Breaking the Bonds of Darkness

Wild Corona of 2023 Solar Eclipse – Taken by Petr Horálek (Institute of Physics in Opava), Josef Kujal, Milan Hlaváč on April 20, 2023 @ Pebble Beach, Australia


THE WILD CORONA OF LAST WEEK’S SOLAR ECLIPSE: For more than 50 years, some of the best engineers on Earth have worked to develop and improve manmade coronagraphs. There’s still no substitute for the Moon. Astronomers Petr Horálek (Institute of Physics in Opava), Josef Kujal, Milan Hlaváč were on Pebble Beach, Australia, on April 20th when the Moon passed in front of the sun. (Above is the image it revealed.)

“We had only 1 minute to take pictures while the total eclipse was underway,” says Horálek. “That was enough. This final processed image reveals much more than the human eye could see.”

The sun’s corona was spikey like a porcupine–a telltale sign that Solar Max is approaching. “We also saw a CME leaving the sun,” says Horálek. (Can’t find it? It’s here.)

Greetings Beloved Kin,

It’s Time to part ways with the darkness and the illusions that were cast from the shadows, before. A Divine Father offers the Light to “see what it is.”

We’ve grown beyond the illusion that every Human has our best interests at heart. We have to turn to our own Light within. Pay attention to your gut instincts. Your Feelings are the Truth. Intentions of evil lie under the surface of every Human that casts a shadow on our Hopes and Aspirations. (Keep your Divine Ideas to yourself, unless you know without a doubt that someone always stands in your corner.) Don’t ask for validation, except from the One Above. A Divine Father will take care of matters beyond your control. Imagine everything a Divine Father would do to give you a brand new start.


There are magic spells and evil eyes cast by Humans, whether they know or not. The Air is the shared atmosphere that holds every thought. Humans can project their darkest thoughts on purpose, or totally unaware – driven by personal doubts and fears. It’s time to  read between the lines when someone casts a shadow.

The Earth is a grounding force of Nature. Offer her your bare feet, and ask her to draw away any the negative energy. Draw a circle of protection around you in the down-below. The Elders taught us to lay 3 concentric circles of cornmeal around our home as Divine Protection. Anything that crosses will receive the blessing of Light. Light turns evil away that prefers to exist in the darkness. If you live in a place where that is not possible, you can carry out the intention in Spirit. Make it a tangible experience by imagining the steps you take.

You can also bury the past in Mother Earth. Choose a stone or object to represent your unknown doubts and fears and bury it with a blessing for the Earth to change it into a source for something new. Use the Spiritual Tools of your own faith, whether it be sage and sweetgrass to smudge yourself and your place, or a ritual bathing to wash away all the dirt of the past.

Share your Intention with the Creator and the Celestial Beings of Light, to wipe the slate clean of any past karma or obligations you feel toward another Human Being. A Divine Father offers the Power to take care of yourself.

Do for yourself. Don’t turn to anyone for any rituals or sacred ceremonies. You never know what hidden motives lie behind the works of another Human Being. NO ONE KNOWS BETTER THAN YOU DO, EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO LET GO. Don’t make any promises. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. It gets easier with a little practice. Think ahead to your own exit strategy.

This is YOUR TIME to spend alone with “DAD.” You deserve your own Time in the limelight. Expect to fail and know it’s a chance to learn with the BIGGEST FATHER standing in your corner. Imagine a Divine Father’s hand on your shoulder.

Spread your Light around, stand up straight, and wear a smile… and suit up in your spiritual armor. Trust your own Truth. It’s equal to anyone else, and you KNOW you have your own best interests at heart.

Don’t take anything personally. Most Humans don’t know what they are doing. Remember, you’ve been there before.

Be a chip off the old block. 🙂

love, in lak’ech,

Debra, 9 Eagle/MEN


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