From My Point of View – Spirit Talk: A Book of Days – YouTube

Minisa Crumbo shares the sacred Medicine Wheel teachings from her presentation at Gilcrease Museum, where she offered signing for her new book on this topic, “Spirit Talk.”

You can learn more about Minisa and her book at

6 thoughts on “From My Point of View – Spirit Talk: A Book of Days – YouTube

  1. I started watching and there’s strong resonance for me here – I have always wanted to know more about the medicine wheel and here I have the opportunity. Will continue watching over the weekend and night comment more later – I already know I would like to read Manisa’s book. Thank you Debra for sharing and thank you Minisa Crumbo!


    • It was through Minisa’s inspiration that I’m doing what I’m doing now. She’s been a most important teacher/friend over the past 15 years. Another worthy book is “The Wind is My Mother” – written by her Uncle Bearheart, raised in the traditional shaman way. Much of what she taught me, was passed down through him.. .

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      • Yes, I can see how Minisa would be a great inspiration and I think you are blessed to have her as a friend. I will see if I can order her book on-line, the part she read at the beginning of her presentation really spoke to me. I will see if her uncle’s book is available on her site too. I think it’s wonderful that ancient wisdoms are accessible for those who are drawn to them – hopefully people will start seeking them out more and more – the world really needs us to take stock of where we are, where we have been – and where we are going to…


      • I think the two of you should do it – great idea – there is no time like the present (to start planning…). I would say it sound like it is meant to be – the documentary idea is a great additional reason to go. Would love to read and hear about it and perhaps even watch the documentary. I’m sure it will become clear then why Oaxaca is so important… (I must have missed the part about the calendar from Oaxaca – did she mention it in the video presentation? Will have to look again).


      • Hi JJ, The calendar myth was something Minisa had shared along with information about the living World Tree in Oaxaca. I’ve looked, but don’t find the story she shared. I’ve been wanting to track it down, so will let you know what I am able to find. And, we are planning ahead – and have put a two-year timeframe around it just to give us time to think and prepare for it. Thanks for your comments, in lak’ech.

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