Greetings Kin,

What if I told you that your inherent thoughts each hour of every day are already written on a calendar? What if you Knew your life is perfectly ordered and Exactly On Time? My Heart’s Desire is to share the Truth that we are living by Divine Time.

My passion is to share a discovery made by an experiential journey through the Tzolk’in calendar, the Sacred Calendar of Human Being. The Maya created calendars for many orbits. The 260-days of the Tzolk’in is Human’s orbit… a journey to an unknown future that returns to the Light of Higher Understanding.

The Tzolk’in Field Guide shares a way to interpret the calendar for yourself. The first publication will be available in early Spring 2020!

For those following my daily journal on, this is also an Announcement of the Divine Means to the End.
There will be some changes in the daily journal so I can focus. I’ve HAVE conceived a way to continue sharing a daily path.

Read on for details and status of publications.

“Burden of Time” – The symbol of the Mayan calendar daykeeper. (c) DMalmos, 2019

For the last 5 years, following the Tzolk’in calendar has been an experiential research project. It was the Divine Inspiration for a last-ditch-effort to save my life. I was willing to follow an ordered journey of thoughts to create a new reality. I discovered the Tzolk’in calendar is an archaeological treasure of Time. It leads a path of synchronicity with universal cycles of Time. The Maya are known as the Lords of Time. They mastered the application of Time for the Divine Intention of Love and Creation. The traditions of the Maya are among the most Loving Ways on Earth.

Human’s “Divine Sense” of Truth is operating all the Time. It’s SO common, we never stop to think about it to conceive a source. A human calendar holds many applications for an Exponential Power of Love… a Power to change our Reality, Manifest our Dreams, and Choose our Experience of Time. The Tzolk’in path leads to the Truth of a Divine Provision and Believing in the Dreams our heart desires. Part of the Genius of the Tzolk’in is its correspondence with every Faith that abides by Love and the Golden Rule. The Tzolk’in is a framework for the daily practice of Faith.

The longer I’ve followed the calendar the more I’ve learned the Tzolk’in shares the Genius of Common Sense. I’m ready for another last Leap of Faith. I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

For those who share my daily journal, I’ll still be present. The only Time to complete the creation is in my “spare time” drawn at all hours. I’ve conceived a way to share the Synchronicity of Time. I’m called to be the student again. The intention is more to share with you.

Here’s the status of Publications:

  • Tzolk’in Calendar Field Guide
    Spiral bound daily reference workbook; a 260-day Tzolk’in guide with suggested exercises and ceremonial observances of the Tzolk’in calendar; the introduction outlines the symbols, numbers, and archetypes of the calendar
    STATUS UPDATE: Completion of the Field Guide is only days away. Many of the resources will be be shared online. There will be a PDF offering in addition to a colorful, spiral-bound to lay flat, 300-page hard copy reference. The Field Guide is designed to be an easy daily reference for the Tzolk’in journey. THE PDF VERSION WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON!
  • Oracle of Initiation Card Deck, from the Mayan Tzolk’in Sacred Calendar of Human
    The card deck offers a way to tune in to the Tzolk’in; the aspects of the Tzolk’in are aligned with the Universal Laws of Spirit shared from as far back as the Emerald Tablets of Hermes; instruction includes operation as a divination tool; the oracle deck is a fun and tactile way to learn the symbols of the Tzolk’in (Who doesn’t have a question about Time? Every day of the Tzolk’in offers a Divine Perspective and Answer of Wisdom that you will conceive for yourself.)
    STATUS UPDATE: With the Field Guide so close to completion, I’m only days away from turning 100% of my focus toward the end of this creation. The creation is special to me, since it incorporates more of my Mayan artwork. The operation was a telepathic download on a day marked by Crocodile/IMIX. IMIX is the archetype of the Mother of Invention that shares Divine Wild Ideas. (There’s Time marked on the calendar for that.) The deck will make learning the calendar fun. I can hardly wait to have them in my own hands.
  • In Lak’ech, a Tzolk’in Count of Days
    My story and a journal from my Count of Days to inspire Your Count of Days; includes the introduction of cycles, symbols, and archetypes for discernment; a 260-day journal to follow or reference as an oracle
    STATUS UPDATE: The introduction of fundamental aspects and the Count of Days is completed for final draft and assembly. Time will tell when this is close enough to predict a publishing date. The Tzolk’in count of days will go into final editing after the Oracle Deck is published.

in lak’ech, i am another you – eager to share the latest creation




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