7 Sun / AHAU – Vision Quest: Day 7 of 13


Published: 02/17/2021


7 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

On Peak Tone 7 we reach the Balance at the top of the pyramid. The Intention of Tone 7 is Reflection from the Holy of Holies where we can see the Truth of “all that is” and “all that is not.” The Number 7 reflects the Great Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” Tone 7 reflects the Power to create our own Reality.

Our experience of Reality is an expression of what we believe. What we believe is only a reflection of we think is “all that is.” We do see “all that is.” We don’t know the whole truth of an experience until it happens to us. We’ve seen how one experience can turn out in an entirely different way for someone else. While we can believe that a Promise is True, we can still believe we could be the one exception to the rule.

The Maya saw the top of the pyramid as Human’s highest effort to reach the Light Above. Above the canopy was a vision from Above that was always waiting there that sheds a whole new light on the story. From Above they could see all the paths that were followed to the same place. The Maya believed there was always Higher Ground.

From the top of the pyramid, they saw the Reflection the Jaguar saw on the surface of the water. There was a light of Beauty shining above, somewhere beyond the trees. The Peak of our Climb is a Reflection on the Truth of Love for the final leap of Faith through the threshold to the Higher Light Above.

The Jaguar/IX trecena is our first climb in the darkness of Human’s application of the Truth. Sun/AHAU is the Divine Father that was waiting for us at the Peak of our 1st climb. As it is in the beginning, we remember from the last ending, the Ascension of the Tzolk’in round on 13 Sun/AHAU.

Sun/AHAU shines the Light that raises the Truth from the shadows and the Truth that’s hidden in plain sight. The all-in-one at the end, promised to be with us through every climb. On 7 Sun/AHAU we will see what we CAN do with a Divine Creator by our side. 7 Sun/AHAU will reveal the Beauty that we can claim by an Intention to See. 13 Sun/AHAU will wait to reveal the Dream in the end, when a Divine One carries it the rest of the way.

With every encounter of Sun/AHAU we can expect a Revelation of Light. Sun/AHAU is the symbol of a Supreme Creator, human’s source of Light, Life, and Happiness. AHAU is a Master of Every Thing, a warrior of Light that knows ALL the Truth Above. Sun/AHAU is the Divine Masculine, the Reflection of what every Divine Father should be.

We looked up to the one with all the muscles, the one who carries out the business of life. We see the Heart of the one that is always holding us. It takes longer to know a Light that comes and goes. When we were small we must have wondered at the “big world outside.” In Time we learn the Light always returned and in Truth, we were always on our Father’s mind. He was there, like he never went away. And, when he returned, his stories shined a light on the mystery that waited in our future.

Through the Light that seized our Heart we know the Unseen Power of a Divine Hand that wants to hold our Human hand and lead us to the place of Knowing. Even a Human father dreams of a child that will want to follow in its footsteps, or at least honor the work that supported Life and a Family. What takes time to see, Unseen on the inside, we hold a Divine Mother and a Divine Father within. Mother rules our Heart and Father guides our mind. Father “sees what is” and Mother “sees what could be” in the Name of Love.

We see how gender is a major issue of our identity. Maybe the conflict started without the Wisdom to honor both sides of our self. If we were given a female body, then we have to be soft. It IS very hard from my experience as a woman not to lean toward the softer side. It feels harder to stand my ground, for what others might “think” is too outspoken or opinionated. Weak. It seems like it would be easier to be “strong” if I were dressed in men’s clothes. From the center of the Tzolk’in calendar we can see that a Divine Mother has claws and a Divine Father holds the Will to Love. A Divine Father loves every expression that we can identify as a body of Consciousness and Light. A Divine Mother knows the most Beautiful expression of ALL Things that we could be.

Sun/AHAU resides in the South, the direction of Relationships with one another and with the Natural World. AHAU shines the Light for Right Relationships. Sun/AHAU loves ALL things and shines for the Living Things that Grow in the Light.  The One that holds the Authority over Life holds the Strength of Divine Will. AHAU shares the Will to Be, and the Sense to know all the Divine Talent we were given to share.

Through a connection to the Heart of Sky, Sun/AHAU shines on the Promise to always be there by our side. We’ll know the Truth applies to us, when a Light shines on the Promise from Above. This is a Day to Honor the Truth of a Light that shines for us that knows the way to the Life of our Dreams, and has already seen the Beauty we will be in the end.

