1 Wind / IK – Transformation to Higher Discernment of Spirit: Day 1 of 13


1 Wind/IK, Cherokee, Whirlwind/AGALU’GA, Destiny Kin 222
February 9, 2023, 02/09/2023

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Message in 3 Parts: Testimony of a Miracle, Honoring Minisa Crumbo Halsey’s Mayan Birthday (1 Wind/IK), and the Forecast for the Wind/IK Trecena

With every Offering the MULUC trecena raised us through an Atonement with the Mind of our Highest Source of Divine Consciousness. By Giving Back and Paying Forward through the sacrifice of the Human emotions governed by our Ego, we were drawn into a Holy Communion with the Creator. With every Offering of Love we choose to make on behalf of the whole, the more we KNOW the Creator is standing in our corner, and the more the Truth speaks for itself.


Last step down from a 10 foot embankment. I sat down for the last step the time before.

Deer prints again where I parked before., the last stretch of the crawl from the turn that leads to the embankment, and bottom photo is likely a deer’s bed in the cluster of cedar trees closer to the beginning of the trail.

I know for sure that History repeats itself and that the Creator’s Voice speaks louder with every experienced when the Divine Truth speaks for itself again. I was 3 days in to a very sacred ceremony before I realized what was going on. Yet, I had already claimed an Offering to Mother Earth as I was crawling my way up a 10 foot embankment and at least 50 more feet to get to my car, after a fall that fractured my pelvic bone. She was the cool compress to my wounds, and the smell of life in the dark sandy loam of Kansas that can grow Grass over 6 feet tall and create new life from every offering that is given to her.

I was never afraid of reaching the end, only wondering how long it was going to take. I actually thought the injury might “go away” overnight. My last move was the 3 hour trip from the living room to the kitchen to feed Girlie, begging for her next meal from the moment I crawled in the back door. Then, I was truly “fallen and could get up” or move another inch. I had the sense to drag my phone/purse with me everywhere I went.

It was too late to call anyone by the time I made it back to the living room, so I found a spot to rest thru the night on the floor. My dear little sister in the next town arrived to break in to a window within 30 minutes. We had made jokes about her spare key to come save me as the hermit senior, if I ever had a fall and couldn’t get up, so that was the news of the call – Fallen and I can’t get up. (Been there now, and done that, so I can check that off the list.)

She called for the paramedics that transported me to the hospital for the remainder of another “sacred pilgrimage” that ended in a Miracle on 1 Wind/IK, just as I was transported to a New Life on my way home from the pilgrimage to Ek’ Balam on 1 Wind/IK. Yesterday, as the wound to my leg was improving, I lost all mobility in my right shoulder, the arm used to bear the weight for the other side of me. In the morning I received news that I’d be spending the first 2 days of possible 20 days in a rehab center in a senior nursing home, where the potential for optimum support was the least likely. The one that I’ve witnessed first hand, you couldn’t lock your door, and it was common for folks with dementia to pay visits anytime they wandered away from their home. I sure didn’t want to have any memories in a place like that. My strategy for dying is to live with all my heart, and die quickly while I still have a dream for tomorrow.

When I checked out, even the Nurse reported to my sister that it was a miracle that by the end of that same day, I was making plans to come straight home. One steroid shot and some bengay and the shoulder was healed with full mobility, so I was suddenly better all-over – knowing I could take care of myself again, and knowing God was truly in charge of everything and I’ll be better than ever in a few short weeks. I hope you saw the signs of God’s Authority over your life in higher way than you’ve known before. What were you doing 5 years ago? And did history repeat itself?

My ascension was an initiation for Eagle Wings, and the courage to Leap and Fall into the Arms of the Heart of Sky and to rest all my cares with the Heart of Mother Earth. The Transformation of each Tzolk’in round raises the Consciousness of your Divine Identity and a Purpose you were Intended to fulfill as your Divine Destiny. Look at your Mayan Birthday – your were conceived to a purpose guided by the 1st Tone of your Galactic week. Your personal mission toward that end is defined by your own Mayan Birthday. My mission as 9 Eagle was conceived under 1 Deer/MANIK,  a mission to love on behalf of the whole, 9 Eagle is an Intermediary who offers Light for someone else to claim their own Truth. My personal mission drawn from MY life’s path has been to share the Truth that you can be “all alone” and not have a dime to go anywhere to a conference or even have a local medicine circle, to carry out the work of transformation that is manifested by the Highest One Above. You don’t have to be perfect while you’re at it, either. You can rest in peace that as long as you hold the dream of everything you’d hope to be and “let it go” to God’s hand, you will be MOVED by Divine Reasons and synchronicity to reach the ends, in  God’s Time.

