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Dog/OC – Pack Day Link Share

Greetings Kin,

doggy3I’ve designated Dog/OC the Day Sign of Unconditional Love as my pack sharing day. Below are links submitted by followers, along with some of my favorite recent posts.

FOR NEXT TIME… You are invited to participate by leaving a title/link on this post anytime over the next two weeks and it will be included on my next Doggy Pack post. The next Dog/OC day is June 13, 2016, on 13 Dog/OC. Shared links appreciated, but no rules apply!

Pack Day Shared Links:


Teacher of the Year Award Speech (1990)

This article is the text of a speech by John Taylor Gatto (born 5-Muluc) accepting the New York City Teacher of the Year Award on January 31, 1990 (3-Ahau).
There’s so much to say about this piece, so much good stuff to chew on in terms of what unconditional love really means. Gatto’s razor sharp.”



Recommended Post

“I personally found this one post wonderful.” https://writeitdownblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/filtered-reality/

Plus, I also recommend one of her written stories I love: The Second-Hand Hero



Voices Speaking Out Against Social Injustice

This video is called I, Daniel Blake. Festival Teaser Trailer (2016, UK) by Ken Loach. From Reuters news agency today: May 22. “I, Daniel Blake” by British director Ken Loach won the Pa…

Source: Ken Loach film wins at Cannes festival | Dear Kitty. Some blog



New Book Published

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha announces publishing of her first book of poetry
“Out of the Silent Breath”   (Congratulations, Jackie!)
Eyes full of resplendent thoughts,
I watched a butterfly flit around
from a petal to another like a true flirt,
not too sure on which one to settle.
It’s an appetite inducing exercise to listen raptly,
I dug into the sizzling barbecue with a sigh of pleasure.



How to Build Better Relationships Authentically and Fast   By Dan Murphy

One of the best explanations of living the Golden Rule I’ve ever heard.



Bring Peace With You Into the Day – Unknown


SENDING LOVE to all of you who have inspired and supported me.

in lak’ech, i am another you,

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