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The Nth Hour: Our Last Chance

Flame of Truth

Greetings Beloved Whole,

This is our Last Chance, the Nth Hour, to reach for the Salvation that was Offered from Above. Tomorrow is the Day of a Divine Revelation, when God will carry out the Truth of Divine Justice.

Tomorrow we will Know the Truth that every prayer offered for the Whole to the Light and Truth of the Highest One, SHALL BE. 12 Storm/CAUAC is the Day BEFORE, when we can Reach to be grasped by the One Above, before ALL shall fall to their knees.

To those who carry out the Power of Creation to gain the advantage, only pretending to Love – a blasphomy of the most Divine Gift that was Given as the Divine Spark within – REPENT now. It’s never too late, but it WILL BE to late to make the Choice for yourself tomorrow, when you are humbled by the One. We all know the influence our thoughts and our words can have on another. Don’t use LIES that are pure evil, to reach for human dreams in the world below. Honor so many who are reaching for YOU in their prayers for everyone. This is your LAST CHANCE.

To the faithful, Begin today, as if it is the Beginning of your New Life that will be carried out by the Seed of Tomorrow. Wash your feet, and wash your whole body in the blood of Jesus the Christ, who was spotless and pure from the beginning – born without any Karma of the past. He made the ultimate sacrifice for the Whole to Know the Salvation that waits for those that follow the Truth of the Highest One. Anoint yourself with prescious oils that were offered to  carry out a Divine Purpose, whether we know it or not. Hold Faith and Reach  one more time to KNOW what’s so hard to believe.

Reboot your phone more than once. Reboot your computer and every electrical device. (I was called to do so to finally get the connection to send this post, that I wanted to offer by now for 12:00, the zenith hour.) Remember that Universal Time is ALL Time. We can CALL it sacred. I can CALL this message was sent at Noon. Carry out your blessings and prayers for the  whole more than once, and repeat them again.

Remember the lost who don’t know what’s good for them. Pray that they think twice and ASK for God to  change their mind. Forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing when they use Divine Power toward the ends of Evil. We’ve all done it before. It ONLY MATTERS what we do AFTER we know better. Either way, God will save us all. Only the fallen will miss the JOY of Faith that was carried to the very end. Don’t miss the greatest joy of life and death.

Don’t work today, if there’s a chance to draw near the One in  a sanctuary by yourself. If you have to work, claim that every effort was an Offering you call Sacred for the One Above. Before or after doesn’t make any difference on God’s Universal Time. 

On Behalf of the Whole, EVERY ONE:

Dear God, Master of EVERYTHING – We claim that your heart is inclined to love us without condition, because we are YOUR Highest Creation. We call on YOUR POWER to incline the hearts of the Whole to Give something back – the Blessing of our Gratitude in Knowing your Word is the Truth. We Count the Blessing that ALL Time is held in your hand to carry out the Most Divine Dream of Happiness that we could ever know, As Above, So Below. May we see our Self, lending a Divine Hand to Your Creation and what was Planned by Divine Design for every end.

Thank you for guiding us through the darkness and the light of the Choices we make, so we can learn better – after. We give thanks that all our Karma was cleared by the One, and all we have to do is Choose to Receive what was already given.

Thank you for the end you have planned for the Whole, to Know Your unfailing Love forever. And thank you for the end you planned for the Faithful, who Choose to incline their hearts to you. May Gabriel blow his horn of Truth so we KNOW all time is One, and EVEN those that choose in the Nth Hour, will be Given a Crown for loving You, Seeing You, and Acknowledging that You are the One, and TRUTH is the Only way.

We fear only YOU, for the Judgement that will weigh heavy on every heart that fails to follow a Divine Thing that we ARE INCLINED to do.


Running from the Storm, Unnamed Soviet Artist

Waiting on the Lord

First Harvest

In the morning I make the rounds in the garden, make an offering of seeds to the birds and squirrels, and throw a handful of cornmeal to “feed the thousands.” The tomato plant was heavy with green ones and one peachy orange. I harvested 8 to make way for more to grow. There were two well-grown cucumbers that seemed to appear overnight, a jalepano pepper, and another variety I hadn’t seen were setting on. I enjoy the morning watering when the flowers sing, putting off their sweet aroma at the offering.

There was more than I could use before they would spoil. I knew I could share with my neighbors from Guatemala. For some reason I resisted the thought. The last time I shared a memorial offering after their dog, Gucci died, their sacred exchange was an offering to mow my yard for the rest of the Summer. I realized the hesitation was the thought of what they may feel obligated to give back.

Does anyone else hesitate to give? Sometimes it feels embarrassing. That can only be the ego. I had gathered an offering to leave on their front porch. I pushed past the feeling that didn’t make any sense and carried out what could only be a good thing.

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Eve of the Eagle/MEN Trecena: Ceremony of Initiation

Initiating Ourselves into the Eagle/MEN Trecena

Sacred Ritual allows us to create a physical representation of something in Spirit. Through ritual we are able to establish a relationship with Spirit that can be experienced in the physical world.

My first offering for the new Ceremonial Arts page is a Ceremony of Initiation. The Ritual offers a traditional way to initiate ourselves into a new beginning. This is ritual that can be used at the beginning of each trecena, or at the beginning of every new day.

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Details of the Ceremony are offered on the Ceremonial Arts page, linked on the Main Menu under Medicine Path.

Ceremony Update: by Minisa Crumbo Hasley

The Autumn Harvest and the Fall Equinox

 A Message from Minisa Crumbo Halsey for the Trecena of Night/AKBAL

The autumn harvest has a similar signature to all other completion and fulfillment moments but is also uniquely different owing to its deep roots in the fundament of Creation. For this reason it will always be counted as one of the original templates by which to gauge and measure natural progress of any kind. It mounts and takes it’s place as a real and conceptual template alongside the other seasons of winter, spring and summer as a massive barometer and register that exceeds full comprehension. Autumn is a ‘crack between the worlds’ of summer and winter and as such, is similar to the ‘crack between the worlds’ of spring, between winter and summer…the dusks and dawns of the year. The sun stands still at the time of the autumn sol-stice, it’s light balanced by time and becomes the physically visible balance beam, fourth quarter, of the Medicine Wheel.

The Path of Light

The western balance beam of the ‘hard road of life’ that completes, closes and connects the Western direction of medicine, introspection and the physical with the Eastern direction of Inspiration, illumination and the mental. The Balanced Path of Light we walk between body and mind, the Path of the Sun as it traverses the sky and circulates in ceaseless mutual partnership and rhythm with the Earth. The path of light, the sunrises and sunsets, may be viewed as one half of our lateral earth walk, balance.

The other half of our earth walk, the noons and midnights, may then be viewed as the cross beam of harmony that connects the Southern direction of emotion, love and the heart with the Northern direction of purity, wisdom and Spirit breath.

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SUMMER — the 21 Days before Autumn Begins

SUMMER — the 21 Days before Autumn Begins

by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

July, 14, 2014

The night after the Capricorn Full Moon is velvety black and silent. The moon casts the weakest of shadows and illuminates nothing beneath the trees and the following morning is still and quiet.

The Summer Suns begins to move us into the edges of all twilight. The Summer Sun leads us forward into the Autumn by softening the fiery mental resolves and physical intentions, by sponsoring the moist marriage hearts urge to seed and all the while, the Sun Spirit slowly continues winding the cyclical fibers of being upon the spool of spiral time, drawing us forward, binding the drying stalks and fruits into sheaves of harvest.

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