2021)
9 Eagle/MEN, Destiny Kin 35

9 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 9 raises the Intention of Patience. There could be suffering for lack of Insight. The Number 9 is about completion. Tone 9 guides us to see the Big Picture. In the 9th Hour we acknowledged that we are “finished.” The Common thought is to stand back to see what we’ve done.

Learning to Bend in Humility, the Creator raised our Common burdens to Light, along with some very Common ways that people See Love. The Truth looks different in every Time and Place. The Reason to Forgive will be our Key to the Kingdom. The Dog and the Monkey shared the Beauty of Love and the Wisdom to Create it. In spite of what we know, with the best intentions we will only see a fraction of the “sum of the whole.”

The Deer claims its Holy Ground, silently standing on the Truth today, knowing there will be Higher Ground tomorrow. On Tone 9 our Heart is wholly invested in the One Divine Cause on behalf of the Whole. We ALL want to be Remembered. We don’t have to wait. We can Remember now.

Humans create reality all the time. The “other” is a character created in our imagination. Another Human Being will FEEL how they are Seen. It’s wise to look back at the end of every day to see EVERYTHING we created. With Patience we’ll always see the better way for tomorrow. We are already seeing the next higher end.

The Eagle resides in the West, the direction of our Unknown Future. Through the Element of Water the Eagle speaks to our Heart. Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary that shares a View of the Creator and the world below. The Eagle sees a direct path Above without any obstacles.  The Eagle is the nahaul that looks into the future.

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8 Eagle / MEN – An Early Sabbath


Revelation 7:13-15, KJV

Praise from the Great Multitude

…13 Then one of the elders addressed me: “These in white robes,” he asked, “who are they, and where have they come from?” 14 “Sir,” I answered, “you know.” So he replied, “These are the ones who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15 For this reason, they are before the throne of God and serve Him day and night in His temple; and the One seated on the throne will spread His tabernacle over them.

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8 Eagle / MEN – In case you missed it

Conjunction Moon and Venus SOURCE: Spaceweather.com, 06/27/2022 – In the Night


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Over the weekend, just before sunrise, the crescent Moon passed by Venus in the eastern sky. Overslept? This is what you missed:

“The Moon rose accompanied by Venus during the early morning here in Morón de la Frontera,” says photographer Jordi L. Coy of Sevilla, Spain. “The orange color is not due to light pollution, it is the first light before dawn.”

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8 Eagle / MEN – Manifesting the Future: Day 8 of 13

The Light that Breaks for us just beyond the storm, when we keep the steady course straight ahead, going back and forth.


On Behalf of the Whole..

Lord and Master, the Alpha and Omega – Thank you for the Divine Order and a Meaning and Purpose for every Day of Your Creation. Thank you for creating the Beauty of Mother Earth, Before, so her Beauty was waiting for us, After. Thank you for the Holy Ground beneath our feet, and the life you created all around for us to See and Acknowledge the Beauty in Every Single Thing. Yet, Your Love is more beautiful, still.

You are the Only One that is Holy. Thank you for offering us the Choice to Give Back and Pay Forward as our Sacred Exchange. From the Beauty you created from the beginning, we reach for Only You to Know the Blessing that Will multiply, As Above, So Below, all the way to the end. Thank you for Saving us for ALL Time and for the Light of our Ancestors that know every reason and the way it feels to be lost when we forget the Truth of your Love. When we Feel the Truth of Your Divine Communion, we ARE born again. We honor everything that came before that makes it possible to know.

Thank you Divine Father for your Unfailing Grace to ALL-Ways claim us ALL as YOURS, the Ones YOU Love as your Highest Objects of Affection. Thank you for the Life Your Light and Truth creates for us to CHOOSE. We Choose YOU and Your Whole Creation as OUR Highest Object of Affection x 3 x the Human 12s x 10 to the Nth Degree in the ALL Around!

