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21 Days of Gratitude, Day 21 – A Gift of Understanding

12 Star/LAMAT (Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA)

12 Star/LAMAT

12 Star/LAMAT

Galactic Tone 12: Understanding. Twelve is a gift of great capacity of retrospection. It is the ability that allows Twelve to connect disassociated parts into a (new) functioning whole. The energy of Twelve is that which presents a new piece of understood information or accumulated experience to be applied.

Star/Rabbit/LAMAT: Star energy is multiplication of all things to abundance. Star has been associated with the fertility of rabbits for its ability to multiply. Each sun in the sky, Stars shine equally in all directions. This natural tendency of harmony and balance can become compulsion, motivating Star to be too agreeable and too generous.

Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA: Symbol-Venus, The Morning Star cycle of 260 days and Evening Star cycle of another 260 days, inspired the 13 numbers, 20 Day sign Sacred Calendar. Rabbit is the Trickster of Cherokee culture, matching the Coyote in other nations. The personification of Light and New Life, Sunrise, the sign of the Moon-Father of earth children, the Rabbit is fertility, be fruitful and multiply. Represents softness, gentleness and vulnerability.

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A Gift of Understanding

The 21 Days of Gratitude are now completed through the Tone of Understanding. One step after another became a journey, bringing us to a new horizon where we can look back to see how far we’ve really come. The world that existed for me 21 days ago shows little resemblance to the new Earth/Caban world that evolved through this trecena. Though, the destination may still not be in perfect focus, a WAY of getting there has become clear.

Star/LAMAT multiplies to abundance whatever we focus upon. The ’21 Days’ was inspired by our last visit to Star/LAMAT with the intention of multiplying gratitude. Residing in a place of deeper joy, we exist in the center of creation where all things are possible.

Tone 12 of Understanding is the last step before Tone 13 of Ascension. Now with ‘great capacity for retrospection’ we can see our process as a whole. We can see we are now capable of more than we imagined before. I know with greater conviction the empowerment that results, when I am willing to invest of myself to make it so.

To all my relations, thank you for the new light of understanding and for the Spirit Tool of gratitude that we may use so that our joy may be multiplied to abundance.

In lak’ech

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN

21 Days of Gratitude, Day 14 – Nourishing Spirit

5 Crocodile/IMIX (Cherokee, Turtle, Dak’si)

Galactic Tone 5: Empowerment; Center of the cube, intelligent, organizing force managing communications and materials, knowledge and application. Number 5 symbolizes the fifth element (Saq’Be’)

Crocodile/IMIX: Crocodile energy represents the primordial spirit who lives primarily in water but from which land-based life forms evolved. The Yucatecan Tzol’kin calendar begins with this nawal.  Crocodile holds the secrets of the underworld and helps us translate them to the material world. Crocodile represents the left side, unseen and occult forces. Crocodile has the opportunity to meld the differences from opposing sides to create peace and balance between the heart of the heaven and heart of the earth beneath the World Tree. (Mayan Cross); Cherokee, Turtle/Dak’si is the creative focus of relationships between two, loneliness, dawn, awakening, birth.

Nourishing Spirit

Arbol del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico – Tree of Life*

5 Crocodile/IMIX stirs our memory with the ancient wisdom that we are born of Spirit into matter. Elemental forces support our soul’s evolution. The first four elements are Earth, Water, Fire and Air. We are empowered through the fifth element – the Element of Spirit, the ether, or space as defined by Ayurveda tradition. Spirit is the binding force that connects us all.

These are the 5 basic elements of alchemy. Alchemy was thought to be a scientific pursuit with the objective of transforming base metals into gold. Though the real pursuit, veiled to escape religious scrutiny, was to discover the means for Spirit to transcend from Matter… the evolution of the Soul. Crocodile, asks us to remember that our true identity is that of Spirit existing in a material body.