We are the New Seed that must make a whole journey through the darkness to the Light of Day. One Above knows we need a Vision that we can see and believe to reach the end. We are connected to know in a tangible way so Human can see “all that is” lying just beyond “all that is not.” In the Balance we see the Light of Truth, the Divine One Above didn’t measure the distance we grew, only the Intention to reach a Higher Place.

I think I hit my limit on the first try to forgive. Looking back over the past few days, it’s hard to see Faith in one Above with so many Human Being who seem to be heading in another direction. It was a lonely climb, forgotten, can’t get a COVID shot, yet I’m supposed to carry on. The only place I FELT Love was Up Above. I know it’s not the Truth, so why does it still hurt so bad? Relationships that have been torn apart weigh heavy, when it feels like everyone has forgotten Love we once knew. After a year of isolation, gatherings with Human Beings to laugh and have fun feels like a far-off distant memory. The Love that made it feel that way is the particle that feels missing, even if we tried. GOD KNOWS it’s Time for the Light to break, the One with the Promise of a Divine Provision.

A Divine Authority can draw the Whole into a Divine Communion again. We don’t have to question the prayer, when we Remember we are the Children of the One of Highest Beauty. The Maya saw the Sun as the Way Station of Light from the Universe. We are children from beyond the stars we see. Even the Air we breathe is a Gift of Hydrogen from the Universe, shared from the Solar winds of the Sun. We were created to be a Star. We weren’t given the Inherent Talent to Love without an Audience to play our song. The Universe is Conscious of our Light that travels forever. Maybe from the “other side” we are the meteor showers of Light streaming by toward the Divine Destination somewhere in the darkness. We are MORE than Human Beings. Through a Light of Consciousness, we can shape-shift to the Consciousness of Everything.

We can imagine Love from every perspective. We can see it in the darkness, when we hold the Truth of the Power. When we can’t see all the love through our own eyes, the world has other eyes to see. The Truth of Love is always marked by its Beauty.

When we grow up and Know that Love is a Creation for the Whole to share in Harmony and Equity, we were given another way to see it in our Time and Place. It’s only hard for Human when we think that Love is only happening for someone else. How could we miss the Truth that when we See Love, we Feel it too. It only hurts when we want it all for our Self. Beauty is the Truth that Love is shared with the Whole.

Sun/AHAU can make ALL Love Beautiful, when we know our Time is Written for the same Divine End. When we Know Divine Love within our Grasp, we can admire the Beauty that will come around to us.

On 7 Sun/AHAU we are given the Light to see that Believing will keep us on the Road to the end and the Meaning for our Time. AHAU is the Lord of Time and the Calendar. Human Beings can attempt to change Divine Time that tells the story of our synchronicity with the Universe. Though, no Human Being can change the Sacred Light of Day.

In the calculation of Earth’s Time on any day, the Time is approximate. Only when Venus transits the Sun do all the calendars reflect the perfect time all at once. Time was intended as a mystery, never to be fully known on Earth. The Light of Faith depends on not-knowing. The Divine Choice is ours to make in Faith to the very last breath. Time is up when the Truth is revealed and we no longer need Faith to see the Light.

We can see an exponential factor in Time, how sometimes it speeds up and at others, slows down. Time always goes faster when we’re having fun, and slower when we’re pushing beyond human limits. In the Light of AHAU we realize a place where Time stands still for Love. Love is a state-of-mind that once we see, we can’t forget. It’s Divine when we finally know our own Power to Create the Experience. It’s a Leap of Faith that the Creator guaranteed to be met by a Blessing of Divine Justice.

To all my relations, may we give thanks for what is only the Beginning of the Light that will shine for us. May we turn to the One Above to see the Truth of Who we are and the Truth that we are Loved forever, marked by Beauty to the end. May we kneel to the One that can share the Will and the Way to carry on a Bigger Life, outside the boundaries of Love we first knew. May we cross the threshold to the Truth kneeling in Gratitude for a Light that has appeared for every Sunrise.

