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Ceremony Update: by Minisa Crumbo Hasley

The Autumn Harvest and the Fall Equinox

 A Message from Minisa Crumbo Halsey for the Trecena of Night/AKBAL

The autumn harvest has a similar signature to all other completion and fulfillment moments but is also uniquely different owing to its deep roots in the fundament of Creation. For this reason it will always be counted as one of the original templates by which to gauge and measure natural progress of any kind. It mounts and takes it’s place as a real and conceptual template alongside the other seasons of winter, spring and summer as a massive barometer and register that exceeds full comprehension. Autumn is a ‘crack between the worlds’ of summer and winter and as such, is similar to the ‘crack between the worlds’ of spring, between winter and summer…the dusks and dawns of the year. The sun stands still at the time of the autumn sol-stice, it’s light balanced by time and becomes the physically visible balance beam, fourth quarter, of the Medicine Wheel.

The Path of Light

The western balance beam of the ‘hard road of life’ that completes, closes and connects the Western direction of medicine, introspection and the physical with the Eastern direction of Inspiration, illumination and the mental. The Balanced Path of Light we walk between body and mind, the Path of the Sun as it traverses the sky and circulates in ceaseless mutual partnership and rhythm with the Earth. The path of light, the sunrises and sunsets, may be viewed as one half of our lateral earth walk, balance.

The other half of our earth walk, the noons and midnights, may then be viewed as the cross beam of harmony that connects the Southern direction of emotion, love and the heart with the Northern direction of purity, wisdom and Spirit breath.

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9 Cimi/Transformer (Cherokee Twins Takato’ka)

Galactic Tone 9: Gaining a better perspective on the bigger picture
Cimi/Transformer: Life, Death, and Rebirth.

Cimi/Transformer9 Cimi calls us to re-evaluate how we see things – what stays, what goes, and what needs to be transformed. Anything that’s up for transformation is worth looking into again with open eyes and the willingness to see personal truth without blame or shame.

Regardless of the aspirations to live up to one’s highest calling, all humans fall short – especially when we measure our success by defined end-outcomes. “Becoming” is a process. When we can approach self awareness as something we build upon over time, making corrections is actually the evidence that we are navigating toward our goal – not evidence of failure.

The Fall Equinox represents a perfect balance with equal hours of day and night. So, the equinox also indicates a time of reflection on what was and what will be. With gratitude, look back on all you’ve accomplished, and forward to the potential of seeds of intention you’ve planted for the next harvest. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned and how they can fully serve to become the worthy tools with which to nurture the dreams you’ve planted.

The eye of cyclone, a place of wisdom and cleaning, and strength of renewal