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3 Earth / CABAN – Vision of Higher Perspective: Day 3 of 13


3 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 is the first day of Movement. On Tone 2 we considered all the ways to move forward in the Creation of Love from a Human perspective.

Our Consciousness shared with the Creator what we would love to Try Again, or Try something New. The Creator heard a Dream for Happiness.

When we Love what we are doing or creating, we are naturally curious. We look at the details. Love and Creation go together. Divinity is in the details.

Earth/CABAN is a Symbol of Mother Earth. She is the Mother of Earthly Human Beings. We are made of her flesh and blood. We are the matter of stars, lifted up by the Vibrations of Sound and Movement. Filled with water, we are given the medium to hold the Ether of Spirit and Force of Life. Movement is the Sign of Life.

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1 Eagle / MEN – Vision of Higher Perspective: Day 1 of 13


1 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13 days…

Eagle/MEN leads an Elevation of Consciousness. From a higher perspective there are no obstacles to stand in our way. The Eagle offers a Sign of success in our Future. If we can See it, our Dream lies within our Eagle’s grasp. Eagle/MEN encourages High Hopes and Aspirations.

The human climb of Spiritual Growth, Tones 1 through 6, will carry us into the final 20-day cycle of our Ascension.

Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary who lifts us up so We Can See for Our Self. The Truth that completes us is the Wisdom of our Own Experience. At the peak of the climb, 7 Crocodile/IMIX marks a New Beginning of all things. In Unity with the Divine Mind, we realize everything “that is” and everything “that is not.”

12th & 13th Uinals: Tones 1 through 6 complete the 12th uinal of comprehension and understanding. The 12th uinal completes the sum of human’s Wisdom of experience for this round of the Tzolk’in. In the 13th uinal, we Ascend by seeing how New Truth has changed us. “What is” will be drawn within as the Wisdom of Common Sense (Divine Sense).

Mayan Holy Day: 8 Wind/IK (on August 9, 2019) is IK’s Zenith Light. The day of our Highest Consciousness of the Breath of Life and Spirit, is observed by the Maya as “The Day of Purification.” A New Seed will be Conceived by the Breath of Life and Spirit. Wind/IK can change the landscape of our lives. 8 Wind/IK WILL elevate our Mind to the Consciousness of a brand new beginning.

13 Deer/MANIK will be our Higher Ground for the final trecena of Star/LAMAT. MANIK, the Day Sign of the Mayan priest, Grasps the Ether connecting a circuit of Divine Power. The Deer stands on the Truth of Answered Prayers, through all our rituals and sacred ceremonies. 13 Deer holds the Wisdom and Truth that there’s a Divine Way for every Human limitation.

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13 Jaguar / IX – Ascension of Ek’ Balam: Day 13


13 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 13 is an Ascension to Higher Consciousness. The trecena of Wind/IK intended us to experience the Will of the Creator. Wind disseminates the Spoken Words of The Creation.

The Element of Air is our Most Common connection and Most Vital Resource of Consciousness and Life. The Element of Air allows Communion in the Light.

The Aztec Day Sign, Ehecatl, governs the elemental intent of the divine Whirlwind. Ehecatl’s Intention is to Create Chaos out of Order. Wind/IK intended to change the landscape, and holds the Power of “Thy Will Be Done.”

“Order and reason outlive their purpose and must be replaced by the potential for new, unexpected, unpredictable, change. It is precisely in the heart of order that the lightningbolt strikes. These are 13 days of instability and insecurity. The warrior prefers to have no relationships if the only alternative is to have bad relationships: thievery abounds and no treasure of the heart is safe. These are good days to be in the vanguard; bad days to be encamped behind the front.” Source: AztecCalendar.com (Ehecatl)

Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of Spirit, the shaman, one who holds the Power of Earth Magic. IX is the Divine Feminine holding the Power of Compassionate Love. The Whole of The Creation Below is the Object of Affection to a Consciousness of the Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine is the Magician who Holds the Inspiration. The Divine Feminine is the High Priestess who receives the Light and Discerns a Divine Meaning and Purpose.

Jaguar can cross the dimensions of Time and Space to reconnect the 2 into the Divine One. Jaguar’s Magic is Believing, expressed as the Mind in a state of Gratitude and Appreciation. The totem Jaguar holds the Power to face its enemies by being “invisible to danger.” As the shape-shifter, the Jaguar can move from a realm of Darkness to a realm of Light. The Jaguar appears as a Sign of a Journey that will lead to the Light. The Jaguar always travels East, the place where the Sun Rises for a New Beginning.

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12 Reed / BEN – A New Mission of Spirit: Day 12 of 13


12 Reed/BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 holds the Intention of Understanding. Extending the Gift of Retrospection we can Divinely Comprehension the Wisdom of our Experience. On Tone 12 we are changed by a new Truth that moves from the Head to the Heart.

12 Reed/BEN is Kin 233, the 12th Tone in the 12th uinal of the Tzolk’in. We are drawing together the Understanding of a harvest cycle of Spiritual Growth.

