2 Reed / BEN – Human’s Road to Destiny: Day 2 of 13



2 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 guides the Intention of Duality. We are separated from the One by Human Consciousness of our Self, apart from the Whole. Our Divine Communion began in Unity on Tone 1 with a Divine Inspiration of a New Life ahead. We were given a Light of Possibility. Each Tone represents the inherent thoughts of Creation that can lead us through the day. On the higher scale of the 13-day Galactic Week, the thoughts that were ordered by the Hour are given their own day.

In the 2nd Hour, we raise our head from the pillow of a Divine Dream filled with Hope and Unlimited Possibility. That was our Light from Above. The next inherent thoughts we have is our own ways and means to carry it out. As a Being of Duality, we figure things out by a comparison between one thing and another. As we try to conceive our own way, we may look at yesterday. What could we do differently today? Human thoughts can lead us to compare our self to someone else, how we are more or less equipped for the task. What was it that prevented us from choosing what we truly wanted to do? What was the obstacle? How will we move beyond it?

2 Reed/BEN guides the way. Reed/BEN is the guiding Light for Home and Family. The first thing we can do is to approach the Intention with the Consciousness of the Whole. Reed/BEN guides the body of thought that is held by the head of a family. When we are placed in charge of the children, we inherent’y know it’s TIME to walk the walk. For the Love of THEIR future, we invest our Self in Higher Intentions of Being.

BEN guides us to lead with a “garden hose” and not with a “steel pipe.” One bends to pour out the Blessings of Living Light. The other only hurts. BEN’s greatest Power is believing in their own Truth and the Power of calling upon a Divine Agency. We are never intended to press our Truth on another. We are all in different places of Understanding for a Divine Meaning and Purpose. We can’t be TOLD what to believe, we have to Conceive our Own Truth of the Light. BEN’s greatest demonstration is holding Faith in our own Prayers for the Whole. We take away the Gift of Knowing we CAN figure things out, and only make it harder when we press on a Truth that took us years to learn. A Light of Hope is given when we stand for a Light that was given within in perfect Harmony and Equity. All the ways of Faith are promised to lead us to a Higher End of Divine Understanding. To reach the end of the journey, we have to keep moving on. Our greatest gift to a new generation is our Faith in their Faith and the Hopes of their Dreams – no matter where they are in the Realization, every moment of their experience is an integral part of the Wisdom of THEIR experience.

Reed/BEN illustrates an altar with channels of Light shining down from Above, and Below, the prayer mats where a Human of Duality kneels in Humility to the Light. The Elders always taught that Reed was an open channel for Divine Communion. To receive the full Light from Above, we have to be the “hollow bone.” We have to lay down in Humility, any idea that we are the only one that can figure it out. The more we bend to the Light Above, the more we See and Acknowledge the Truth that it is NOT up to us to Know everything, but to be Open to Know the Light that will be given as a Divine Inheritance of the Scion. The best way to receive the Light is by the Humility to leave all our Human ideas at an altar in the Hands of the One Above.


Reed/BEN resides in the East, the Direction of every Sunrise that begins the day with a Dream. We can hang all our Dreams on the Brightest Star that leads us West, into the Unknown Possibilities of a Divine Life. Reed/BEN holds the Element of Fire that transmutes matter from one form to another. When we offer our Self as a Human Living Sacrifice, the Fire will burn away the Flesh of Earth so we can Rise from the Ashes.

All our thoughts are known in the One Divine Mind of Consciousness. The One Above is always present for us in a Divine Communion. On Tone 2 our Heart expresses a Love for the Dream as we consider our own strengths and our Human limitations. The darkness is our fear of the “impossibility” of our own means to carry it out. Our heart is convicted by something We Love when we see it could always lie just beyond our reach. Our Divine Dreams DO lie beyond our limitations. When we turn these thoughts over the Highest One Above sees the True Condition of our Heart to know the Miracle that we COULD see as the Divine Justice for our Love.

With the Vigilance and Perseverance to face the darkness, the Sacred Exchange from the One Above will be to lead us to the Truth and Power of Love that we are yearning to know. In the Light of a New Sunrise, we’ll wake from a Dream shared from Above that will stand for our Leap of Faith.

Tone 2 is the first movement of human thoughts to imagine a Dream and how it Could be. We have yet to receive the WHOLE Light of a way. Because we reached to Know with Humility, we were opened to Receive the Light. This is not a day to Move in the world – not yet. The HIGHEST of ALL our ways is to prepare our Self to Listen, and ASK to know there is a Divine Provision for all our limitations. There are 12 hours of Light that lead to the 13th hour when we enter a dream in the darkness.

