6 Star/LAMAT – A Time for Multiplication

6 Star/LAMAT (Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA  ZP 4T)

6 Star/LAMAT

6 Star/LAMAT

Galactic Tone 6: Flow. Six is responsiveness, and the art of negotiation. It is the movement of volume through space that creates time. This energy in action is like the art of dance or a great athlete in motion. Six facilitates dynamic developments in all aspects of life.

Star/LAMAT: Star energy is multiplication of all things to abundance. Star has been associated with the fertility of rabbits for its ability to multiply. As each sun in the sky, Star persons shine equally in all directions. This natural tendency of harmony and balance can become compulsion, motivating Star to be too agreeable and too generous, rejected gifts cause fear and resentment. When a Star believes it has been given too much, they are weakened or may even collapse. In this “Black Hole” state, Stars are prone to verbal jousting and arguing to force their point of view on everyone.

Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA  ZP 4T: Symbol-Venus, The Morning Star cycle of 260 days and Evening Star cycle of another 260 days, inspired the 13 numbers, 20 Day sign Sacred Calendar.  Rabbit is the Trickster of Cherokee culture, matching the Coyote in other nations.  The personification of Light and New Life, Sunrise, the scion of the Moon-Father of earth children, the Rabbit is fertility, be fruitful and multiply.  Represents softness, gentleness and vulnerability. LAMAT– Totem Rabbit.  Energies of re-birth, regeneration, ripening, harvest and abundance.  This person is overflowing with love energy in all areas of life.  Spiritual growth is natural and with ease due to the unconditional love energy that flows.

A Time for Multiplication

Why do I follow the Mayan Calendar? Because it brings greater meaning and purpose to my life. Anything that helps me focus on what I desire to accomplish while offering a plan to move towards it is a valuable and worthy Spirit Tool. Though, the Mayan Calendar and other indigenous calendar systems offer far more. They reconnect us to the natural cycles within ourselves and in our world.

Being in tune with the natural world around us generates different and noticeable experiences. The Mayan Calendar is often referred to as ‘the calendar of synchronicity’ by those who follow it. This is due to the sudden realizations, inspirations, insights, recognitions, or comprehensions that frequently occur – as the calendar reveals evidence that we are exactly where we were meant to be.

It is within our nature to respond to the forces of nature around us. We see dark clouds and we take cover. We see the crops heavy with their fruit and know it is time to harvest. With a means of following natural cycles, we can see which way the river flows. We find we can go farther swimming with the current instead of against it. Following a calendar that is synchronized to natural cycles, we become more finely tuned to see the signs and synchronicity in everything we do.

Think back to your own experiences of synchronicity. Maybe you were in a far-off place and run into the neighbor from around the corner. Or, maybe it was as simple as pulling up to the grocery store just as the best parking becomes available. Even small experiences of synchronicity capture our attention to reflect on why were there in that moment. The synchronistic events I have experienced while following the cycles of the Mayan calendar are frequent and are as meaningful as the discovery that there truly is ‘a time for every purpose under heaven.’

Today is 6 Star/LAMAT. Tone 6 is flow and the art of negotiation and LAMAT defines this day as the ‘time for multiplication.’ We can ride the current of LAMAT as the force of nature that multiplies whatever we focus upon.

I can think of no focus more worthy than peace and happiness for everyone. Though it may seem a goal too far out of reach, through multiplication we are each made exponentially more powerful.

Today I wanted to share an article that moved me – a message and voice that deserves to be multiplied.

“Security”; The Word of the Day

by Ken Dunning

To all my relations, may we be empowered by the forces of nature around us to bring peace and harmony into our world.

In lak’ech, I am another you

Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

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  1. So crisp and beautiful. I always think of the morning star.. It’s causing me to think on the fact that movement of volume and space create time and when our relationship to these things shift how it co contributes to the evolutionary thrust or creep or however it moves or changes definition, which I then see as relating us to time in a different way than we have previously measured and experienced it.

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