10 Road / EB – A Prayer for the Lion’s Gate (08/08/2021)



To the High, Higher and Highest ONE,

I am so grateful and offer my thanks on behalf of the Whole…

Your Divine ways cover every limitation. I claim for ALL, the FORCE OF LOVE is the Power Beyond Understanding.

I’m grateful that even in our “Not Knowing” we DO know where to turn our Last Hope.

I’m grateful when we do give up, you are already waiting, and seeing how we gave it ALL to Know.

On behalf of the Whole I Offer my Gratitude and Appreciation for the Light that marks a new beginning and another chance to Live Again.

I’m grateful for Light you fill up in our body from our toes to our Crown, so what no longer serves the Body, Mind, and Spirit is burned away.

Thank you for Signs of Love you give for the future, and for Caring to Know us so well – all for the Dream of Our Divine Justice.


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