12 Night / AKBAL – Road to a New Destiny: Day 12 of 13


12 Night / AKBAL

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 holds the Intention of Understanding and offers a great capacity for Retrospection. As we look back, all the pieces are drawn together into a new meaningful whole. This is a day of when Knowledge becomes Wisdom by moving from the Head to the Heart.

Road/EB lay before us the Road of Human’s Destiny. Human is defined as the “bearer of time.” EB accomplished its purpose, drawing awareness to the way our lives would be transformed by holding an Intention of living in Right Relationship. We all make the same journey.

Our Human Destiny is fulfilled by just surviving from the Beginning to the End. We didn’t have that choice. The Choice we were given was a better life, a happy life, and a loving life. Seeing that we are all on this same journey, we could choose a Divine Destiny by approaching the trip as a journey made together.

Night/AKBAL is the Light that shines for us in our Human darkness. AKBAL holds the Power to Bring Light to all things Unseen by Human eyes. AKBAL connects our Head and our Heart, our Conscious and Unconscious thoughts, and the Mind of Reason with the Creative Void of our Imagination, the Source of Human’s Unlimited Possibility.

Road/EB guided us to see how we would make our Life’s Journey as a Divine Being of Spirit. We learned the foundational steps from the Day Signs, Reed/BEN, Jaguar/IX, and Eagle/MEN. 2 Reed/BEN, the sign of Family and Home, taught us that when we make Choices, we should kneel in Humility before an altar in Communion with the Creator. We can Know our Choices are Divinely Inspired when they are made for the purpose to Bless the Whole of a Divine Family. 3 Jaguar/IX taught us how to move, led by Spirit. Everything we hope to accomplish will happen like “magic” when we are Grateful for the Blessings that are around us in every direction. 4 Eagle/MEN gave us the Higher Perspective to see that all our paths would be made straight if we only fix our focus on the prize we see at the end of the journey. Our Foundation for Happiness is as simple as seeing clearly what we want and relying on our Gift of Intuition to guide us there.

The Meaning and Purpose of our Journey is to discover we are One. Each given a Spark of the Creator, we are Love, broken into many pieces by our physicality, yet existing as One in Spirit. We’ll know the Whole Experience of the Creator’s Unconditional Love, when we are all drawn together as One Light of Unconditional Love.

We learned that such a Dream is so lofty for Human that we could never accomplish it alone. The only way to realize the Dream is by Knowing the Creator Spoke a Beginning and an End. A Divine Authority guaranteed the arrival for every Human that makes a Choice to sacrifice the desires of a Human Nature, to live in Spirit, making Choices led by a Divine Nature. The One most important Choice of our Life is whether we bear the time gathering worldly rewards, or gathering the Unseen rewards of Spirit that would lead us to Eternal Happiness. When all the pieces are drawn together, it’s the Choice to live as a Human Being or a Divine Being.

If we Choose “Divine Being” we will hold powers greater than Human power. We can hold One and the Same Power of an Almighty Creator that spoke everyone and everything into existence.

The Choice begins with an Awakening of our Consciousness. The Choice we were offered would seem the logical one to make. Though, we can only make it when we Believe the Choice exists, that we’re capable to make it, and knowing the Completion of its Manifestation is carried out by the Creator who Loves us all the way from the Beginning to the End.

Our Divine Destiny and Eternal Happiness rests on the One Choice. Our Happiness on Earth will rest on all the Choices that are made for our Divine Nature. By Living in Spirit here and now, we can draw the Light of Eternal Happiness from Heaven to Earth. Our Light would shine the way for the Eternal Happiness of the Whole.

Living in Spirit, we could be Free of the gravity of the world that holds us down. We could soar Above, carried by the Breath of the Creator as One Almighty Wind. We would never be alone. No matter how remote or physically separated we might seem, our Spirits could always touch one another. Instead of living to survive, we would Know our Spirit would go on forever.

Though the Dream is too High for Human to imagine, lifting ourselves up to the heavenly realm, we can see the Prize through the Mind of God. All we have to do is See what we would Love, and the Discernment drawn from our Divine Nature would lead us there.

AKBAL speaks to us in our Dreams. The message AKBAL shares is that no matter how Dark the road may seem, there will always be a little bit of Light we could see in the distance, enough Light to guide us in the right direction. As a Divine Voice of Spirit, AKBAL intends for us to know that it won’t matter if we fall down along the way (and, we Will fall down along the way), we’ll be like Children carried by Divine Parents, the Alpha and Omega.