Our fears present us with an illusion that there’s never enough Time. Surely we must be behind everyone else, still unworthy. Every step of dark and light is Divinely Meant to Be, so that through the Wisdom of our Own Experience we can know the Truth. A Divine Hand will reach down with a Provision for everything, when we reach the Limits of Human Faith. Because we were given a Choice, we might choose to avoid the Time for this step. We’re afraid to look at our weaknesses. Maybe we think they could prove our dreams are impossible, we have to try so many times to claim our own Higher Ground. We might be afraid to realize that our Dreams ARE impossible.

Under a cycle of Darkness – the application of Truth that we already know about and hope to Believe, is the only way through. We can conceive that Truth, when we think that a Light Above shines upon us and Loves the Dreams we hold dear in our Heart. The Elders say the Breakdown is always the Breakthrough. If we can imagine our thoughts are Seen and Acknowledged from Above, we can imagine how they tell a story of everything that we need for Faith to be Changed to Believing.

To all my relations, may we remember that we are Atoned through an Offering. The Elders say to bring the gift of equal value for what we hope and expect to receive. Our Greatest Acknowledgement of the One Above is the Offering of our Dream. As we discover what we hold so Dear that we would invest our selves to reach for it beyond all hope, we conceive a Light that can be our Highest Offering. We can wholly invest our Faith in the One Above, when we offer a Dream we Love in Faith, standing on a Truth that our Human Dreams always fall short of a Destiny that the Highest One has in store.

May we claim the Power for all our Dreams by “giving up” in Humility to the One who can guide the High, Higher, and Highest Inspiration for OUR Dream, manifested by the Highest Order so that We will BELIEVE the Truth, and Our Light will shine for the Whole. May we remember our Dreams are Inspired from Above. A Divine Consciousness of Unconditional Love doesn’t share a Dream that’s impossible. The Creator’s Sacred Exchange is a Divine Provision, that WILL manifest our Divine Dreams for Love, though the end will be Higher than we could Humanly imagine. It will bear the Signature of a Miracle. We’ll see where a Divine Hand left its mark.

May we support the Truth of the Whole to uphold our Highest Intention of Right Relationship. ALL truth is worthy when we are kneeling in humility. One Above can raise us to a Higher Truth, when we are CONSCIOUS of the Truth that we believe. If we are upholding an illusion as the Truth, we will be conscious to see how a Higher Light breaks through and darkness is torn away. The Road to our Destiny is led by our Conscious thoughts and choices. We can see where thoughts lead through Vigilant Consciousness. We can track our mind to make Conscious Choices about the thoughts we will Engage and Follow. It may feel hard at first, because we’re starting over from a place of inertia. We haven’t established a rhythm and flow of movement – a habit of turning away from darkness and back to the light.

May we remember there is a Divine Agency working on our behalf, along with the Divine Mind that imagined our end. May we not rely on FEELING what’s going on. There is a Divine Medicine work that is being carried out by Unseen Forces behind the scenes. In Humility we will remember how little we know, and the Only One who knows the Sum of our Experience and WHY we Hope for the Dream.

May we be convicted at an altar by the Truth of the Place we have to go to Always be in the Light that Knows we Can and because we Love, God Will. May we imagine how much we LOVE the Dream, so it can be our Highest Offering when we give it away to the Brightest Light of our Life, Love, and Happiness.

May we dare to imagine our Highest Dream and kneel together, each bending to the Light in our own Divine Way. May we do it For One Another and the Whole, so ALL will See the Miracle. May we all give up our own Dream for One Dream to be Reunited in the Light by an Unseen Power of Divine Love.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
 for an overview of this trecena and a Count of Days that includes the aspects for each day. 

My gift for the Tzolk’in round is the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.” Volume 1 covers the first two seasons of the Tzolk’in round. The “Field Guide” is available to download from a link on the 13-day Trecena Guide Page.

2 Reed/BEN (Cherokee, Reed/I’HYA)

Galactic Tone 2: Mysterious as the question ‘to be or not to be?” Two is the recognition of the separation of self from all else and the desire to be rejoined. Walking a balance while making choices of all kinds, light/dark, male/female, good/bad, Yin/Yang, is the energy of this number. Experiencing the differences between one and another is the use and purpose of this number.

Reed/BEN: Reed persons are the spiritual essence, protectors and guiding light for family and home. They are competent speakers who will take up a cause. Very tough and analytical, Reeds endeavor to bring peace, harmony and order to all o their relations. Reeds are blessed with great skill at negotiations and consoling which are very often put to the test. Although Reeds need a lot of appreciation, may have marriage or business problems because of inflexible vies and high expectations, which erode affinity. The lesson for Reed is to be like a garden hose, not a steel pipe. Bless or repair your house.

Cherokee, Reed/I’HYA: REED- Symbol-Reed is the Earth, reflection of the Star Chaga of Pollux. Reed made up the Magician Twins who led the journey to bring back to life the daughter of the Sun. The Casket is Gemini.  Energy for Intellectual minds, creation, re-creation, new directions, breaking the ties that bind.  A trailblazer and leader. From the East, direction of success and happiness, no matter what route is taken, always ending up in the Light.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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