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2 Seed/KAN – Creators of Destiny

2 Seed/KAN (Cherokee, Dragon/ UKTE’NA   O’STO)

2 Seed/KAN

2 Seed/KAN

Galactic Tone 2: Mysterious as the question ‘to be or not to be?” Two is the recognition of the separation of self from all else and the desire to be rejoined. Walking a balance while making choices of all kinds, light/dark, male/female, good/bad, Yin/Yang, is the energy of this number. Experiencing the differences between one and another is the use and purpose of this number.

Seed/KAN: Family, sexual activity and the magic of germination are the characteristics of this sun sign. Natural net workers, Seed people strive to free themselves and others from debt or oppressive patterns of the past. Abundance is gathered by Seeds as if with a cast net. Seed persons are public defenders by discovering hidden traps and secret influences of others. To generate true abundance, Seed must learn to appreciate all gifts and lessons received and conduct profound investigations into its self. In the absence of gratefulness and the courage to face oneself, Seed finds itself in less and less fertile environments.

Cherokee, 2 Dragon/UKTE’NA   O’STO: Dragon’s symbol is Draco winding beween the Little Dipper and Big Dipper. Dragon is the Corn Spirit, symbol of dual personality of Corn Mother and Maiden. Fertility and pro-creation from generation to generation. The word dragon means ” eye, to look at, to see clearly”. Spirit brings energy of Lawgiver, Justice, vigilance and protective, loyal unto death. Ley lines in China are “dragon lines”, energy is sometimes called “orgone energy”, pyramid power or magnetic force. Pyramids and kivas are collector portals for this energy, known as vortexes. Dragon energy beats a path everywhere, stirring things up with a big stick in tune with the beat of the drum, heartbeat of the Earth. Totem-Lizard. You enter carrying a heavy net of karmic debts, this energy helps you make amends to your self and others, dissolve debts, power of growth. The Lizard symbolizes wild sexual passions that you must balance.

Creators of Destiny

We are guided by Seed/KAN to see our place as co-creators in the world. In the heart of every seed is the dream of what it will become. Seed shows us that when it is given the right climate and soil to grow, a small kernel can return an abundant harvest.

On Galactic Tone 2, we are given the right to choose the seeds of intentions we will cultivate during this 13-day trecena. The seeds most capable of flourishing are the ones we’re most willing to give our time and attention to. Night/AKBAL guides us to look inward to our deepest heart’s desire… the dream we would choose if anything was possible. Herein lies the kernel we would passionately give our every attention to.

The dreams we hold most dear, in reality, are the seeds we are most capable of cultivating… as the seeds of our own divine purpose.

To all my relations, give me the faith to see that all things are possible. As I consider new seeds of intention, give me the courage to seek within the place of my deepest longing.

In lak’ech, I am another you

Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN