Ceremony Update: by Minisa Crumbo Hasley

A Message from Minisa Crumbo Halsey for the Trecena of Wisdom/CIB [Republished from Dawn Woman’s Blog]

Autumn: The Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Division Takes Final Shape and Form

An endless sky for the Cib trecena... Let the wisdom spirit soar. Opening consciousness from one season into another.

An endless sky for the Cib trecena…
Let the wisdom spirit soar.

First there was Spirit.

Then Spirit organized into conceptual, linear and physical duality.

Duality found a home and expression upon and within another system.

Opening consciousness from one season into another.

The Medicine Wheel is an independent but evolutionarily related, secondary, four quarter, cellular division of linear duality, possessing a center and concentric circle-ringed divisions … an eighth fold division exists. It is present in Spirit, silent, unseen and unspoken. Cellular division continues  until it must fold back into the linear, initiating the differentiation of species and subsequent specific development.

These interwoven lines, circles and dots are the stuff and substance of creative material, crackling and moving in the fires, waters, airs and ethers with variable lights, sounds and electricity. They are the present and available primal building blocks of intention, generating wormholes of vibrant and positive awareness and consciousness track, demonstrating seen and now, unseen evolutionary patterns and possibilities, without cease.


The first 21 days of autumn can bear the mark of instability as have the initial (initiation) 21 days of each previous season. Harvests of medicine and introspection bring happiness, a sense of accomplishment and deep reflection upon that which been wrought in the previous three seasons, recognitions of that which is certainly coming forward and revealing the fullness’ of itself. The past no longer is and the new is not yet.

Early Autumn, a time to pause, reflect, to BE in rest … before the foot turns onto acquaintance with the West-East hard road of life.

Dawn Woman

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