1 Serpent/CHICCHAN – Spiritual Quickening


1 Serpent/CHICCHAN

1 Serpent/CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

The trecena of Serpent/CHICCHAN brings the energy to ignite a new evolution of our Spirit and an awakening of our Spiritual Senses. The sixth sense the Maya call “lightning in the blood” refers to a “knowing” or intuition in Spirit that makes a connection to feelings in our physical body.

Each of us carries the capacity for these spiritual “feelings.” This knowing might have presented itself when we sensed who was calling before we picked up the phone, or when we walk into a room and “feel” a sense of energy from something that has just happened there. These are the senses we are capable to expand through the energy of Serpent/CHICCHAN. This trecena will be made even more potent by a ‘Galactic Activation Portal,” a thinning of the veil, that remains open for 10 consecutive days. The trecena of Serpent/CHICCHAN has the power to bring forward the conscious awareness of the inherent power of Spirit through the 5th element of ether.

Chicchan initiates us into a trecena that calls us to reach for our highest Spiritual Aspirations. This is not an intention within our power to manifest by ourselves, but a Spiritual Gift we can only be open to receive.


1 Serpent/CHICCHAN (Cherokee, Serpent/DO’TSI)

Galactic Tone 1:  Unity. One is the beginning of all things, the first, the whole and the all in one. One’s are assertive and self-guided and give a good push to whatever project they are associated with. One persons work best when meeting a challenge. Do not expect One-persons to be attentive to details or to put the finishing touches on things.

Serpent/CHICCHAN: Movement and the creation of time. Sensual and dramatic, this sun sign embodies intense instinctual wisdom and creates a connection from Earth bound, to Heavenly aspirations. By sincere service to others, Serpent opens and expands its heart. Serpent aligns authority and the truth to bring justice that is quick and sure. Serpents are very adaptable, even fluid until trapped in a corner, and then they explode. Serpents, venomous temper poisons itself as well as others by creating resentful, suppressive and even destructive attitudes.

Cherokee, Serpent/DO’TSI: Serpent’s symbol is Constellation Serpens. Serpent people are Sky people who come to earth periodically as Educators. As above-So below, on Earth the Serpent is the roots of the tree of knowledge. Serpent power is vital energy, the moving force, the instinct and desire for creativity, the trigger that sets off the action. It lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself. Knowledge, combining science, technology and psychology, plus spirituality are seeded on the planet.


Spiritual Quickening: Day 1

This is a day we may remember as the beginning of a Spiritual Initiation.  The serpent is the symbol of the kundalini rising that creates a quickening in the body. Serpent is also used to describe the magnetic polarities of the Earth. We are ever leaning to an opposite extreme of our rotational axis. There is also a great gathering among the constellations. Signs everywhere signal a readiness for change.

Trecena Kin, Tzolk'in Galactic Butterfly

Trecena Kin, Tzolk’in Galactic Butterfly

Galactic Tone 1 is the beginning and the All as One. This is a most important day of an Initiation of Spirit. The Maya recognized Serpent/CHICCHAN as a day to pray for a mate or a life partner.  1 Serpent/CHICCHAN represents our Spiritual Life Force and the marriage between Spirit and Body.

This trecena carries us through a 10-day Galactic Activation Portal. These are times described as a thinning of the veil. The veil is referenced as the curtain that separates Man from the Holy of Holies. This is the sacred place we can only enter on our own. We need time to ourselves for this to be totally experienced..

This is time to reset altars, light candles, and place remembrances within our line of vision, so we might remember to experience the fullness of the moment. One of the evidences of a spiritual awakening is a feeling in the body of a new awareness of one’s own presence. Our time in solitude is where we may find the quietness to take notice and experience the quickening of our own Spirit.

There are many ways to separate ourselves from the world. Whether it’s in nature, a prayer closet, an altar space, or wrapped in a prayer blanket, we are being given an invitation to come into the presence of God. Through a Baptism of Spirit we will be connected with the One and All.

To my relations, may we set apart this day as a High and Holy Day when we are open to receive a Divine Inspiration, and remember to look for our own signs and wonders.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

Adjusting to the Direction of South: The Fine Points and Broad Encompassing Curves of the Medicine Wheel, a message for the trecena of Serpent/CHICCHAN  from Minisa Crumbo Halsey, with inspiration from the Sacred Medicine Wheel tradition.

Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for information on personal burner days, Cherokee Sacred Calendar information, practical suggestions and traditional prayers.

I love to hear from you…

Wishing you a very special Serpent/CHICCHAN trecena.

4 thoughts on “1 Serpent/CHICCHAN – Spiritual Quickening

    • The Cherokee Sacred Calendar followed the same energies, though some of the nawales have alternative names. The Cherokee full descriptions are offered on the 13-day Trecena Guide. The purpose of including this information is in respect and love for my GGG Grandmother who was full-blooded Cherokee. She married into a family of Christian preachers on my mother’s side, where she would have been prevented from sharing her way. It’s my remembrance of her.


    • There’s some debate among scholars on the history, but obsidian artifacts found around KS and OK, as well as evidence in and other places, that there was travel/exchange between the Maya and the Cherokee – and other tribes. But, exactly as you say – one way or another, we ARE all One. Blessings in lak’ech 🙂 Debra


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