5 Deer / MANIK – Transformation of Possibility: Day 5


5 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 brings the Power to Fuel a Spiritual Climb. The first 6 days of the trecena facilitate our process of Spiritual Growth. Our increasing Consciousness is guided by a Choice we make for our Self, and so does our effort demonstrate our Passion to make it so.

On Tone 5 we still face the application of our greatest effort that would carry us to the top of a pyramid… our accomplishment of Spiritual Growth. Deer/MANIK is the Day Sign of Spiritual Tools. A Demonstration of Love is offered by the Helping Hand of the Creator.

Deer/MANIK is a Blue Day Sign of “Incoming Light” residing in the direction of the West, the place of our Experience of Facing the Unknown. We learned that during the process of change, the fear of our Ego can cloud our perspective. Deer can offer us the Spiritual Tools to overcome our perceived limitation.

The West calls our attention to our Feelings and Responses to our Experiences. Our Feelings are also subject to our Free Will of Choice. Choosing our Feelings is among our Highest Responsibilities that also requires an application of effort.

Just as Love can feel like something “happening to us,” so can suffering feel outside of our own control. Our Ego finds comfort in assigning blame in defense of a fear of something lost or lacking in our Self. Deer/MANIK empowers our courage to seek out what we see as “not enough” so we can receive the Spiritual Tool needed to overcome an Illusion.

Deer is said to keep every Spiritual Tool it’s ever used to overcome a limitation. Its most-used tool is Vigilant Observance. Deer’s primary means of survival is its vigilant observation in all 4 directions. We are given a 360 view to draw Wisdom from every aspect of our lives. As CIMI drew attention to our fears of the Unknown, Deer can help us see that our fear is grounded in an experience of the past. We can finally let go as we see a Divine Hand lifts us up beyond our old fears.

Deer/MANIK displays its Inner Power by standing in its own Truth. Deer stands in the Truth of its Power and also its Limitation. Standing in our Truth means we don’t have to rush to defend ourselves. We can stand perfectly still in silence, grounded in the Truth that we are Always Loved.

Standing in Truth is a strategy we can adopt in our daily lives. When we feel we are under attack or subject to the criticism of those around us, Standing in our own Truth means we are worthy to accept blame without a personal defense. As we learn to see any “weakness” as just the process of learning, we are no longer threatened by a perception of diminished personal value. We can allow another their own process of discovery.

We could imagine how the quality of our relationships would be elevated if, instead of defending our position, we offered the simple words, “I Understand.” Understanding is not the same thing as Agreement. Though, Right Relationship is empowered even further when we can admit to the Truth of a weakness we see in our Self. In this way, we offer a Gift of Love by Honoring one another’s feelings… whether we discern their judgement as “right” or “wrong.” We can remember that Love is more powerful than Reason. (What do we really gain when we tell someone else they are responsible for their own feelings?)

Deer/MANIK holds the Divine Aspects of the Creator. Also known as Hand, the glyph depicts the fingers grasping a current of Ether that completes a circuit to Divine Power. Deer is the Day Sign of the Mayan Priest, whose role is to Extend the Love of the Creator on Earth.

We can stand on the Truth that the Hand of God is always extended and all we have to do is reach up to be held within its grasp. We can find our strength and power in knowing that nothing we could do would separate us from the Creator’s Love. By practicing vigilance, we hold the Consciousness of a Choice we can make to Love.

Our Leap of Faith is empowered by a Gift of Love. Deer can offer the Spiritual Gift of Knowing the mistakes we’ve made were not mistakes at all, but an important part of our process of learning and growing. We can finally be released from the judgements we made in the past. All we have to do to receive a Healing Gift of Deer is to observe what We Feel is broken.

Our experiences in the West trigger our emotional response. What we feel we are lacking may be brought to our awareness by the feelings of disappointment in our Self. Through a language of the Heart, our feelings of brokenness are the Calling of the Creator to reach up for a Divine Healing. We can operate in our full power, knowing that a Hand is always extended and that there is nothing that would separate us from Divine Love, except our own Free Will of Choice.

Deer is said to hold the power of Harmonic Resonance. Pure Love holds the Power to draw the lower vibration of Fear into sympathy with a vibration of Higher Resonance. As we Draw on the Love extended by the Creator, Love becomes our Higher Influence.

Each Day Sign serves the purpose of modeling a Way of Being. Deer stands in its own Power and Authority as a Divine Agent.  We can stand in our own Power and Authority as we see that, we too, were created for the Higher Purpose of extending the Love of the Creator.

To all my relations, may we open our Hearts to a Spiritual Experience of Love. May we see this as the strength to Stand in our own Power. May we see how it could be applied to a fear of limitation, and accept our feelings as a Divine Calling. Then we won’t need to run away or rush to defend. We can see that our Feelings signal an Offering of Love waiting to be extended. May we see that our Spiritual Power is not a driving force, but a surrender to what we really feel. The Power to Accomplish a Spiritual Climb will be found through an Opening of the Heart. As a Vigilant Agent of Love, we would see that all Humans carry the same burdens. May we claim the Power of Standing in our own Truth, knowing that “right” or “wrong,” we are offered the Unconditional Love of the Creator. May we be vigilant to see where, we too, can extend the Hand of the Creator’s Love.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Night/AKBAL trecena.


5 Deer/MANIK (Hand), (Cherokee Deer Ahwu’sdi)

Galactic Tone 5: Empowerment. At the center of the cube we find Five. Five is an intelligent, organizing force which manages communications and materials, knowledge and application. Fives are natural networkers who gather what is needed. These persons can probe directly to the core of any situation making them excellent investigators.

Deer/MANIK (Hand): Deer are spirit tools. Silence itself is a spiritual experience for Deer. For Deer life is a pilgrimage. Deer are dominant persons who defend the people and will make sacrifices for others. The spirit of Deer upholds the pillars of the four directions. With the power inherent in the number four, Deer pushes away bad influences or negative energies. Skill and quality of work are very important to Deer. They are presented with tools for every task in life and it is with these that they are able to rise above limitations. Deer has a habit of keeping every tool it has ever used. This leads to clutter and indecision, loss and procrastination. When confronted with promises not kept, Deer becomes stubborn, manipulative and evasive.

Cherokee, Deer/Ahwu’sdi: Symbolized by Constellation Galagina, the Stag, known as Taurus, the Bull. It does not include the Pleiades and Hyades clusters which in Cherokee are viewed as separate. To feed, gatherers of food and supplies, they enjoy rituals, ceremonials, feasts, the souls of hospitality, sociability. Freedom versus security issues often inspire leadership and unique solutions.  Combined with artistic and inspiring energies in harmony with lunar cycles, they nourish the clans. Totem-Deer:  A priest or shaman, a powerful person in general, to overwhelm an individual with one’s personal power, divination; inclined to become a teacher, healer, guru, civic leader, or politician.  Ability to create harmonic resonance.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, or share your local energy report.

4 thoughts on “5 Deer / MANIK – Transformation of Possibility: Day 5

  1. Dear Debra April 26, 2017
    Oh Debra, I feel so in the Hand of Spirit…today I Speak and Stand on My Truth to my father, after 55 years of being on the receiving end of his pain I will no longer take responsibility for his behavior. My Deerness seems more clear with every facet I learn, your post today was every word Right On! Thank you My Sister for being there, because many and many a time I feel so alone, not ever from Creator or The Mother but in a day to day way, it’s So Good to Know You Are There, XXXOOO! I’m going in! Pray for me! Jen, 11/Manik

    Liked by 1 person

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