We are drawn to offer a blessing and hold in gratitude all that nourishes our Spirit. Stand ready to receive a Spirit blessing. so that you may create peace and balance between the heart of the heaven and heart of the earth, extending love to all beneath the one World Tree.

Arbol del Tule in Oaxaca, Mexico is believed by the Maya to be the original World Tree – the Tree of Life. The Montezuma Cypress is estimated to be over 1600 years old with a circumference of 42.0 m (137.8 ft).

21 Days of Gratitude, Day 12 – Alignment with Purpose

3 Storm/CAUAC (Cherokee, Redbird Totsu’hwa)

Galactic Tone 3: Movement and communication which becomes vibration; establishing a point of agreement between any Point A and Point B

Storm/CAUAC: Day of blessing of rain, giver of all life and lightning, a gift of nitrogen to Mother Earth and ozone to Father Sky; feeling of unity, security and warmth experienced in the home while tempest of trouble rages in the world outside. Storms exist to experience the ecstasy of freedom with great capacity to learn and teach. Cherokee, Redbird Totsu’hwa: Symbol Alcyone, of the Pleiades constellation Taurus; the Central Sun of the Universe, heart of heaven; symbol of nurturing, the lightening nurtures and energizes.

Alignment with Purpose

3 Storm/CAUAC brings the movement of dynamic developments and change, clearing away what no longer serves. As Storm/CAUAC draws us to the comfort and security of home, we are also drawn to realize what is central to our lives. Here we can see what changes are necessary to support our soul’s purpose.

What am I holding onto that prevents me from walking fully into my own integrity? Storms are capable to change the entire landscape of our lives and sometimes in dramatic ways. Though we may not always understand the changes as they occur, the reasons will be clear in hindsight.

Cauac brings the energetic of ‘lightening in the blood’ to align our heart and Spirit with our Soul’s Purpose. Accept these important changes with enthusiasm, knowing that they bring a desired blessing and the answer to a prayer.

21 Days of Gratitude, Day 8 – Eagle Vision

12 Eagle/MEN (Cherokee Uwo’hatli)

Galactic Tone 12: Understanding; 12 is a gift of great capability of retrospection, the accumulation of experience to be applied as knowledge that serves as a spiritual catalyst

Eagle/MEN: Intermediary between Heaven and Earth; Eagle brings hope and trust on the wings of Spirit.

Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision12 Eagle/MEN nears the end of another 13-day trecena. This is a most important trecena that peaked on the Maya New Year (8 Chuen/Batz/Monkey) that is  celebrated with the initiation of those on the Spirit path.

Dog/OC has been the prevailing energy of this trecena as a faithful companion and guide through the darkness and into the light.

In some Native American traditions the Eagle symbolizes the Thunderbird associated with thunder and lightning. Eagle is a sacred messenger, carrying our prayers on its wings to the Great Spirit, returning with gifts and visions for the people.

Spirit Vision: We are not born into sin as unworthy creations. We are higher than the angels. We are the ones able to call forth power upon the interdimentional plane to support the manifestation of every potential desire born of the human Spirit.

12 Eagle/MEN brings understanding that will serve to carry us forward and elevates our vision to the heights of the Eagle. Once you’ve seen it, it can’t be unseen.

21 Days of Gratitude, Day 5 – and a Bad Haircut

9 Road/EB

Galactic Tone 9: Patience; getting a better perspective of the bigger picture

Road/EB: The bearer of time and conductor of destiny; also known as Human, the road to destiny, and the quest for self realization.

The Power of Gratitude and a Bad Haircut

Eb/Road is about finding our way in the world. The “the bearer of time” is a profound description of the Human experience. The progression of days that brought us to this place has given us a broader perspective. At some times this comes as happy new inspiration and at others, as a dark realization that something isn’t working.

We all fall short. “Grace” is a transformative power that we can choose to both give and receive along the road of life. Grace is necessary for Humans who are learning as they go along.

How bad is that?

How bad is that?