Two impossible dreams have come true on the same day. One was my dream to visit the Yucatan. God’s dream was bringing me to my knees to prove that a Divine Creator could lift me up again through every challenge that I might face in the world below. I KNOW God’s Will is NEVER a consolation prize. I felt the “Peace beyond all human understanding” through the entire journey. In the book of  Revelations, the Word of God says there will be no suffering through the second death. I am beginning to Understand what that means. Pain is one thing and suffering is another. When you are suffering, you can’t think of the next wise thing to do from all your doubts and fears. When it’s only pain, you feel and follow the next wise thing to do and focus only on the end. I focused on the extra-large Ice tea with Extra Ice that I would get on the drive home, when I made it into the comfort of that bucket seat in my car. The last 3 feet of the journey was  through stretch of broken glass, but I used the grocery bag I used to “collect reeds” for my Brigid Cross to bear weight without any injury. It was still a beautiful day of overcoming from a beginning to an end.

Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Honoring Minisa Crumbo Halsey’s Mayan Birthday,

1 Wind/IK. Minisa is a friend and elder on the Medicine Path who’s words hold a power of influence, and led me to the pilgrimage of Ek’ Balam.  She offered her prayers from midway point between the PNW and the SE, a path that a Panther once took through the dance arbor in the middle of the night. I slept through it, though others saw it enter from the SE, the direction of defined by Spirit, circled the dance pole and exited NW. She shared an offering  of her prayers again through a transmission of Love and healing for this time and place. One Truth I KNOW is that True Love lasts through many changes and can only grow when we all reach the other side of any experience.


I’m grateful that she guided my steps to the Medicine Wheel path and the Sun/Moon Dance that was completed on 3 Eagle/MEN – the first Movement toward a Divine Destiny of Knowing God is the Truth.

She is part of YOUR spiritual lineage if you follow this blog. When I say, “the Elders say” you’re hearing words that’s Minisa has shared before.

Minisa (meh ‘nee sa) says Wind/IK is the Breath of Spirit and the Breath of Life, and that we Breathe and are Breathed by the Creator. Minisa shares her Breath of Spirit in her book Spirit Talk: a count of days” – my encouragement to write a journal. Minisa was raised on the shaman’s path by “Uncle Bear Heart” (Marcelas Williams) author and well-known wisdom keeper, and she is also one out of the 5-6 members of the Pottawatomi tribe that holds the wisdom of the words of the language. She shares her wisdom on Dawn Woman’s Blog and on her website, minisacrumbo.com.  Thank you, Minisa for the breath of Spirit you’ve blown my way.

Dawn Woman’s Blog Article
Thursday, February 9, 2023
Winter Vision Quest Cave
In this season, many inner compasses will begin turning toward seeking, creating and crawling into the blessed peace of the seasonal vision quest cave. (Continued)


1 Wind/IK, Cherokee, Whirlwind/AGALU’GA, Destiny Kin 222
November 02, 2018, 11/02/2018

Since history repeats itself, I’m resharing the blog posted on 1 Wind/IK, the date I began the journey home from Ek’ Balam. It’s curious how Ian Xel Lungold’s birthday was lost in the middle of the “new pilgrimage” in 2023. This is TIME on the Planet to honor the Divine Feminine of Compassionate Love and Divine Discernment. Maybe Ian stepped his “Jaguar” into the shadows for this one.

The Next 13 days…

The MULUC trecena called us to Live our Lives from the realm of Spirit. We were Atoned through an Offering, an Intention to Pay Back and Pay Forward the Blessings of Divine Consciousness.

We Ascended in the Dawn of a New Awakening. By the Power of Wind/IK, we receive the Sacred Breath of Life and Spirit. Through a new dissemination of Divine Wisdom we’re prepared to step into the shoes of our new identity that holds a Higher Meaning and Purpose.


The Global Burner Day marks a shift of energy. It’s common to experience some “overload” on days building up to a Global Burner. You may find yourself over-stimulated, yet exhausted at the same time. Global Burner days are observed with Sacred Fire Ceremonies held by the Mayan priest on behalf of the Community, to burn off residual energy and restore Right Relationship. Today, Minisa leads a Fire Ceremony on the land in Oklahoma for a Gathering of the Medicine Wheel Circle. So are we invited to be One in Spirit on 4 Serpent/CHICCHAN (Sunday).

