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12 Jaguar / IX – Vision Quest: Day 12 of 13

The invitation and introduction is offered on the journal post for 1 Night/AKBAL. Suggestions for daily practice are offered on the Vision Quest Ceremony page.


12 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 brings the Intention of Understanding. Pieces of understanding are brought together as a new and functioning whole. Tone 12 is the day when what we’ve learned makes the trip from the head to the heart.

Jaguar/IX experiences the whole through its heightened sense of its surroundings. Often the only sign of a Jaguar are the footprints it leaves behind. The Jaguar is the sign of the shaman and shape-shifter, capable to travel in Spirit to any place and time. All its magic and Spiritual Gifts are said to be born of its Gratitude for Mother Earth. Living close to the ground, the Jaguar sees Mother Earth as the source of every blessing.

On 12 Jaguar/IX we can find our Understanding through the Natural World. As we complete a journey of Spirit, the Jaguar calls us to draw close to Mother Earth to reflect on all her forces of nature. Many of her miraculous ways are still a mystery, how her matter is influenced by Human thought. We are One as “the Creation” and “the Creator” of our experience of the world.

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