I received a really bad haircut today – not just a preference issue. Important chunks are missing! 🙂

So, the haircut was becoming the analogy of how my day played out.

Then I remembered yesterday’s Maya New Year celebrations. It’s a long-held tradition to cut hair (cutting away the past) at the time of renewal or at the loss of someone dear. Okay, it’s a stretch, but it at least made me smile.

Road/Human and hair – the bearers of time. Have patience with yourself and with others. If we can’t live with some evidence of our imperfection, how could we ever have the courage to look within.


21 Days of Gratitude, Day 3

7 Dog/OC (Cherokee Wolf/ Kana’ti)

Galactic Tone 7: Reflective; stands as a mirror to reflect dark from light and all that is and is not; associated with the source of creation and the flow divine will.

Dog/OC/Wolf: Dog is courageous, loyal and warmhearted, respected for their sense of justice and protection. The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections.

Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman

7 Dog/OC lends awareness of and a desire to connect with our community – to see ourselves as a meaningful part of a greater whole. Seeking to find belonging, how many times do we look outside ourselves to measure who we are? Remembering to seek within that which brings me joy reminds me that I was never disconnected.

Today I am grateful for the beauty of the natural world around me. I can’t solve the problems of the world, but I can hold one space in love for all that is.

1 Monkey/CHUEN – Creating Yes

Galactic Tone 1: The beginning of all things, the first, the whole and the all in one.

Monkey/Chuen: Known to the maya as the weaver of time – Monkey takes ideas as threads of vines and weaves them into the fabric of our reality. New patterns or inventions are also woven into our lives by monkey – amiable, intelligent, generous and a jack of all trades. Monkey’s innocent curiosity leads to artistic expression and constructive solutions. Monkey/CHUEN is a prevailing influence over the next 13 days as Galactic Tone 1 begins a new trecena.

On Chuen days, the Maya express their intention to freely receive all that they have requested from the universe, and to be able to unravel or resolve any matter or issue. Chuen days are extremely auspicious for all artistic works and endeavors; in fact, it is a powerful day to begin any project. And it is the best day in the Tzolk’in to ask for a partner or to be married.

What if you were given a time when the answer to your every request was YES? What would you ask for that you’re not asking for now?

Why aren’t you asking for it now? Are you afraid of the answer “No?” Or, have you reached even further to imagine the scenario of “no” with all its disappointing outcomes? Sometimes I think of all the scenarios I’ve endured over a lifetime – stuff that never happened. And, the many times I never asked because I convinced myself the answer was already No.

Under the right circumstances, every request holds the power of a ‘yes’ answer. When we anticipate ‘yes’ we operate in a completely different way. I’m more likely to present my request with humility and gratitude.

When I expect to hear “no” – I’m inclined to justify why I deserve the “yes,” and, how I might best control and manipulate this outcome.

Right there, I am left with no way to graciously receive anything. Even someone with the power to say “yes” may be less inclined to, and if they do – the right to freely GIVE is reduced to obligation versus the balance of an equal exchange. The win-win has been taken out of it. No one leaves the exchange feeling better.

The first step in asking for anything is to release the outcome and see that regardless of the answer, everything will be okay. That in fact, whatever the answer, I am being led to higher ground.

What do you really need to ask for? And, imagine that the answer has already been decided – as YES.

12 Offering/MULUC – A Blessing at the Delta

12 Offering/MULUC (Cherokee The River Yun’wi Gunnahi’ta)

The DeltaGalactic Tone 12: Understanding and the gift of retrospection
Offering/Muluc: A symbol of water everywhere as in the rain, the oceans, or in the body; the sign of Sacred water ceremonies such as baptism and purification

The River/Yun’wi Gunnahi’ta: In Cherokee, The River is the “Fountain of Life”, giver of all fluids, water, rain, tears; the Milky Way is also referred to as The River

Water symbolizes purity, healing, and cleansing used ceremonially as a way of clearing the emotional body to become ready for transformational energies at the next level.