PORTAL DAY: Element of Ether – Portal days thin the veil to Spiritual Dimensions. 1 Wind/IK is the only portal day in this trecena, though as the presiding Day Sign for this 13-day cycle, the Force of Wind will be magnified. Today, the Divine Inspiration from our Spiritual Gifts will be magnified.   

I believe I was tracking the Chiapas region Haab calendar in 2018, another Deer/MANIK Haab Year repeats itself.
The Haab Year:
The Year Bearer under the current Haab calendar year (planetary cycle) is 6 Deer/MANIK. The Haab reflects a cycle of Transformation on a planetary scale in the world around us. The Haab offers a planetary perspective of Time, Place, and Transformation on Mother Earth. 6 Deer/MANIK guides movement as the Mayan priest. MANIK brings the strength to stand in the Truth of our integrity. 6 Deer/MANIK resides in the Galactic Week of 1 Wind/IK. Years related to Wind/IK can change the landscape of our life. Wind/IK is the beginning of Creation and the Breath of a new life. We might as well expect some chaos, positioned for Wind’s Major Life Change.

PEAK DAYS: Peak Experience, Peak Performance

  • 6 Deer/MANIK- will guide a flow of movement as a Divine Agent.
  • 7 Star/LAMAT – will balance the Above and the Below. LAMAT, the sign of “pure luck” will multiply the Light of our Spiritual Effort to Abundance.
  • 8 Offering/MULUC – the Holy Day of “pure spirit” will transform us through Divine Justice, returning the Salvation that is earned by Offering to Live in Spirit.
  • 9 Dog/OC – uses the Peak Energy of Transformation to change us through a Deeper Understanding of Unconditional Love.

1 Wind/IK, Kin 222: Number 222 is made up of the attributes of and energies of number 2 appearing tripled, making number 222 a very powerful vibration. Number 222 carries the attributes of the numbers 2 and 22, the Master Builder Number that resonates with ancient wisdom, vision, idealism and transformation. Number 2 lends its influences of faith and trust, encouragement, attainment and success, adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, duality, service and duty, balance and harmony, selflessness, faith and trust and your Divine life purpose and soul mission. Number 222 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new auspicious and timely opportunities.  Angel Number 222 encourages you to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. The message is to keep the faith and stand strong in your personal truths. Angel Number 222 tells you that everything will turn out for the best in the long-term. Do not put your energies into negativity – be aware that all is being working out by spirit for the highest good of all involved. [Sacred Scribes] (There are repeating symbols of 22’s through the month of February 2023.)

Today’s Forecast…

Wind/IK is the Breath of Life and Breath of Spirit. IK has the power to change things and heal our body and Spirit. This is a day to pray for the healing and the strength to carry out our Divine Purpose. We’ve been raised in Spirit through this Tzolk’in round to accomplish a Higher Purpose. We were given Higher Consciousness of our Spiritual Gifts, because we need to use them.

Wind/IK calls us to use the Spiritual Tool of Sacred Breath. The Elders taught to draw Sacred Breath to the places that need to be healed in our body, directing breath as Sacred Light.

The 12th Uinal is led by the God of the Morning Star which reigns before Dawn (Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli). This is a Human Mission of Spirit that precedes the 13th Uinal of Ascension that is led by Supreme God of Creation.

The glyph illustrates the portals carved in stone to magnify the sound of the wind and to observe the stars. The “T” shape is a symbol of the Tree of Life, that provides the oxygen in the air for Life on Earth. The Element of Air is our common connection to one another and to the Creator who spoke the Creation.

The Element of Air relates to the power of the mind and communication. Wind disperses the seeds of our Intentions. Residing in the North, IK holds the direction of Wisdom – the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters, and the Wisdom of our own experience. The Element of Air relates to the human faculties of Wisdom and Consciousness. Wind has the power to change our Mind. Wind is the hand of the Creator through the Elements of Nature, that gives us a push in the right direction.

We’re prepared for a Holy Purpose to carry an Intention we made in Spirit into the world of physicality. Through the Breath of Life and Spirit, we’re called to breath new life into the world. Our seeds won’t be carried by a gentle breeze but by a mighty Wind.

We can’t do it for our Self. We have to do it for each other.

6 Deer/MANIK that will guide us through the next 365-day Haab year, defines this as a year of building momentum to serve one another. The Intention of 6 is an application of Wisdom behind a Peak Effort of Growth. This is the threshold effort that can bring us into balance. 6 holds the Intention to put all our Spiritual Gifts into practice, to use them as second-nature. They will serve as the Wind at our back.