AKBAL lies in the West, the place of our Unknown adventure. West is the direction of the Element of Water that holds the Ether of our Spirit. Water is the symbol of the Moon and our Emotions. AKBAL speaks to us through the Language of the Heart, the Light of Love.

Just as the Human journey of life will always lead to a breakdown, so are our Hearts broken down by Spirit. AKBAL holds the Power to Heal all our Dreams so we can Believe in them again. AKBAL can draw all our fears of the Darkness to the surface. When our hearts are broken by all the Human darkness that we must overcome, the Light that will shine through is the Unconditional Love of the Creator. We will Know how Sacred we are to the Creator for making the Divine Journey that bears the ups and downs of the “Human Experience.” We will know that when we fall, when we suffer, we’ll be picked up and carried in a Divine Embrace.

AKBAL is the Voice that answers a Human cry from the Heart. When we allow ourselves to experience our Deepest Longings, we’ll know that we were broken because we Intended to be so much better. The tears of Divine Water that we shed, is Human’s cry for Divinity. Through the eyes of the Creator, we are the Divine Children, yearning to become what we were created to be. The breakdown of Spirit is the very Sign of our Divinity and the authentic Expression of our Love of the Creator.

Council Fire, by D Malmos

The Cherokee sign for AKBAL is the Hearth, the Fire of Spirit that burns through the Night. This is the Sacred Fire that is tended by Divine Spirits that hold all the Wisdom of Divinity. The Sacred Fires that are tended throughout the Sacred Ceremonies on the traditional medicine path, was the place the Elders held watch through the Night. As we slept on the ground around the parameter of the dance circle, we were watched over. In times of darkness we always had a place to go where we wouldn’t be alone, where we could draw strength from the Elders who had walked this way before. Among the traditions of Sacred Ceremony was that no words are spoken so that every sound we hear would come from Mother Earth and the Consciousness of Spirit.

The Voice of Spirit that speaks to us in the Darkness through our Dreams reminds us that as Divine Children, there will be no sibling rivalry. We were ALL Created as the firstborn. We are all the first in line for a Divine Inheritance. The Voice would encourage that there’s no race to collect the reward. We will all collect the same reward together, sharing the Light that shows the way.

Sharing our Light, we exist in the Realm of Spirit, the Unseen place to Human, though the place where Spirits can see one another. Our Love shared with Humanity, will be the Light that opens Humanity’s eyes of Spirit to see the Beauty with us here and now on Mother Earth.

The Light that AKBAL shares generates our Willingness to enter the Darkness. By healing all our Fears of the Unknown, we’ll see our Lives on Earth as an opportunity to shine our own Heavenly Light Below. Our Light would shine the brightest as we manifest physical creations that Express the things we Love, and reflect the Unlimited Possibilities that could only be attributed to a Miracle.

Our Light would shine the brightest reaching for our Highest Aspirations, Dreams too High to ever be accomplished by a mere Human Being. The Higher we Dream, the Brighter will be the Light of Divinity, as Dreams manifested by a Miracle.

AKBAL puts us in a Dream state-of-mind. The day could hold a dream-like quality where, like a Dream, we accept the experience beyond the world’s version of reality. AKBAL holds the potential for magical and mystical experiences, if we’re willing to enter the Unknown to Dream, AKBAL will open our eyes to Divine Love, the Light that holds Authority over all the darkness in the world.

To all my relations, may we Listen for the Voice that transforms our Faith in Miracles by elevating it in our Consciousness as something we Believe. We will see these Miracles whenever we reach for our Highest Dreams, Dreams we would Dream for each other… Impossible Dreams because as Human, we don’t have the Authority to change anyone but our Self. The Miracle will be made possible by our Light that would guide others to make the One Choice by their own Free Will, so we would ALL be Divine, united by the One Divine Choice we each made together. May we give thanks to ALL the Elders that came before, whose Dreams guided us to the Choice, Shining the Light of Divinity through all the Love they shared on Earth. May we be willing to enter the darkness of the unknown, seeing the Light of Eternal Love shining at the Hearth. May this be the destination we focus on as the place where, one day, we will Belong Together. May we be willing for our Heart to be broken, so we Might See the Proof of the tears we shed, tears over our weaknesses and failure, Proof of the Divine Choice we’ve made. May we Give Thanks for the Light that lifts us up to see that the Dreams of Love we Dream are only waiting to come true.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


I’m sharing a the “21-Days of Gratitude” as a perpetual Personal Ceremony through the next journey to 8 Monkey/CHUEN Maya New Year. The “21 days” begin and end on Jaguar/IX.

