4 Crocodile / IMIX – The Gift of Truth: Day 4 of 13


4 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

The Intention of Tone 4 is Stability. Tone 4 defines the boundaries and parameters of dimension. We are offered the stability of form, foundation, and orientation for the “rules of a game.” Tone 4 represents the Service of the Deer/MANIK, standing on Truth with one leg firmly planted in each of the 4 directions of discernment. Through a Gift of Stability, we’ll uphold the Pillars of Creation.

To uphold the stability of our Intention requires us to establish a foundation of thought as a Divine Reference. We are applying a new filter to our unconscious thoughts, chosen from Conscious Hopes and Dreams. When we anchor this new Truth, it’s what Human will unconsciously Look for, Expect to See, and FIND.

Crocodile/IMIX is the Primordial Mother and the Womb of our Creation. IMIX holds a special talent for Divine Discernment, though a Direct Connection to the Divine Thoughts of the Creator. IMIX is a symbol of the Divine Feminine, who’s primary Meaning and Purpose is to offer Nourishment to our Spirit, and holds the duty to raise us up to our own Divine Discernment of Truth.

Crocodile/IMIX is a Creative Voice of Bright Ideas, all shared from the Mind of the Creator. IMIX is known as the Mother of Innovation for all the “wild ideas” that are poured into our Imagination. IMIX is always a very mentally active day. It’s a Day of “Light” that we can Know as Inspired by the Creator. We’ll know by thoughts that interrupt our own train of thoughts. IMIX will clarify a Divine Source, One who would Inspire us to believe the Very Best Idea will be the One we Dream Up and call Our Own.

It’s the Maternal Duty of IMIX to Nourish our Truth and to Inspire us To Be. They say when Human is inspired by a “wild idea” of IMIX and Loves it Enough to follow, they will be seen as a Genius. IMIX encourages Free Thinking and Coloring Outside the Lines. The Divine Primordial Mother that heard our first thoughts, Knew the Power of our Consciousness. She was ready as our Muse of Creation with many Divine Ideas, offered for us to Choose what our Heart Desired. A Primordial Mother Knew that if our first thoughts of Creation were attached to Love, we’d hold a Dream that would last till it’s ending – to Know the Miracle. When we Love a Dream, Love will lead us to Creation. We naturally become a Genius from all the things we would Love to Know about it. We’d want to spend all our Free Time thinking about it. Money wouldn’t be the Reason. The Joy of Knowing and Manifesting the Creation would be Reason enough.

IMIX intends for us to Know the Joy of Life will be found in Creating. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mud pie. When we discover the Joy we always hold when we’re Creating something that Inspires Us with Love, we’ll Dream One Creation after another. Creation always begets a Higher Creation of Love.

Crocodile/IMIX is observed as a day to pray for mental stability. We can get so excited to receive Inspiration, we must remember the lessons of Wisdom/CIB. No matter HOW good things may look from Human’s perspective, we’ll only know the Real Truth by Divine Discernment. The Only Dreams that are REALLY “too good to be true” are the ones that take Time and uphold the Sacred Right of Choice for the Whole. Does our Dream allow others the same Right to Choose their own Happiness? Or does our Happiness require someone else to make the Same Choice we Do?

The Elders repeated the Wisdom of Discernment and Spiritual Truths many times. If we ever had a question about the source of our Inspiration, the Elders said it’s always worthy to ask, “Who are you, and what do you want?” They spoke of thoughts that float in the Ether. We can claim thoughts that were not our own – thoughts just floating by. If they don’t flow in the direction of our own Truth, we are capable to discern when they come from something that Isn’t Divine. The Elders say that ALL things want to be Seen and Acknowledged. We can offering a Blessing for the Wisdom of the Experience, and for allowing us to see what we do not Choose. We can ask thoughts to be escorted away by a Divine Agency. Whatever the Spiritual source of the thought, it receives a blessing of being seen. We Receive the Blessing of Seeing it for what it is, a thought we didn’t have to claim.

Our Ego always pushes and pulls us from the Flow. We rush to make up “lost time.” We can go against the Flow, creating rules and believing things should happen a certain way. Big Dreams can start out small. It’s not the Truth if we think someone else’s Dream is better. Ours could be all the better because it started from a mud pie. We are anchored Divinely in the Flow when we look where we are and see who we are, as Perfect for our own Time and Place. We are Who we’re supposed to be, Where we’re supposed to be, and in the Perfect Time for every Creation. Time won’t matter, creating Love. Believing, we might Hope for another day to Dream it Perfectly before it manifests on Earth. IMIX shares the Truth that the Unknown is the Place of Unlimited Possibilities.

The Elders also guided us to take our own Time TO BE ALONE with our Divine Inspiration. It’s hard to convey our mystical experiences. We may question the Truth of our Experience when someone else can’t see it. The pupa of the Butterfly is a suspension of animation and total vulnerability. The cocoon hanging from a limb relies SOLELY on a Divine Provision.