The first few days of this trecena may feel a little overwhelming with so much build up of Divine Energy. Hold 4 Serpent/CHICCHAN in your memory as the day for a Divine Release.

This is a time for Direct Communication with the Creator. At the Dawn of our new Beginning, Wind reminds us to be mindful of the words that we speak to our New Creation. Whenever we use the words, “I Am,” we’re defining an identity in Spirit. “I Am” – very powerful words. Better to never use them, unless you’ve made a Divine Discernment that you’re ready to claim for manifestation.

Tone 1 is a day of incoming inspiration. The Sacred Breath is our source of Life in Spirit. Sometimes we forget to breath, especially when we are under stress or turmoil. As we go through this trecena, we are guided to use the Sacred Breath. With each breath we can draw the Life of Spirit. We can direct it to the places in our body where we feel pain or anxiety – the fear of change. With each breath we draw we can remember the Spoken words of creation that still linger in the air, that promised a destiny of Harmony and Equity. We can hold Faith in the Wind that is moved by the Voice of Divinity.

From a Human perspective, we may face times when we think we’re clinging to thin air. Though, our Greatest Leap of Faith requires exactly that – to believe in what we can’t see.

We’re starting over on the lowest energy day of the trecena. Don’t be surprised if you’re trying to recall what you found so inspiring a few short days ago. Humans forget. We can grow out of it, though when we’re prepared for forgetting, we’ll also remember it’s the condition of the darkness in our New Climb of Spiritual Growth.

The wind is capable to sweep negativity and mental anxiety from our lives. Applying the archetype of Wind/IK as the role model we are given, we have the power to sweep negativity and anxiety away for others disseminating words of Faith and Forgiveness.

Today we initiate ourselves into our Greatest Service to Humanity. We can “take a deep breath” before we dive in. As we draw the Sacred Breath, we can remember the Power of Life it holds. We can remember Wind as the Spiritual Gift that shares the touch of the Creator. We can crystallize in our Imagination the Powerful Wind that comes to make things right. We can remember how hurricanes drew people together, saving one another without reasoning of race, color, or creed. Wind helped us see the Divine Spirit of Human.

We can look to our Future for Inner Strength. We will ascend on 13 Jaguar/IX, holding the Power of Earth Magic. The Cherokee Whirlwind illustrates the double-helix that carries the smoke of our prayers to the Creator.  Whirlwind is the 13th dancer that leads from above. In a New World of Creation, we’ll be guided by the Breath of Life and Breath of Spirit.

To all my relations, may we initiate our Self to our most important mission. May we dress our altar in White to remember we are Unblemished in the eyes of the Creator, and to also remember a new blank page upon which we can write a whole new story of our Life. May we Offer our Self to the Wind that created us, and the Wind that will perfect us. When we feel we are clinging to thin air, may we remember the Power of the Wind is beyond our Human Power to control it. May we See and Acknowledge the Wind as the Creator’s Breath that holds the Authority of Power over all Creations on Mother Earth.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

NOTE:  Publishing of the 13-Day Trecena guide will be delayed a day or two until after my return from travel to the Yucatan.

HA – Delays in postings last time too (2). 🙂 


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Wind/IK trecena.


1 Wind/IK (Cherokee, Whirlwind/AGALU’GA)

Galactic Tone 1: Unity. One is the beginning of all things, the first, the whole and the all in one. One’s are assertive and self-guided and give a good push to whatever project they are associated with. One persons work best when meeting a challenge. Do not expect One-persons to be attentive to details or to put the finishing touches on things.

Wind/IK: Breath of Spirit, breath of life. Winds embody the power of dissemination and planting of good seeds or ideas. Dreamers and planners with powerful imaginations, Wind persons make great orators and they spread the word of spiritual inspiration as it is carried by the wind. Wind is the power behind the movement of natural cycles such as weather, erosion, and cultural change. As the wind, these persons are extremely changeable and adaptable. They may appear inconsistent or fickle to others. Wind can be destructive to self and others by putting on airs. When Winds strut and boast, expanding on facts and accomplishments, they are building the dark clouds of trouble that may become hurricanes.

Cherokee, Whirlwind/AGALU’GA: Whirlwind’s symbol is a double spiral helix in rising smoke. Wind brings energy for an Inquiring mind, learning and wisdom. In Cherokee, the constellations are represented by 12 birds (dancers), the 13th bird is the Whirlwind, the lead dancer. This reflects the whirling of life. Wind is the breath of the Universe, the channel of communication that carries the Sacred Smoke to the Great Spirit.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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