21-Days of Gratitude: Day 11

I’m grateful that our wildest dreams are waiting to come true.


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12 Night/AKBAL (Cherokee, Hearth/O’YA)

Galactic Tone 12: Understanding. This number’s energy is a gift of great capability of retrospection. It is this ability that allows Twelve to connect disassociated parts into a (new) functioning whole. The energy of Twelve is that which presents a new piece of understood information or accumulated experience to be applied.

Night/Akbal: Bringers of the Dawn. Dreamers who bring the new sun to clarify and illuminate the road of life. Thus the insecurities and doubts born of darkness of the sub-conscious mind are dispelled. These persons travel the Void… a place where nothing yet exists but all potential dwells, the womb of creation. From this void, Night persons bring forth new solutions and artistic inspiration. Night’s voyages of dreams build confidence and happiness with a sense of well being. If night does not bravely journey into the void they may find themselves wandering the darkness of self doubt and insecurity.

Cherokee, Hearth/O’YA: Hearth’s symbol is the fire pit in the Center, velvet black as the night. The triangle in Orion. The M42 nebula (home of the Central race from the WingMakers) in the center of the triangle of Orion is the fire in the Hearth, also matching the Mayan. The Hearth is the Torchbearer who holds the light and warmth throughout the night. Belief is so strong that the surrounding elements become entrained to their rhythm and all resistance falls away. With respect and honor of intuition combined with knowledge this energy creates the magic of the center in this dimension.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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The little mother is still sitting on the eggs in her nest. July 4th was a challenge to Peace and Tranquility with booms and fireworks that grew louder as day turned into night. It was another Sign of how our Human way of doing things seldom takes into account the impact on the Whole. As I’ve become a “mother hen” myself, watching over this experience, I’ve wondered if my fears have been influenced by the Expectant Mother Finch. This Life on the balcony has taken on so much greater meaning. The experience has helped me see the ways of Spirit more clearly, and the Power and Communion that are created by Love.

Each morning she watches as I lay the daily seed out on the balcony. We look at each other as I exchange my morning words of love. It’s easier to see the love we exchange with our domesticated pets. It’s harder to imagine, and more miraculous when we sense it from the living things in nature. When we look at each other, I feel the Ether of Spirit in the air between us.

I’m growing to love all the more the experiences of life seen only through the realm of Spirit.  Last night, I set my ipad next to the door playing a YouTube recording of “Brahms’s Lullaby,” a peaceful sound the Mother might focus on to assuage her fear of unexpected explosions. Her babies are due to hatch any day. I couldn’t help wondering with all the “sounds of war” if they might be afraid to venture out of their shell. So, the music was for all of them. This “crazy” life of Spirit makes Human life all the more worth living.

I don’t know how many eggs could fit in such a small nest and I question the room to hold a new family. (Wikipedia says, likely 4 to 6.) The eggs are less than 3/4″ long (about 1.9 cm). Their gestation cycle makes them due by the end of this trecena. It’s a miracle just to imagine the lives now held inside these eggs, preparing to break through to a world they’ve never seen.

Reading up on what’s to come, I was surprised to find that the Male Finch is going to take over the care and feeding.  Once the chicks are born, the mother will clear out the shells and leave the nest for the Dad to move in. He’s present and close this morning, hanging out in a cubby in the rafters next to hers instead of perched below. He seems busy at something so I wonder if he’s been collecting seeds there. His behavior is changed to reflect something like a Dad in the waiting room.  I can’t help feeling that God’s living things show us what Love would look like, if we didn’t have a choice… if we just lived that way by instinct. It’s raised my consciousness to the Love between me and my cat, Shadow. We KNOW we communicate with our pets in Spirit. Maybe they are gifts given so we could Know the Language of the Heart.

I’m so grateful to report that everything is still going according to the Divine Plan, and that the Mother made it through what could have been a dark night for her little soul. Tiny little Sparks of Light are preparing to break through from their darkness in the void, into a world where they will soon realize they were born to fly.

love, Debra