11 Dog / OC – Holding on to the Light: Day 11 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,

As soon as we claim something we love, our thought turn to tomorrow. Yet, Human is limited to see Beauty when it becomes an everyday experience. The Dog is the perfect example of one who remembers the limitations of Love. When the Highest One is our Object of Affection there will be something new for every day.

The “dark” and “light” days have felt like extremes during this Time. That’s a good way to remember, “tomorrow IS another day.” I’m learning to find balance taking bigger steps, two at a time. I’ve been grateful for Spiritual Tools. All I have to do is light some candles to know I’m Seen and Acknowledged from Above. A Supreme Creator never forsakes us, I know that.

I hope you’re taking life in stride. There’s always beauty and peace waiting on the inside, and when Love appears to be gone we will see it again.

all my love, in lak’ech, Debra

(Angels are messengers of Light.) 


Snell’s Law of Refraction is:  ni sin(θi)=nr sin( θr) – Don’t ask me to explain that.

When Light hits a raindrop:

  • Part of the incoming ray is reflected back to the atmosphere (indicated by ray number 1). The intensity of each polarized component is shown along the ray path.
  • Part of the light refracts into the drop, then refracts back to the atmosphere (ray number 2).
  • Some reflects from the drop’s inner surface, and refracts back to the atmosphere (ray number 3). This gives rise to the ordinary rainbow.
  • Some reflects twice inside the drop, then refracts back to the atmosphere.(ray number 4) This gives rise to the secondary rainbow that is sometimes seen.

As best I can understand, the “1st Ray” is Red, the color with the lowest vibration (the root chakra). The “2nd Ray” is light refracted from inside the drop, a different time and place. The “3rd Ray” is reflected from the inside surface. And, the “4th Ray” is created when the “1st Ray” is refracted 2 times. The light hits our eyes from 2 different angles.

So, Human is an integral part of the creation of a rainbow. And, the most beautiful colors are created, reflecting back from within.

On the scale of colors and rainbows, the Creator intends for us to see Beauty from 2 angles. Colors hold a power of influence.


Pink is thought to have a calming effect. 1) One shade known as “drunk-tank pink” is sometimes used in prisons to calm inmates. While pink’s calming effect has been demonstrated, researchers of color psychology have found that this effect only occurs during the initial exposure to the color. Source

The only way to “feel pink” is to keep seeing it again, like the first time.

A Supreme Creator has an unlimited number of ways to share the Experience of Love. We can’t sustain it. Too much love can become “everyday” fast – sometimes even annoying. LOL (The Monkey/CHUEN always shows up with Dog/OC. 11 Dog appears to be a day we’re all in our head.

until we meet again,
love, in lak’ech, Debra

Archangel Chamuel
Chamuel, the archangel of peaceful relationships, is in charge of the pink angel light ray. People sometimes ask for Chamuel’s help to: discover more about God’s love, find inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, forgive people who have hurt or offended them, find and nurture romantic love, and reach out to serve people in turmoil who need help to find peace. Source

Archangel Chamuel Will Help You Manifest Love And Abundance in Your Life ☯174


The Journals BEFORE, After:
Published: March 19, 2021 (03/19/2021)
11 Dog/OC, Kin 50 

11 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the Intention of Resolution. Truth is made clear, and the Light shines the way. The change in us is completed by a Divine Agency. The 11th Tone is compared to a pair of Divine antennae that tunes us in to a Higher Frequency of thought. Higher Truth of our Creation is the Light to lead us on, “hereby resolving” the Choice of our Own Divine Way.

Numbers are a Universal Language that speak to us in Divine Ways, as symbols. So are the words in every language an expression of the Light within, holding the same meaning – “language” to express the Truth within. The number 11, 12, 13 are “Mayan Master Numbers.” They reflect the Numbers of Divine Justice, for the One that Manifests (10) the Creation by claiming the Truth.

In the Transformation phase of the 13-day climb to Ascension, the 11, 12, and 13, represent the rise to a Higher State of Mind. In every Human transformation, there is a cause and effect that manifests the Before and After. What Human can’t account for by the limits of our understanding is the “ever-after” effect, Time beyond our own Creation.

