3 Seed / KAN – Breath of Creation


3 Seed / KAN

3 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

Seed/KAN holds the power of our goals, wishes and dreams as the embodiment of our Sacred Intention. Our Intentions hold the power to be brought to life. Tone 3 carries the energy of first movement. Through our first movement the process of germination begins.

Each of our Dreams holds this inherent power. Our potent ideas lie dormant until we invest our energy, movement, and communication. This movement generates the spark of life and a new vibration that empowers our Dreams with an energy all their own.

Our Intentions and Dreams are the evidence of our Spiritual Nature. Our accomplishments are born from something intangible, invisible, and ethereal. Every creation is first born of an inspiration of Spirit.

What our Seed will become lies in our vision of what it will be. Tone 3 offers a way to move beyond Point A to Point B through this dissemination of our idea. Tone 3 supports our eloquence to communicate our Intention in simple, direct, and powerful ways.

We fire the Seeds of our Intention from the Heart. We are meant to share our hopes and dreams. The Cherokee Day Sign for Seed is the Dragon, a universal symbol of Life Force and Creation. The word dragon means “eye, to look at, to see clearly.”  Through our expression of what could be, our own vision  comes into sharper focus.

There are many ways to accomplish the same thing. Wind/IK holds the power to change directions quickly. Sharing ideas allows us to bring forth the Highest Expression of our Dream.

Our initial movement is the most important step toward manifesting our Dream. One movement will lead us to the next.

To all my relations, may we share the vision of our Dreams in simple ways that focus on the Heart of our Passion. May we welcome the clearer vision made possible when we share our Intentions. May we see how our Intention might serve a larger purpose, and be open to see new and better ways to accomplish the same thing.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


3 Seed/KAN (Cherokee, Dragon/UKTE’NA)

Galactic Tone 3: Action. Three is basic movement and communication, which begins as a vibration. Three energy is very eloquent in all types of self-expression. Communication is how Three establishes a point of agreement between any point “A” and any point “B”. Three persons are rhythmic to the core and are often restless, as motion is their nature. By working closely with the energy of Three, any person becomes more able to predict motions of all kinds.

Seed/KAN: Family, sexual activity and the magic of germination are the characteristics of this sun sign. Natural net workers, Seed people strive to free themselves and others from debt or oppressive patterns of the past. Abundance is gathered by Seeds as if with a cast net. Seed persons are public defenders who work toward uniting community by discovering hidden traps and secret influences of others. To generate true abundance, Seed must learn to appreciate all gifts and lessons received and conduct profound investigations into its self. In the absence of gratefulness and the courage to face oneself, Seed finds itself in less than less fertile environments.

Cherokee, Dragon/UKTE’NA   O’STO: Dragon’s symbol is Draco winding between the Little Dipper and Big Dipper. Dragon is the Corn Spirit, symbol of dual personality of Corn Mother and Maiden; fertility and pro-creation from generation to generation. The word dragon means “eye, to look at, to see clearly”. Spirit brings energy of Lawgiver, Justice, vigilance and protective, loyal unto death. Ley lines in China are “dragon lines”, energy is sometimes called “orgone energy”, pyramid power or magnetic force. Pyramids and kivas are collector portals for this energy, knon as vortexes. Dragon energy beats a path everywhere, stirring things up with a big stick in tune with the beat of the drum, heartbeat of the Earth.

The Trecena Guide: 13-Day forecast of daily energies for the Wind/IK trecena.

Ceremony Page:  A Wind/IK message from Minisa Crumbo Halsey from the wisdom of the sacred Medicine Wheel path.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, or share your local energy report.

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