Reed/BEN is the guiding Light for Family and Home. Reeds are tough an analytical. They know the rules of order that bring Peace and Harmony to all their relations. Reed takes up the cause to establish Divine Authority. Reed/BEN guides us to bend our own rules of Love to allow others their own Freedom to Choose. Reed/BEN carries out the Deer’s Mission at the altar of Home.

Our Home is the circle we drew around our Creation, defining our place for communion with the Creator. Within our Circle is the Whole of the Creator’s Creation of Beauty, Mother Earth. Through her we can see all the Perfect Beauty wrought by the Creator’s Breath. We can see what we are made of and the Beauty that is ours To Be through a Divine Transformation by Spirit. Existing in this place of Home, all the dreams we would manifest can be born from the Source of Divine Inspiration, beginning and ending under the Authority of the One Divine Source of Unconditional Love.

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11 Road / EB – A New Mission of Spirit: Day 11 of 13


11 Road/EB (HUMAN)

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds a Power for Resolution. 11 represent a clarity of Understanding that resolves a new way forward. 11 represents two Divine Ones standing together in agreement. 11 symbolizes the clarity of a Divine Discernment. The Truth of 1 Below is lined up with the Truth off 1 Above.

Tone 11 is the day the shaman climbs to the Highest Altar to bring an Offering for the Purpose of Receiving a Higher Truth. The Intention of the Wind/IK trecena was to turn from our Human understanding and our Human dreams, to Divine  Understanding that will hold Higher Dreams for us. Tone 11 is also defined by the Maya as a set of Divine Antennae that tunes us in to the Highest Frequencies and Vibrations of Consciousness.

On Tone 11 we can see something we didn’t see before. Or, we’ll see something in an entirely new way.

Road/EB is also known as Human. EB represents the Road that is our Human Destiny. EB is a Divine Path within that was given for Human to follow. EB is a symbol of the White Way, the Saq’Be, the Tzolk’in path to a Divine Transformation. The Tzolk’in is the Human calendar, a calendar of a Divine Migration that exists WITHIN human’s Divine Consciousness. Road/EB is a Day to Celebrate the Divine Way given to help guide even our unconscious thoughts toward the Light of Divine Consciousness.

Those born under the Destiny of Road/EB open the Way for others. They are known for sacrificing themselves to take up a cause for others. Road/EB holds the Intention to set a course for Human to claim its Rightful Position in the Universe. Road/EB holds the power of a clearing of Human karma. Road/EB holds the clarity to see that every Human DESERVES a Divine Destiny. Road/EB defines Human as Sacred, as the “bearer of Time.”

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10 Monkey / CHUEN – A New Mission of Spirit: Day 10 of 13


10 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 holds the Intention of Manifestation. “What is focused on with attention and intention becomes Real with 10.” Manifestation is the Blessing that comes with a great responsibility. We have to Claim it is True.

The Wind/IK trecena intended to turn our Consciousness to the first Dream, the Creator’s Dream of Creation.  All the Dreams that ever were, are held in the Air. The Creator intended for Human to complete the Dream below by our own Power to Claim what we have discerned is Divinely True.

Monkey/CHUEN resides in affinity with Dog/OC at the Center of the Tzolk’in in positions 10 and 11. Dog/OC, position 10, reflects the symbol of Manifestation guided by the Wisdom of Love. The symbol 10 reflects a “One Above” that holds all the Power of Authority, when Consciousness Below is Wholly sacrificed as our Offering to the “One Above.”

Tone 10 is said to present a challenge for us to Claim the Truth. Our own contradictions of Truth will present the Reason to look beyond our first impressions.

Residing in the West, the Monkey lies in the direction of the Unknown. Residing near the Dog, Monkey Believes in the Power of Love to Create its own Beauty. Monkey faces the Unknown with eager curiosity. Human contradictions only make it more interesting to the Monkey.

Mystical experiences are possible with Monkey/CHUEN. CHUEN connects our Intellect and Imagination so we can Consciously Dream of all the Love that could be. CHUEN celebrates its own Power of Consciousness.

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9 Dog / OC – A New Mission of Spirit: Day 9 of 13


9 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Peak Tone 9 holds the intention of Patience. Number 9 is all about completion through the perseverance to see the bigger picture.

All our choices can be elevated by Meaning and Purpose. Reasons generate the momentum of every Intention. The Dreams we never get done don’t have a reason that really matters if we finish. Creation depends on a Meaning and Purpose we Love.

Creation requires a choice To Be. When we unconsciously going along with others we haven’t even made a choice beyond the moment. We THINK about the Choices we make for Love. The Creations we Love can become the object of our affection. Dreams with good Intentions hold the Power of Love to manifest their Meaning and Purpose.

Dog/OC is the symbol of Unconditional Love. The Dog illustrates a way of Loving Life for the joy that can be known through ALL its Senses. Dog Loves Life. As a pack animal, the Dog measures its own Happiness by the Happiness of the Whole. The Dog shows us what it means to be Faithful and Loyal. The Dog is said to be faithful even beyond death, as the companion that will lead us back to the Stars. The Milky Way was called “the place the dogs ran,” a trail that leads back to the Creator’s Love.

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