Number 11 is the Divine Inspiration – a Higher End that was Unseen, now Seen. Number 12 is the Human Understanding drawn together by the Creator’s Light of Truth. Number 13 is the Truth we Believe, an Answer to our Prayer… knowing we DID reach Higher Ground, and there’s so much  farther that we could go.

This round of the Tzolk’in, our Human calendar is synchronized for the same Master Days of Light, expressed by Mother Earth and Father Sky. The Spring Equinox is the “Before” on the scale of a Universal Experience. The Fall Equinox is the “After.” We could see the Before and After as One Season for our Spirit to see the Cause and Effect of Love in the world below. Through the Fall and Winter, life slows down and the Sun stops in place at the Center, after we’ve counted the Blessings of a Harvest, and entered the Dreamtime of Winter to conceive the Light for our New Dreams of Spring.

Watercolor, Acrylic Pen, Digital After-effects

We wonder at the Old Ones who created archeological wonders to mark the Times. They are Our Witness to the Truth that for ALL Time, Humanity has marked the 3 days for a Divine Meaning and Purpose. Whether we know all the details we can all agree – there was a Reason, and it was Divine. From the Highest Perspective of the Biggest Picture, we were given the Gift of Duality to know one thing from another. If there was a Time that held a Divine Purpose that has been remembered forever, then we can believe that ALL Time is the Same. All Time has a Divine Meaning and Purpose. Now is a Time Given to See it.

Dog/OC resides in the North, the direction of Wisdom. OC holds the Element of Air, the Breath of Life and the Breath of Spirit. On Tone 11 the Mayan priest climbs to the Highest Altar with the Offering of Creation, to claim what the One Above says is True. We have to reach higher through all the 12 steps to the 13 to manifest the Whole Truth a Divine Creator intends for us to see.

03/19/2021 reflects the Divine Numbers 3 and 19… 3 is the Trinity and 19 is the “signature of God.” It’s the Plain Truth the Sun/AHAU would have us see. 9 is the Number that completes a Whole Investment of the Heart. Forgiveness is the Key as a “sacrifice” invested by the Heart. The Highest Clearest and Most Accurate Truth is that Human is unable, by our own Power to ever Wholly Invest all the Love that Equals the Creator’s Sacred Exchange. We will always come up one step short of giving EVERYTHING. It was the way “signed and sealed” as Divine by the Creator – the Light of Truth that we would Give Everything if we could, from the Little bit of God’s Light we CAN see. We were marked by the 19 for the Intention to Love Back, the Living Proof we see something Greater.

11 Dog/OC shines the Holy Light of Unconditional Love as the Last Reflection of Light, before a New Season of Before and After begins. The Creator is marking an experience of our Life as “finished” – led by the Year Bearer 9 Earth/CABAN (a way of movement is “finished” on Mother Earth). The Last Highest Light of Truth is Seeing and Believing the Truth of the Creator’s Love as a Divine Communion to the very “Ends” of ALL Time – the Truth and Light of Love.

Meteora Mountains, Greece – A Divine refuge on Higher Ground, once established, you must be lifted up to see. It was claimed as a stronghold for Faith to stand from as far back as the 9th century, and still stands.

Dog/OC is the Highest Demonstration, holding Position 10 in the order of the Day Signs. 11 Dog/OC magnifies the Light of 1, the symbol of the 1st, the highest priority, the beginning, the Only, the Sole Author, the “One Thing” that was the Whole Reason To Be. The Dog Loves the Whole Pack and leaves the Scent of a Trail. Through ALL our Senses to Know Love, a Divine Master 1 Above will raise our Faith to Believe, beyond the Divine Justice of all our Earthly “here’s” and “now’s” to the Higher Truth of Forever.

The Sacred Breath of Spirit can change our mind to raise the Wisdom of Love. By Divine Law there is something beyond cause and effect. When the 2 are finished as 1, the Divine Trinity always creates another Beginning and the Dream for a New Life. THEN, the Creator’s Dream is FINISHED for the Living Love we Created to carry on.

