Reblog – Yolanda’s Photo, from an angle

Yolanda och hennes kreativa skrik ~ Aspergers syndrom, bipolaritet, fotografi, konst, poesi.

Yolanda and Her Creative Scream ~ Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolarity, Photography, Art, Poetry.

You have to go to Yolanda’s site to see this awesome photo and others, and more. 🙂 It says it says it all in a photo.

I once asked Joseph Rael, “Beautiful Painted Arrow,” for advice on a matter. We were sitting on the dirt in the floor of Minisa Crumbo Halsey’s Peace Chamber, now the Longhouse at Spirit Horse Ranch in Oklahoma.

He told me to illustrate the people/situations with some rocks. The play was like paper dolls with rocks… my delima. He got up and told me to get up. He guided me to take a step to the right. Then we sat back down. He said to look at it again from this angle. AND, IT REALLY DID make a difference. (There’s a Spiritual Tool for you.)

Yolanda’s photo reminds me I can look at this angle ANY time. (AND, I just saw a youtube video about how to take better pictures, looking from an angle.)

You have to go to see the photo bigger on her page.  Visit Now. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Reblog – Yolanda’s Photo, from an angle

  1. Reminds me, one time he had us, or someone else, make a stone outline of us while lying down, get up and observe.

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