Water has the ability to hold our spiritual energetic. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and researcher, illustrated how human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water, supporting his theory that water can be embued with spiritual intention and purpose.

Symbolically, a River represents the flow of time and the natural cycles, transitions, transformations and passageways. Once the River has completed its long journey it empties into the sea. The point at which the River enters the sea is called its Delta. The Delta is a triangular area which forms at the mouth of the River. The word Delta is derived from a Greek symbol, also in the shape of a triangle, which means “Change”. Upon passing through Its Delta the River “Changes” – its individuality comes to an end as It merges with all of the other Rivers, which have also ended their long Journeys, to become part of the One Great Sea. http://www.aseekersthoughts.com/2009/07/rivers-as-symbol-part-1.html

Give thanks in the way of an offering.

Native American Blessing

A way opens before you. All obstacles and impediments are removed.

Only that which is worthy and desirable moves forward with you.

11 Lamat/Star/Rabbit – The Gift of Multiplication

11 Star/Rabbit, Lamat/Q’anil (Cherokee Rabbit Noqui’segwa)

Ralph Waldo Emerson QuoteGalactic Tone 11: Eleven assists every new creation to find its place in the universe. In the process of ‘fitting in’ some modifications must occur. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions that facilitate change, simplification and improvement.

Lamat/Star/Rabbit: Star energy is the multiplication of all things to abundance. Star is associated with the fertility of rabbits for its ability to multiply. Lamat correlates with fertility and new beginnings. It symbolizes transforming into a new you so you can live a life of creation, abundance and love. The symbol for Lamat represents the planet Venus. The Mayan culture associated the planet Venus with death and rebirth. Mayan Magix

Rabbits are teaming with life and multiplication. This can be a very good thing – giving extra power to your intentions. With the energy of Lamat/Rabbit whatever you focus on is multiplied. Since Lamat multiplies ANYTHING, it also presents a caution to focus on what you want – not what you don’t want.

The Cherokee calendar notes this as an emotional sign, so at the same time, unresolved issues could present challenges. We live in a society that says we need to feel good all the time. This mind-set can lead to feelings of inadequacy when I feel otherwise. We don’t treat a headache that way, so why would I have to frame other uncomfortable feelings as personal shortcomings?

In fact, in ALL ways, our greatest growth and strength comes from doing the things that require more effort. These experiences can become a measure of just how far we’ve come.

Medicine Circle teachings presented to me a traditional belief that “what we are healing for ourselves, we are also healing for ALL.” Framing in that light, a challenge can be transformed to become a Sacred Charge – one, that only the individual is fully capable to heal. It IS A TRUTH, as whatever we heal in ourselves changes the way we interact with those around us. Galactic Tone 11 indicates an opportunity for personal healing and transformation.

Regardless of feelings, press forward – and reach for the stars. Today’s Rabbit/Lamat is the gift of life and multiplication. We can use this day to create abundance and renewal of the things hoped for by simply remembering that we create what we focus on.

The Crow Calls

crow xA Crow calls at my balcony and I’m suddenly transported into another world.

If you’re unfamiliar with Crow’s social behavior, they hang in communities that network over an entire region and beyond. It’s this “Crow Network” I find so compelling, combined with another Crow behavior – the ability to either adopt you as friend, or hold a grudge like your worst enemy.

They are considered among the smartest birds and capable enough to recognize your car. As the stories go, if you make Crow your enemy, they signal others that you are a target. By the other turn, if Crow is your friend – other Crows know not to mess with you. You have the full “Crow Endorsement.”

The Crow captured my attention and in a moment I forgot every care, rushing to leave a treat.  He reminded me of the REAL world – the natural world, always there in any moment.

The Crow Endorsement will be a Spirit Tool I can use. When I see a Crow, I’ll remember how connected we all are – in ways beyond our understanding.

in lak’ech

Who knows…