The 13 Moon Dreamer Journey…

Greetings Kin, Sharing a message from kindred “Dancers of Spirit” from the Medicine Circle in Oklahoma. Much love, in lak’ech, Debra

The 13 Moon Dreamer Journey to Bring Forward the New Dawn of Spring

by Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK

The 13 Moon Dreamer Journey to Bring Forward the New Dawn of Spring … and to welcome a spiritual Mayan calendar community led by Debra Malmos, as our circles radiate in love and light for our beautiful and sacred beingness … AHO!

Dear Jaguar Woman and the larger Circle(s) of the Bodewadmin Longhouse,
Bozho, my relations:

Altar construction is SO valuable a teaching to initiate and incorporate into the personal but essentially, collective main stream intuitive consciousness pool. Kiche Migwech … that we begin this mailing with reading and the context of this companion Mayan Calendar, daily inspirational teaching – Go to:, by Debra Malmos, a long time ceremonial member of the sacred two legged community who has done many things with us, here on the land at the Spirit Horse Ranch. She now lives and works in the NW.

You, your larger circle and the beyond Dreamers, were remembered and spoken of last evening as we gathered to conclude a 7 day quiet time, to initiate a Journey into the 13 Moons forward and construct a personal, inner Medicine Wheel altar by which to positively support ours and all life.

The physical plan of the gathering was shifted to include a bit of heyokah (backwards – last comes first, first comes last) gathering. (Note: it is valuable and recommended that we acquaint our selves with both the creative and chaotic aspects of the cycles of Creation in order to move with increased spiritual balance, discernment, optimism and without fear. Moving smoothly within these cycles will also reveal that Spirit and be seen to move agreeably in an apparently chaotic/intuitive/spontaneous manner), hence, paying attention to every little thing. Spirit began to move attention for the gathering from a Longhouse event to a house event, the comforts of the hearth as it were, and so it was, very happily. We feasted FIRST, in order to make ourselves ready for the Dreamers journey of carrying the new sun forward from the darkness to the light of the new season, SPRING … We began with an orientation of the afternoon Prophetic 13 Moon New Year, Dreamer Journey workshop which would follow the feasting, preparing and strengthening of our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits at the table.

For true feast food one couple gifted us with a full size fruit tart which had representatives of the four sacred berries of the Bodewadmin, beginning with the demen, the first medicine berry of spring, followed by the blackberry, the blueberry and the raspberry. The soup was root vegetables, slow cooked with lentils, hummus, pita chips and chocolate, toffee lace cookies. Ayurvedic tea of cumin, coriander and fennel.

The Prophetic 13 Moon New Year Journey followed being ‘fanned off’, some discussion and conversation closed the Ceremony of the 7 Day Quiet Time. The peaceful Akbal presence was discernible and creative. The Mayan Akbal, 13 day trecena, will be a welcome presence both to warmly ‘have our backs’ and to provide an opening for the emergence of the new sun, (the new seasonal year) into this last stretch until we meet again in two weeks to welcome and honor the new sun, (bearer of the qualities of illumination and inspiration, whose shadow face is anger). These understandings will make it not only more possible for us to begin living with increased balance and harmony with all of the above stated qualities, but equally important, to perhaps, begin … inheriting the sacred and promised positions of co-creator. These positions, so hard to identify the true meaning of and even harder with which to attain meaningful connection, again, begin … to position us to ‘doctor’ issues of ‘imbalance’ within the qualities of our Medicine Wheel Home and other meaningful spiritual understandings and practices. It is in these and other ways that personal medicine is built that life might be lived, ‘in a good way’.

The Medicine Wheel Teachings and the Mayan Calendar are remarkably synchronous and mutually compatible, each offering a recognized lineage of wisdom and counsel by which to think, assess, decide and initiate movement. Many of the Muscogee Creek tribe acknowledge migrational connection to the Central American Maya, offering a genetic and spiritual Oklahoma and SE USA, seat from which to consider alternate and companion views and platforms.

On January 21, 2018, 21 days from the Gregorian calendar New Year, we will meet again to honor and receive the new season of Spring. The new Sprouts (us) are making ready to emerge … as are the ashwaganda sprouts that revealed themselves in today’s sunrise light. Three weeks they have taken to emerge. We invite all sage burners and sweet grass swingers to join in the Power of New Emerging Light and Life on January 21st (third week of January) recognized by indigenous peoples as the first day of Spring. Let us continue moving into our new year with gratitude, conscious and discerning alignment with the beauty of Our Mother Earth and Our Father Sky Sun, first, most enduring and beautiful gifts to us, from the Creator. Shewendagzewin odo pi, a Blessing Is Visited Upon Us Here.

This year’s inner Medicine Garden was planned and planted deep within the inner purification fires of Winter. Soon the outdoor work will begin, but, for now, we take Sanctuary within the Bodewadmin Longhouse of Mounds, Oklahoma, and wish our community, the larger Medicine Circles of the Mayan Calendar and beyond … and … the best, strongest, happiest, essential-precious core center of each and every personal Medicine Wheel … a very good New Year.

And so, it goes. AHO! Let us bring the light of the New Sun forward from the dark of winter, Dreamers! In the Spirit of Love and Light forever,
Bama pi, (until I see you again)
Dawn Woman

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4 thoughts on “The 13 Moon Dreamer Journey…

  1. Greetings Debra!
    I was reading your article about the Vision Quest. And I followed the link to the article about the “Thirteenth Moon Deamer Journey”. It’s really exciting for me because I’m very interested in the culture of the First American Nations. There is something powerful in these ceremonials and a magic capable of reenchanting the world in which we live not always very comfortably, unfortunately.
    What are your sources for all this information? Do you keep them from shamans you know? Sorry, I have to leave you: more trivial tasks are waiting for me. Nice afternoon to you.

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    • The indigenous teachings have always held the greatest Truth for me as ways of living that came from experience and stories of the elders, independent thought versus Truth formalized by organization. We each have to find our own Truth. My study first centered around the teachings of Joseph Rael “Beautiful Painted Arrow” of the Hopi-Tewa tradition, and through “Uncle” Marcellus “Bear Heart” Williams, a spiritual leader of the Muskogee Nation-Creek tribe. Rael has written many books, and in Bear Heart’s writing of “The Wind is My Mother,” he shares the experiences and ways he was taught, raised on the path of the shaman. Ian Lungold offers many videos on the MayanMajix site that have been the core of my Mayan teachings, linked on the Daykeeper Resources page. The books are both authors are available on Amazon. Best wishes and many blessings. in lak’ech, Debra

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  2. Thank you very much for your quick response. I already knew Ian Xel Lungold, of whom we can find many testimonials on Mayan Majix. I receive for over a year now the newsletter of this site and that’s how I discovered your blog. But I did not know Joseph Rael or Marcellus Williams yet.
    That will give me a lot of reading and … translations too :-). Be thanked for your work, the knowledge you pass on and the kindness you show to everyone here through your messages. I offer you all my respects and may the Creator keep you in their benevolent protection.


    • Thank you SO MUCH for asking. I’ve included links and references in the Deer/MANIK post – the Day Sign of Spiritual Tools. Here’s a short video by Joseph Rael that offers a preview.


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