May we see the Light that shines for us in every Choice to Forgive. We couldn’t have done it without a Divine Reason. May we give thanks for the Perception of Beauty to see Love all around to remind us which way to turn. May we use the Light to look up close and far away at Love that is our Destiny. In the Light of the Highest One may we see through the Eyes Above that we ARE the Scion. Nothing else on Earth can shine like we do, when we don’t have to Love and Love is our Choice.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

I’m grateful that a Divine Creator knows when we need to know a Higher Truth of Love.

VISION QUEST: The Ceremonial Feast

The end of the 4-day Sun/Moon Dance ceremony the fast of food and water was broken by the Water Blessing. The first food was watermelon. We left the “realm of Spirit” beyind in the dance corral to enter life again. Those who danced and those who watched over in support gathered as One for the Celebration Feast. The kitchen angels prepared the food in a Sacred and Worthy way. The first plate was always shared with Spirit, usually left by a tree where the dogs were always the first to find it. In the Blessing we touched the food on our plate to remember the Sacrifice of another Life. We honored the field and family from which it was taken, and every Human that had a hand in bringing it to the table – their hopes and their dreams. ALL the Love was gathered for the nourishment of a New Life, given a Higher Consciousness of Love.

We were told to drive with care going home as we may still be “invisible” on  the road. We were told to shield our eyes from others for the Light that was held within. If we were traveling home by air, we were instructed to sit with our back to a wall at the airport, and cover our chest. Others may be attracted to the Light and draw it away without knowing a meaning and purpose. A Divine Creator intended a Spiritual Experience as the Sacred Exchange for our climb. A Light that will shine directly from Above, is the Light for us to hold and grow as our Power of Love. By Human Nature, we long to run and share an experience, but we can’t share what can only be known from Above. Every Human Being will receive their share through a New Power of Forgiveness, Tolerance, and Understanding that we can share along the way.

The Vision Quest we carried out Below is only the beginning. It was our investment in a Divine Cause for a Divine Effect. Today a Higher Light will share the Divine Will to Love. Forgiveness that looked so hard will become easy, when we see the Light shining in our Father’s eyes. AHAU shines the Light for us KNOW LOVE in a tangible way that’s REAL. We can’t see the change now, but we will know it when we realize it’s “easier to Love.” We’ll know when we see someone else receive the Blessing, and we’re Grateful for what they found, because it means we’ll find it too. The Truth will be beyond our imagination to know, and a Divine One will make it Real in Time.

The Daykeeper Resources menu offers a link to a Vision Quest Ceremony for the Night/AKBAL trecena. The Intention of that Vision Quest was to imagine our wildest dreams. This one is different by an Intention of Time dedicated to Silence and Invisibility to Receive a Divine Dream from Above. We are called to be the “hollow bone” in Humility to a Higher One Above. The information that’s shared can be applied in a different way for this purpose, Your Way. Vision Quest Ceremony 


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for highlights of the Jaguar/IX trecena.
The “Tzolk’in Field Guide” includes a Count of Days and aspects for days and the trecena.

Links to download Volumes 1 and 2 are included.

7 Sun/AHAU (Cherokee, Flower/GUN’TSI EK)

Galactic Tone 7: Reflective. Seven stands as a mirror to divide light and dark and to reflect all that is and is not. Seven is associated with the source of creation and the flow of Divine Will. With a keen sense of ethics, Seven establishes purpose to current and future goals.

Sun/AHAU: Day of the ancestors and connection to their guidance. The divine face of the sun – lord, musician, singer, dancer, and marksman. Suns are artistic, heroic athletes, visionaries with wise judgment who lead and defend the people. So much is expected from themselves and by other people that unfulfilled expectations are a certainty. An accumulation of these disappointments may lead Sun to evade responsibilities, not accept corrections and even build resentment and disdain towards others. Suns should simplify their lives to be able to rise and shine with unconditional love once again.

Cherokee, Flower/GUN’TSI EK: Symbol is the Sun, place of abode of Great Spirit. The Sun creates, nurtures and is the super communicator, the way station that relays messages and energy from other stars in the galaxy; provides energy for channeling information from the Ancestors; speaking the Living Language of Light, which ignites the consciousness in others. Gold is the color of courage and opportunity of wealth. Creative arts, master craftsman expressing divinity and wisdom through their creations. The face of the flower follows the Sun gathering the fire of creativity, illuminating harmony and balance, resonating peace and continuity within the human spirit. This is the Sign of the Chalice of the Infinite, Caldron of Creation.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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