9 Star / LAMAT – A Walk in the Light


90 Star/LAMAT

9 Star/LAMAT

Greetings Kin,

Star/LAMAT shines its light in all directions as Tone 9 draws greater meaning into view by expanding our perspective. 9 asks for our patience to see how plans will be brought to completion. We are given the vision and the calling to see how our new strength can be a blessing to others.

Star/LAMAT will help us see something in a new way. Made of Stars, we are capable to Light the way for others. Tone 9 offers a vision of how we can be of service to humanity – leading by example through charity, self-sacrifice, compassion, and understanding.

We ALL hold the power of Harmonic Resonance. A small sphere of influence holds the potential of exponential power. Where we may have sought to change the world we might realize the task is accomplished as we change ourselves. In small ways, we hold our greatest power.

Tone 9 asks for Patience. Our greatest influence lies in our response to the world we interface with every day. We might use this energy to think before we speak or act to consider the energy we would resonate. When we take the time to adjust our position to one of Love and Inner Strength, we emanate a vibration of Light instead of Darkness.

Walking in Service to a Divine Intention of Unconditional Love, our Gifts of Love are not dependent upon the ways of others. We volunteer to Shine our Light even in the darkness of night. We’re no longer justified in withholding our Love by any worldly circumstance.

The Rabbit can multiply to abundance our ability to Respond with Love in our daily experiences. As the Personification of Light, we shine by our example.

A new perspective offered by Tone 9 can guide us to see where our Light can shine the brightest. New Light may indicate the completion of a phase, situation, or relationship that is no longer serving in a positive way. LAMAT’s totem, the Rabbit, brings the power to multiply. Whatever we focus on will be multiplied to abundance. When we let go of the circumstances that no longer benefit our life, we make room for the new.

The processes of fertility, birth, and regeneration demand much of our energetic resources. Today holds potential to present us with a feeling of much going on and much to do. We can remember that Patience will be our Greatest Source of Strength. Like the Rabbit, if we hold very still to survey the landscape, we will Know the right moment to speak or act.

To all my relations, may we hold the Highest Vision of all that we can be that our Light may Shine in All Directions. May we learn to Serve in the Presence of Each Moment through a Sacred Intention to Respond with Love. May we choose our position among the Stars where our Light can shine the Brightest, and may our own Outpouring of Unconditional Love be Multiplied to Abundance.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


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for a trecena energy forecast and insight on the 3rd Uinal and Portal Days of the Sun/AHAU trecena.

9 Star/LAMAT (Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA)

Galactic Tone 9: Patience. The energy of Nine is one of the getting a better perspective of the bigger picture. With the energy of Nine plans or patterns begin to come to completion. Nine requires patience and perseverance that is found in the bigger picture, otherwise there is great suffering from the lack of insight. The completion of cycles of action is all-important to Nine.

Star/LAMAT: Star energy is multiplication of all things to abundance. Star has been associated with the fertility of rabbits for its ability to multiply. As each sun in the sky, Star persons shine equally in all directions. This natural tendency of harmony and balance can become compulsion, motivating Star to be too agreeable and too generous, rejected gifts cause fear and resentment. When a Star believes it has been given too much, they are weakened or may even collapse. In this “Black Hole” state, Stars are prone to verbal jousting and arguing to force their point of view on everyone.

Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA: Symbol-Venus, The Morning Star cycle of 260 days and Evening Star cycle of another 260 days, inspired the 13 numbers, 20 Day sign Sacred Calendar. Rabbit is the Trickster of Cherokee culture, matching the Coyote in other nations. The personification of Light and New Life, Sunrise, the scion of the Moon-Father of earth children, the Rabbit is fertility, be fruitful and multiply. Represents softness, gentleness and vulnerability. LAMAT– Totem Rabbit. Energies of re-birth, regeneration, ripening, harvest and abundance. This person is overflowing with love energy in all areas of life. Spiritual growth is natural and with ease due to the unconditional love energy that flows.

How is your Spiritual path today?

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5 thoughts on “9 Star / LAMAT – A Walk in the Light

  1. agreed, nice glif – do you do your own artwork interpretation of symbols? certainly so. another perfect message for this incredible unfolding evolution #1 rapids raft ride of life – hold on! get your balance, I see whitewater…beautiful – and right to the core essence. mahalo nui loa, en lak’ech

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    • Yes, my first round I committed to create the glyph each day – tried not to veer too far off the design because I feel the original symbols are held in cellular memory. (Thank you) This walk with Sun/AHAU has been a wonderful time of feeling connected – I look ahead with anticipation to the portal days on 11 Dog and 12 Monkey – such important energies to be magnified. mahalo and much aloha back, Debra


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