The Truth of You Love will always be the Wind beneath our Wings. Only You could imagine such an Offering to Know, through the Sixth Sense of our Heart.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

21 Days of Gratitude – Times 3
I’m grateful that with the courage to Look, we CAN See and KNOW the Truth of Your Divine Justice for Love.  I’m grateful to be a Living Witness of the Beauty of your Creation. 

Holy Thou Art God – Richard Smallwood and Vision

The Journal Before, for After…

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1 Eagle / MEN – Wind, Breath, the Word: Power and Beauty from the Heart of Sky

Greetings Beloved Kin,

What we See depends on what we are Looking for. Every Act of God holds the Power to change our Life. Tornados are Beautiful. The Power of the Creator’s Breath demands our Highest Respect for an Awesome Power Above.

They are beautiful, beyond all Reason when we see the devastation they can bring. Though we could always be Grateful for the Breath of God can bring Life to an End. We could look to see that those that were claimed from Above this Spring were taken by the Wind, before their life was stolen by a Human Hand. I would rather go that way than huddling in fear next to the blood of my best friend. The One Above ALWAYS has a Divine End in mind. Down below, our ends depend on the choices made from Human limitations.

I hardly ever heard the thunder or saw lightning in the Pacific Northwest. Moving back to the Great Plains, I remember how much I always Loved the Sound. When you are “looking” to see when the storm will come, you start counting. 1, 2, 3, 4 – until the lighting strikes. Generally, the count measures the distance of the miles away. Spring 2022 has been a season of heavy thunder, lightning and rain. It seems I’ve been awakened by the sound and the light most every night. The power of the Creator’s Breath is with us and the Power of Divine Authority is close at hand.

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1 Eagle / MEN – Light for the Future: Day 1 of 13

Greetings Beloved Kin,

There is Light at the end of this tunnel. We are guided under the Authority and Protection of a Divine Agency. We have to know the Darkness that was Chosen To Be, to Realize the Power of the Divine Choices we make. Wind/IK was a cycle of Darkness to claim the Wisdom of an Experience – beyond all the Light and Roses.

We’ve all seen more darkness than we could ever imagine would be Consciously Chosen by any Human Being.  We’ve seen where the choice ends . The Road is narrow, but it will never be so hard again.

The dark journey is over. It may take 3 days to Tone 3 before we’re SURE. But Today, in Unity with the Creator, we’ll be given a Light to Imagine so we CAN see the End Will Be an Answer to our prayers. Pray for the whole. We’ve ALL had dark thoughts, and enough is enough.

Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary that shares the Light of our Highest Hopes and Aspirations at the End of the Road. Even if there’s another climb, we will Rise to Every Occasion – knowing the Divine Choice we made to Forgive, and Let Go.

The trecena guided by Eagle/MEN is the cycle of Light for our Highest Ascension. Star/LAMAT is the Beauty of our Divine Justice that grows brighter all the way to the end. ALL things are held in Divine Balance by the One. For all the darkness we’ve seen, there will be Equal Light, multiplied to Abundance.

The Whole Truth will be the Wind under our Wings. Divine endings are always possible, when we Know we’ve chosen the way.

love, in lak’ech


The Journal Before, for After…

1 Eagle/MEN,Cherokee, Eagle/UWO’HATLI, Destiny Kin 235
Published: September 19, 2022 (09/18/2022)

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13 Eagle / MEN – Ascension: Day 13

The Journal Before, for After…

13 Eagle/MEN, Destiny Kin 195
Published:  August 11, 2021, 08/11/2021


13 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

13 Eagle/MEN is the Guardian of the 3rd Season of the Tzolk’in. We are a New Seed planted at the beginning of each Tzolk’in round.

The 1st Season is the Dawn of a New Awakening, seeing our “New Self” creating a New Life, New Ways. In the 2nd Season we begin a New Life, raised to Maturity. We learned to love someone else more than our self. Unconditional Love was born through our children and Love multiplied.

