9 Transformer / CIMI – Healing by Truth: Day 9


9 Transformer/CIMI

9 Transformer/CIMI

Greetings Kin,

Flint/ETZNAB’s Healing by Truth has raised our Consciousness to the Choice we have to Define who we are. The challenge that guided a cycle of Spiritual Growth brought Life to an Intention to Define our Self in the Truth WE Dreamed to Be. Reaching the top of the pyramid, we presented our Intention to a Divine Agency who will return Divine Justice to begin our Transformation.

Tone 9 brings the Intention of expanding our understanding by looking at the bigger picture. The leader of change, Transformer/CIMI, is empowered by Peak Energy to effect a Major Life Change within ourselves.

The CIMI glyph, illustrating the face of death, is the reminder that something always dies as something new is born. CIMI offers the Power and Intuition to seamlessly guide us through the chaos of our change as we leave parts of our Self behind. CIMI is the Day Sign of the Clairvoyant, assigned as the helper for Human’s life-changing transitions. Through a Spiritual Gift of Insight, CIMI manages change with the Countenance of Peace, knowing the insight for what to do will be presented as its needed.

CIMI provides its guidance with a soft hand on our shoulder so we will know we aren’t alone. We are guided to reflect on the Gift of “I Am” from a broader perspective. Tone 9 asks for our Patience. The Truth we are given will be important enough, that we could suffer from a lack of deeper understanding.

We learned we have the power to recreate ourselves and the world through a Choice of our own Free Will. We can expand our perspective by looking beyond our own Intention to see how it applies to everyone else.

flint-trecena-waveFlint/ETZNAB’s Healing by Truth raises our Consciousness to the Choice we have to Define who we are. The challenge that guided a cycle of Spiritual Growth brought Life to an Intention to Define our Self in the Truth of who WE Dreamed to Be. Reaching the top of the pyramid, we presented our Intention to a Divine Agency who begin a cycle of Transformation under a Divine Authority who seeks Harmony and Equity.


We could expect the Flint/ETZNAB trecena to present some hard truths and challenges. As I look back to my journal, there was a tearing down of strongholds in my last Flint trecena. It was a breakdown that led to a Major Breakthrough in my self-identity. (You might consider changes that were taking place with you from the first weeks of June 2016.)

The Flint knife doesn’t treat the outer symptoms but goes straight to the heart of the cause. I learned that my whole system of being in relationship was formed on a crumbling foundation of how I had once seen myself.  Only by bearing the full weight of my ego’s need for outer validation was I able to realize the importance of My Own Truth. Something of the old ceased to exist as something new was born.

In our own Intention to transform the world, we are veered off-course by the idea of changing anyone or anything. We can only change how we see ourselves. A key understanding is that others also have this same Sole Authority and Right of Free Will. We cannot define the changes needed by others. Each is perfect in their own place in their own journey. We can never Truly Know the accumulated experiences of another to accurately define Their Truth.

An old analogy that’s stuck with me was about a church lady that had great difficulty in making friends because she was rude and always complaining. As a fellow church-goer was lamenting to the pastor the difficulty she created for those around her, his reply was, “Oh, she’s an Angel Now. You should have seen her before she started coming to service!”

The judgements we make of others is a reflection upon ourselves. Through judgement, we can only see our differences, compared to our own “crystallized” image of the other. The Creator sees us as an ever-evolving Spirit that is already Perfect in its own Sacred Intention. We weren’t created to Define or Transform another. Our shared blessing of Free Will means we can only change ourselves.

Things work contrary to Reason when we transform the world by Spirit. We don’t attack, but withdraw to seek our own Peace within. We don’t seek to change others, but allow them to be as they are, honoring each step of their own journey. And, we don’t push our agendas, but draw differences into harmony by our Unconditional Love. When offenses are given, we don’t respond in defense, but receive what’s presented as something given to be Healed by our Love.

To all my relations, may we see the Beauty of our Intention as it would be seen by the Creator. We are all gifted in our own unique way to bring Equal Value as we are. When we realize change is not a condition of being “enough,” we won’t compare our changes to others. Our Intention engages a relationship with the Creator that was the Reason for our Creation. The illusion of our fear is the darkness before a New Dawning. We have Divine Help. May our Transformation be completed in fullness so we can walk in a New Way, knowing it was our own challenge that served to lead us there.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Flint/ETZNAB trecena.


9 Transformer/CIMI  (Cherokee, Twins/ TAKATO’KA)

Galactic Tone 9: Patience. The energy of Nine is one of the getting a better perspective of the bigger picture. With the energy of Nine plans or patterns begin to come to completion. Nine requires patience and perseverance that is found in the bigger picture, otherwise there is great suffering from the lack of insight. The completion of cycles of action is all-important to Nine.

Transformer/CIMI: Cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Transformer persons achieve goals and emotional wealth. Transformer people can become highly respected business persons. They have the ability to help others through any and all transitions with tranquility due to their spiritual strength and guidance. Communities often benefit from Transformers discipline and organization skills. They strengthen the life of pregnant women and guide them through the transitions of maternity. Establishing contact with the ancestors activates innate psychic abilities, gifts to be used as tools to assist others. Transformers can have the ability to send evil intentions telepathically, this is their undoing. From these acts they lose power, easily fall into a victim role and begin to manipulate with a vengeance. A good day to tie all loose ends.

Cherokee, Twins/ TAKATO’KA: Twins symbolize the Female Sun and Male Moon, whose union keeps the world going round. Cherokee myth has the Morning Star heralding the Sun, Venus, also being the Evening Star as representing the TWINS. The energy brings major changes all throughout life, riding the tsunamis of earthquake and upheaval, making their own waves wherever they go. They undergo powerful transformations, alternating like a flashing neon sign. The challenge is to master Balance while experiencing Chaos leading to re-birth and abundance through infinity.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, or share your local energy report.

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