Ascending the trecena of CHICCHAN the Serpent, everything we were has shed its skin. Our feelings are more sensitive. IMIX offers boundaries of Compassionate Love. We’ll detect smaller and more subtle Vibrations of Love. Expecting to find it, we’ll see Love in the smallest things. Our mystic experiences are meant to be our own treasure for the Time to See and Acknowledge their Truth as our Own. The smaller our discoveries of Love become, the harder they may be for others to see. Through Humility we can choose invisibility to uphold the Truth of our Dream.

IMIX resides in the East, as the Dawn of a New Awakening. We are awakening our Self through an Intention to follow Divine thoughts. Holding the Element of Fire, IMIX can ignite our Faith in a Guiding Light of Truth and be the first to tell us our Dream is Genius.

To all my relations, may we Receive a Divine Inspiration into our Imagination. May we look at the Dream we hold and carry it even farther down the Road. May we crystallize Truths leave open every possibility for Happiness.  May we Use Now to Love the Creation of the Future, so we will Love each step of the way.

Reaching as High as we can is what the Creator designed Human to do. The proof lies in all the Human Dreams to be Number 1. May we Offer to be the Last if someone has to be, standing on a Divine Truth that EVERY Time and Place of Divine Will is the Perfect Place to BE.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


The first image of a black hole is widely expected to be released Wednesday by the Event Horizon Telescope.This is one of many speculations on how it may appear. Results of a two-year mission is set for release Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at 9:00 AM ET. See National Public Radio (NPR) “live” coverage.

A SPIRITUAL RETREAT:  Daily posts will be a little shorter this trecena to accommodate some time away from the computer screen To Be Alive in a Living World. Flint offers a Time to Know Our Self and to Validate our own Truth. I’m imagining we’re on retreat together. We each have our own tiny cabin in the woods. At the center is the Sacred Fire always burning, where we come to release what no longer serves. At night we gather in silence under the stars to gaze into the flames. Guardians and Kitchen Angels are taking care of business and preparing all our meals. No one is teaching us anything. In our own cozy cabin, it’s an inside job. I’ll be meeting you by the fire instead of from behind a computer screen. May we all seize our Joy of Spring and hear it as Mother Earth’s Calling TO LIVE AND BE.



“21-Days of Gratitude” was the ceremony that marked the beginning of this Journal. 21 Days led to 260-days of the Tzolk’in round. In the 7th uinal we exist in the Perfect Balance. Each of the 20 Day Signs in the uinal is in position to reflect their way of Balance. Each one will offer a Divine Perspective from the all-in-one of who we are. I’m beginning 21 days starting today, under Sun/AHAU that will be a guiding light that completes the Whole of Understanding for each perspective of our Truth we can Know about our Self. At the End of 21 days, we’ll arrive at 10 Sun/AHAU, and a manifestation of our own Light of Truth.

Day 2 of 21 Days:

I’m grateful for THE WAY of Creation. I’m grateful that whenever we look for Miracles, Miracles will be found.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Flint/ETZNAB trecena.


4 Crocodile/IMIX (Cherokee Turtle/ DAK’SI   I’SB)

Galactic Tone 4: Stability; the cube is most stable of all forms and establishes volume by definition of height, length, depth and breadth; 4 directions establish orientation. The energy of 4 sets the parameters, which establish the freedoms and barriers needed to create a game, work, or relationship.

Crocodile/IMIX: Crocodile receives messages of primal creative force; simply the beginning of all things. Crocodiles who follow their hearts are seen as genius. There is no order to the primal messages, so Crocodile persons should direct their energies toward practical and cooperative efforts to bring productive results. Crocodiles have a strong nurturing energy and will work hard to provide security to family and friends. Being extremely territorial, Crocodiles must watch not to be over protective or too dominating. While in these states, Crocodiles are insecure, indecisive and emotionally volatile.

Cherokee Turtle/ DAK’SI   I’SB: Turtle Island; direction East. The Turtle Constellation Orion, one of three stars in the Cosmic Egg, to the Maya, the Cosmic Hearth. Turtle is the Energy of Creative force at the one-on-one, personal level; dawn, awakening, birth.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

Keeping a daily journal throughout this trecena will offer a deep reflection to turn to through the transformation of this Tzolk’in round. Journal your inspiration, your Truth and the Prophecy of your future.

A Seed is like a Circle that holds it’s truth with the boundaries of its form. We can draw the Circle as our seed and ask the Creator to Consecrate the Intention as a Sacred Choice. We can hold our own Ritual and Ceremony defining this circle as our Design for our new Seed. By doing this last round, I remembered the Circle. Every Truth, Dream, and Idea written within was added by a Conscious Choice. When we Know the Truth we have included, we’ll turn away from any outside influences of either Truth or Illusion, until we’ve discerned it as a Truth of Happiness we will allow to cross the boundary into the our Circle of Our Own Truth.

We can add the Truth we Know and Stand on and the Truth of Dreams we hope to Create. The 7th uinal reflects the Great Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” It means that what we create in any realm will be Balanced in all others. Gratitude is the “Earth Magic” for Believing. When we count our Blessings, we see the Truth of Dreams that have already come Truth. Seeing our manifested Dreams, we Know the Truth of Miracles.

Click for the Creation Circle Exercise.

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