10 Reed/BEN – Journey to Dynamic Consciousness


10 Reed/BEN

10 Reed/BEN

Greetings Kin,

Galactic Tone 10 empowers us to claim our accomplishment. We are guided to see how our goals and intentions have taken form. The Truth of what we manifest is not our own until it’s taken to our heart.

We remember this foundational trecena of Seed/KAN is about God’s desire for us to gain awareness of ourselves. As we consider a new understanding, Reed/BEN presents the hollow tube through which our Spirit connects to the Divine.

GREEN DAY: Today is the eighth of 10 consecutive “Galactic Activation Portals” that magnify our conscious awareness, so that we may “feel” things more clearly.


10 Reed/BEN (Cherokee, Reed/I’HYA), Kin 153


Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation. What were once intentions or ideas, hopes or fears become physically present with the energy of Ten. What is focused upon with attention and intention becomes real with Ten. Ten is a powerful energy that carries a great responsibility.

Reed/BEN: Reed persons are the spiritual essence, protectors and guiding light for family and home. They are competent speakers who will take up a cause. Very tough and analytical, Reeds endeavor to bring peace, harmony and order to all o their relations. Reeds are blessed with great skill at negotiations and consoling which are very often put to the test. Although Reeds need a lot of appreciation, may have marriage or business problems because of inflexible vies and high expectations, which erode affinity. The lesson for Reed is to be like a garden hose, not a steel pipe. Bless or repair your house.

Cherokee, Reed/I’HYA: Symbol-Reed is the Earth, reflection of the Star Chaga of Pollux. Reed made up the Magician Twins who led the journey to bring back to life the daughter of the Sun. The Casket is Gemini.  Energy for Intellectual minds, creation, re-creation, new directions, breaking the ties that bind.  A trailblazer and leader. From the East, direction of success and happiness, no matter what route is taken, always ending up in the Light.

Seed/KAN Trecena: Galactic Portal DaysGREEN DAY: Today is Kin 153, the eighth of 10 consecutive “Galactic Activation Portals” that will magnify our experiences. This is a thinning of the veil, that remains open for 10 consecutive days. The trecena of Seed/KAN has the power to bring forward the conscious awareness of the inherent power of Spirit through the 5th Element of Ether.Visit the Tzolk’in Page for enlarged image of the calendar.


Journey of Dynamic Consciousness: Day 10

10 Reed/BEN helps us manifest the experience of our connection to God. Now is an important time just for Being. To learn a language of feelings we explore the things that bring us joy and sorrow. Within those feelings lies the understanding our own direction and purpose.

watcherWe can reflect on ways we’ve already been guided by Spirit as a calling, a knowing, or sense of intuition. These are expressions to make note of.  So many little things can be written off, we can miss the Truth found in looking at them all together.

I recall a young couple with their toddler at the grocery during Christmas trying to decide between peanut butter or apple juice. Everything in me called to do something. The remembering still brings the same heart response. This is the timbre of God’s voice that speaks without words to the heart. When we hear it, we become God’s hands in the world.

We must also be willing to look at our shadow. Our darker feelings are important to give us direction and to reveal what best supports our intentions. All our feelings are a guidance system of Spirit.

Tone 10 of manifestation carries the responsibility to grasp our experience so its Truth won’t be forgotten. We must reflect on our own feelings, hold our experiences close to the heart, and lean to our own counsel. On the traditional medicine path, this practice of taking time is referred to as “holding your own power.” We are vulnerable until we make a new Truth our own. Reed/BEN asks us to seek our answers from our Source of Spirit. This is fundamental to our own Unique Blossoming.

The Reed/BEN glyph illustrates an altar as the horizontal line. The lines below represent the prayer rugs before the altar. Shown above are the channels of God’s descending Spirit that only reach part of the way. To be drawn down they require us to reach up to God. Reed illustrates how we are all Holy Channels. We’re mistaken in thinking Spiritual Gifts are only given to the chosen few. Instead, God’s gifts were given to all, and only the few have chosen.

To all my relations, may we kneel at the altar in this High Holy place to seek God’s blessing. May we be opened to manifest the inheritance that was given at our creation. We are Loved, we are Worthy, and we are Powerful instruments of God, also gifted with the Sacred Right of Choice.

in lak’ech, i am another you,

Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

Minisa Crumbo Halsey offers a message for the trecena of Seed/KAN from the sacred Medicine Wheel tradition.

Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for Cherokee Sacred Calendar information and practical suggestions and traditional prayers and ceremony.

How is your Spiritual path today?

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