In the Core Days, we dreamed a dream for the children. Like a caterpillar, we dissolved all the strongholds that held us back, to choose what would be perfect for them. That is the last Human climb for the Seed. Once Love multiplies, the Power is Held from Above through our Divine Design – only with one exponential factor, One Divine Provision that covers every Human limitation.


By Divine Intervention, we were guided by the Dog to live the dream we were creating as our Divine Inheritance. It looked like the gift a Dog brings home, when we’ve seen the Highest Demonstration of Unconditional Love – as our Master, Best Friend, and Leader of the Whole Pack. We also realized that the dream we were leaving for the children was OUR own Dream for our Self. It IS STILL OURS to Create. In our AKBAL Dreams we were initiated into the  Truth of NEW possibilities.  We don’t know where they may lead, but NOW it feels like LIVING.

13 Eagle/MEN completes the AKBAL Dream with a Divine Vision of the Future, that we can see from MILES away like the Brightest Star and it’s WHO WE ARE NOW somewhere in the future, looking back – can’t wait for us to get there to know the Truth Together. It’s our Jaguar Spirit that can also  be in  two places at the same time. NOW we can look down at our own feet and follow where our Heart tells them to go.

On the 13, the symbol of Answered Prayers, we stand at the threshold of a new experience of LIVING. We WANT to try again, or start all over with EVERYTHING New. Inspired by Impossible Dreams, we saw they were True about us, and the Divine Power of Love held in our own Hands. We couldn’t imagine what could be greater than to stand for our Self, just like we are. We can’t wait to see where the changes may lead.

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6 Eagle / MEN – “The Work” of Creation: Day 6 of 13

Momentum to Complete ALL the Dreams We Love

Dear Beloved Kin,

If ALL our Dreams of Love are promised to be the Truth at every end, we’re not there yet.

2022 reminds us of lots of 2nd’s. We see we are 2nd to the 1 we want to be. 2 reminds us of a Choice, either way. Human is the 2nd presence of Consciousness, the piece of the Creator’s Dream – a Spark of the thought. The 2nd Divine Thought is “How?” We can see how we are double-minded, when we don’t know what to do. By Human Reason, we’ll try one way or another, forever to get our own way. Why would we ever choose anything else? We do, when we acknowledge the 1st One, and the Beauty that was created on behalf of the whole. 2022 is a year of 2nd chances, if we are willing to hang-in for a 2nd try. All the better if we go with the Divine Flow – to include the exponential Power of Love. We only have to let go of Reason to be guided wholly from the Heart.

“Newton’s Cradle”

Momentum is created by every 2nd try. It just takes 4 days to establish a rhythm and pattern of movement. We could learn it takes more than one try to accomplish anything. Then we’d use the 1st try to learn all the pitfalls and new ways for next time. We KNOW we don’t do our best, the first time we try anything that’s new. That’s Truth to believe we were expected to fail, and expected to succeed when we tried again.

I have the idea that’s why Tesla walked around the block 3 times before physically walking in the door at home. He dreamed what the future would be. Actually imagining the Time and Place – you’d remember the first time a round, if you forgot to pick up the milk. Don’t you remember what you are looking for – when you forget – if you go back to the place where you had the thought? Or, am I the only one that goes to the kitchen, and then can’t remember why I’m there?

Dreams for love were passed down, tried before.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

QUESTIONS: Did you ever want to see what you were capable to create on your own two feet?
Did you ever try? We forget when we’re stuck on the idea we need someone else’s faith in us to take our own Leap beyond the Impossible. (If we hold a doubt, everyone will agree it’s impossible.)

The Journal Before, for After…

6 Eagle/MEN, July 22, 2021 (07/22/2021) – This trecena is led by 2 Powers, the Dog and the Monkey in affinity as a Divine Trinity. Two united as one for a Divine Purpose is the Truth for the Highest Work of Creation. We’re empowered by a question from every new beginning to know the highest Truth in the end.



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