Prayer for Instant Manifestation

The Morning Chorus

In this Time that holds the Intention to Instantly Manifest the Truth and Multiply Love to Abundance, I claim one Truth from Above on behalf of the whole.

By the Universal LAW of Cause and Effect, if we are Only Now Seeing a Divine Change in our Self, it’s the Beginning of a New Experience. I claim it’s Common Sense to KNOW our future will never be the same as the past.

On behalf of the Whole I pray,

Divine Father – Raise us ALL to love the Truth we need to learn to manifest our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations for Life, Love, and Happiness. May we Imagine a Divine creation of Harmony, Love, Peace, and Right Relationship that can be the Vision for our Dreams.

Help us to See, Know, and Feel that we are no exception to Your Promise. Only You backed Your Word with a Covenant, governed by Universal Laws of Your Divine Design.



MANIFESTATION IS FINISHED THE MOMENT WE CLAIM THE TRUTH THAT’S HIGHER THAN WE KNEW BEFORE. We can NEVER Unsee the Truth. Our unconscious mind will “roll with it” even if we try to deny it.

We can LOVE the TRUTH, no matter how it hurts, when we KNOW we’re still Loved and are FREE to imagine a BRAND NEW LIFE. When we can imagine Higher Ground, we’re as good as there.  We learn even More Truth along the way.

I’m praying for you. Pay it forward to the ones who weigh heavy on your heart. Then, pray for an enemy, just the same. Our Forgiveness is a Divine Offering, and the Hand we can offer in the world below. Together, we could flash the first sign of a new constellation that shines forever, gathering all the stars back together as One to complete the Personification of the Creator’s Light.

love, in lak’ech, Debra


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