May we turn to a Dog to see what a Divine Life was meant to be. The Dog is a creature of opportunity. A New Life lies before us in the Here and Now. There are Times and Places marked to see the Truth. The cycle guided by the Sun/AHAU shares the Light of Revelation to See our Self, and our Time and Place… asking the same questions, reaching for a Divine Reason to Love the Time we were given.

11 Dog/OC raises the Light on the Creation that was Manifested by a Divine Communion. We see the Divine Value of the Offering. We see clearly that Love became visible through every Act of Forgiveness. Someone else could see their own light. We KNOW how WE are changed by it. We don’t need to turn to another Human Being to manifest our Dreams, though we are empowered by Love when someone hopes and dreams along with us… when someone Believes in us.

Every climb Human makes is only a Step on a Higher Scale. Every 13 days, we climb stair after stair, trying to tell if we’re making any ground. When Divine Agency steps in we see the Truth through the Leap of Consciousness shared by the One Above. On behalf of the Human who has to wait 9 months to see what we will be, there are Leaps of Faith along the way and Unseen Truth that we can Feel.

To all my relations, may we give thanks for a Beautiful Life. May we consider all the ways we could See it and Know it as the Offering we give back. In the Offering may we kneel in Humility to the One who saw it all and shared more than we could see, so there would always be something Brand New and Beautiful for every new beginning.

May we feel the Wind in our Hair and take a Sacred Breath to Remember the Truth that Beauty is Created by Love.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN

On Saint Patrick’s Day I learned the legend of the “Salmon of Knowledge” by Irish lore. There was a huge salmon that lived in a pool near the shore, holding the Wisdom of all Time. It was said who caught and ate it would be gifted with the salmon’s knowledge. A wealthy landowner caught the prize and called upon a boy to prepare the meal. In the process, the boy stuck his finger in the salmon’s mouth, then tasted his finger to see if it was done. It only took the first taste for the boy to receive all the knowledge of the salmon. Divine Truth is like that, when one taste of it is never enough. I also learned about another Irish Saint Brendan, the Navigator who made the Voyage to the Promised Land. (Another mystical ferryman who holds a torch aloft for passage to the “otherside.”)

I’m grateful we are lifted by the One to Higher Ground, and that Truth is a Light that descends from Above.  


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
 for a daily aspects of the Sun/AHAU trecena.

My gift for the Tzolk’in round is the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.

Volume 1 covers the first two seasons of the Tzolk’in round. The “Field Guide” is available to download from a link on the 13-day Trecena Guide Page.



11 Dog/OC (Cherokee, Wolf/KANA’TI)

Galactic Tone 11: Resolution; 11 assists every new thing to find its place in the universe in the process of ‘fitting in.’ some modifications must occur. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions facilitating change, simplification and improvement.

 Dog/OC: Courageous, loyal and warm-hearted, very alert and valiant, people born of Dog are respected for their sense of justice and their protection. People born of the sun sign Dog are very sensual and know how to enjoy life. Playfulness and a good understanding of the basic human nature lead to prosperity for Dog. Dogs are good team players who love to travel and have a keen sense of their position in society. Dogs are ambitious and will take opportunities when they offer themselves, including infidelities. Dog persons share the nature of coyotes, spies, wolves and lawyers.

Cherokee, Wolf/KANA’TI: Wolf is symbolized by Sirius (Dog star) and Antares, one or the other always visible but never at the same time.  Wolf is our brother, shares our very roots.  All dogs are domesticated wolves, companionship and guidance.  Wolves are a connecting link between the worlds; ones who inspire loyalty, diplomacy and sense of humor with unlimited potential.  Wolf is the Day Sign of teachers, healers, pathfinders and transformers; sharp as obsidian, gentle as a lamb. OC-Totem –Dog:  Loyalty and faithfulness that survives beyond death.  This was the first day of creation energy in this 4th world, sets the energy for love, loyalty and faithfulness on the 5200 year cycle.  Heart chakra energy is involved so that we can move to the state of “unconditional love” with compassion.  All sexual desire issues that are not in harmony will surface to be cleared.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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