Solar Activity and Potential Effects

Solar Activity: Solar Dynamics Observatory

If your sleep patterns and moods have been disrupted, Solar flares may have something to do with it. 

Heliophysicist (Sun Scientist), Dr. C Alex Young (@thesuntoday)They just keep coming! M&M&M&M…AR3165 and a few of its friends just keep going. Over the past 3 days, there have been 25 M flares. And it looks like there is another region coming around the bend into view. Will it bring more of the same?

Sun activity: So long, AR3165
Posted by C. Alex Young and Raúl Cortés
December 17, 2022

Today’s top news: After the storm comes the calm. We had two days of intense flaring earlier this week, but now sun activity is back to moderate levels with only two M flares in the past 24 hours. AR3165 blasted out both of them, after producing 32 M flares and many C flares within the past 72-hour period. Carried westward by the sun’s rotation, AR3165 is now located at the sun’s southwest limb. Soon it’ll pass out of our sight. So long and farewell, AR3165! We’re now seeing two coronal holes almost centered over the solar central meridian. One is in the sun’s northern hemisphere, and the other is in the sun’s southern hemisphere.

Last 24 hours: Sun activity is back to moderate, with only two M class flares in the past day. There were 20 flares in total in the past day: two M class flares from AR3165, and 18 C flares (14 from AR3165). The largest blast of the day was an M2.46 at 14:40 UTC on December 16, 2022. Today, the sun bears seven labeled active regions.

Next 24 hours: The forecast is for a 99% chance for C flares, a 70% chance for M flares, and a 15% chance for X flares.

Next expected CME: There are no Earth-directed CMEs observed on available imagery at this time.

Solar Flares Potential Effect on our Psyche

From 1948 to 1997, the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia found that geomagnetic activity showed three seasonal peaks each of those years (March to May, in July, and in October). Every peak matched an increased incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide in the city Kirovsk. 

One explanation for the correlation is that solar storms desynchronize our circadian rhythm (biological clock). The pineal gland in our brain is affected by the electromagnetic activity. Source: Washington Post


12 Star/LAMAT, Destiny Kin 168
December 17, 2022, 12/17/2022

12 Star/LAMAT (Cherokee, Rabbit/TAKATO’KA), Kin 168

Galactic Tone 12: Understanding. This number’s energy is a gift of great capability of retrospection. It is this ability that allows Twelve to connect disassociated parts into a (new) functioning whole. The energy of Twelve is that which presents a new piece of understood information or accumulated experience to be applied.

Star/LAMAT: Star energy is multiplication of all things to abundance. Star has been associated with the fertility of rabbits for its ability to multiply. As each sun in the sky, Star persons shine equally in all directions. This natural tendency of harmony and balance can become compulsion, motivating Star to be too agreeable and too generous, rejected gifts cause fear and resentment. When a Star believes it has been given too much, they are weakened or may even collapse. In this “Black Hole” state, Stars are prone to verbal jousting and arguing to force their point of view on everyone.

Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA: Symbol-Venus, The Morning Star cycle of 260 days and Evening Star cycle of another 260 days, inspired the 13 numbers, 20 Day sign Sacred Calendar. Rabbit is the Trickster of Cherokee culture, matching the Coyote in other nations. The personification of Light and New Life, Sunrise, the scion (a first-generation descendant) of the Moon-Father of earth children, the Rabbit is fertility, be fruitful and multiply. Represents softness, gentleness and vulnerability. LAMAT– Totem Rabbit. Energies of re-birth, regeneration, ripening, harvest and abundance. This person is overflowing with love energy in all areas of life. Spiritual growth is natural and with ease due to the unconditional love energy that flows.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]


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