11 Dog / OC – A Walk in the Light


11 Dog / OC

11 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Sun/AHAU intensifies the transformation we would experience through this trecena. This is an important time to be Present and Conscious of the Light of our new Illumination.

11 Dog/OC leads us to a Higher Experience of Love. Dog is the faithful companion, who by its nature, is a Giver of Unconditional Love. Following the example of Dog, we see life as a happy adventure. Dog doesn’t take offense where Love is not found. Dog just moves on to explore the next opportunity. Dog’s protection and faithfulness are said to be our constant companion, even beyond death.

Tone 11 brings the Intention to find our place in the world. This is the day the shaman climb the mountain to place their Offering at the Highest Altars and to be Present to Receive an Enlightenment. Our newest transformation will be brought to a Resolution as Dog leads us to a Person, Place, or Experience that is waiting for the Blessing of Our Love.

11 Dog/OC (KIN 50)
is a Portal Day that magnifies our experience through a thinning of the veil. This is a day when we are open to the experience of our Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Knowing, We are gifted with a heightened awareness of our Connection to a Divine Presence and the Wisdom of our Ancestors.

Tone 11 brings a Resolution to the experiences of this 13-day cycle through a process of simplification. We don’t have to search far to discover an Opportunity to Give our Love. We are always placed in perfect proximity. Nor will our success depend on a monumental effort. The Love we Give is a drop that sends ripples through the fabric of our Collective Consciousness. There is always an opportunity right in front of us that holds the exponential Power to reach the Whole.

Through our simple acts of forbearance, kindness, and understanding, we  also Receive the Blessing of Love as we are made aware of the Divine Presence that moves through us. We discover our Highest Meaning and Purpose for Being is to be a Channel of a Divine Vibration.

Each day we are given is a Sacred Event as a Celebration of Living. Each moment of our Life presents the Opportunity to Experience Love. As a Day Sign of the North, Dog presents the Wisdom of our Ancestors. The Ancient Ones who accomplished the Highest Levels of Transformation, did so by holding a Sacred Intention to Resonate the Harmony of Love.

We are Blessed by a world that offers so many things to Love. Our Lives take on new meaning and purpose as we acknowledge with Love each Blessing we are given. We have only to open our eyes to see the Beauty all around us.

To all my relations, may our Hearts be opened to a Deeper Experience of Love. May we be Present to see the Opportunity to share our Love that stands before us Now. And, may we Experience the Truth that we are  Sparks of the Divine, created to Be the Embodiment of Love.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
for a trecena energy forecast and insight on the 3rd Uinal and Portal Days of the Sun/AHAU trecena.

11 Dog/OC (Cherokee, Wolf/KANA’TI)

Galactic Tone 11: Resolution; 11 assists every new thing to find its place in the universe in the process of ‘fitting in.’ some modifications must occur. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions facilitating change, simplification and improvement.

 Dog/OC: Courageous, loyal and warm-hearted, very alert and valiant, people born of Dog are respected for their sense of justice and their protection. People born of the sun sign Dog are very sensual and know how to enjoy life. Playfulness and a good understanding of the basic human nature lead to prosperity for Dog. Dogs are good team players who love to travel and have a keen sense of their position in society. Dogs are ambitious and will take opportunities when they offer themselves, including infidelities. Dog persons share the nature of coyotes, spies, wolves and lawyers.

Cherokee, Wolf/KANA’TI: Wolf is symbolized by Sirius (Dog star) and Antares, one or the other always visible but never at the same time.  Wolf is our brother, shares our very roots.  All dogs are domesticated wolves, companionship and guidance.  Wolves are a connecting link between the worlds; ones who inspire loyalty, diplomacy and sense of humor with unlimited potential.  Wolf is the Day Sign of teachers, healers, pathfinders and transformers; sharp as obsidian, gentle as a lamb. OC-Totem –Dog:  Loyalty and faithfulness that survives beyond death.  This was the first day of creation energy in this 4th world, sets the energy for love, loyalty and faithfulness on the 5200 year cycle.  Heart chakra energy is involved so that we can move to the state of “unconditional love” with compassion.  All sexual desire issues that are not in harmony will surface to be cleared.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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