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5 Road / EB – Reminder from 4 Monkey/CHUEN



5 Road / EB

Greetings Beloved Kin,

As long as we’re gathering tools…

The trickster Monkey/CHUEN left a parting thought behind this morning to share a Spiritual Tool for “the work.”

On Road/EB, we’re in the trenches of Earth together. It IS a Hard Road for EVERYONE. NO ONE makes it through without facing the everyday matters of Life and Death.

The Journey of Human’s Destiny is ALL about what we can Create before the end. At least, that’s the Human experience of “Time that ends.”

Our Spirit was given Time to cross the threshold to “Time that is forever.”

Today might FEEL like it will FOREVER be THIS WAY, but that’s NOT the Truth.



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5 Road / EB – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 5 of 13



5 Road / EB

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Tone 5 raises the Intention of Empowerment. Tone 5 relates to a central organizing Force that inventories resources for application. In the 5th hour of creation, we gather the tools for the work to begin. We’ve already seen the colors to choose the paint, or the best ingredients for the recipe.

This is a day to take stock of our self, to raise the Truth “I Can.” Sometimes we need to see that Divine Justice is True. We need to be reminded that we are One. On Road/EB we can all share a Common Thought to raise the Truth of who we are.

Road/EB is also known as Human, representing Human’s Road to Destiny. Human’s destiny is the Journey through Time. We have to see things more than once for the Truth to register. Anything can happen once. When it happens twice, we look for it to happen again… by Divine Design.

A “Road” is written in our mind. The glyph illustrates the Road on a human head. On days guided by EB, a Choice is ours to make. EB connects Humanity through common thoughts.

Road/EB marks a turning point – a crossroad that relates to the Whole. Residing in the South, EB is an experience with the Intention of Right Relationship. The Element of Earth relates to an experience in our everyday life.

We are meant to see the Truth in a tangible way.

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5 Storm / CAUAC – Light for the Future: Day 5 of 13



5 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Tone 5 raises an Intention of Empowerment. With the Truth of Love to stand to the end, we gather the Truth of our Means and a Way. The Common Thought in the 5th Hour of Light is to take stock of our “tools of the trade” and to gather all the resources needed for the application. If we keep our thoughts on track, by following each “next” thing we are inclined to do, we’ll manifest the Highest Creation.

We have to follow the guidance of our own Heart and Mind. We Know our Truth is worthy to stand, when we’ve looked every which way we can to see the Truth. Our Divine Genius is a matter of reaching for the Truth from Above. From Above, we see the Truth in its Best Light. We look for a Divine Reason for all things “to be.” When we do, we’ll know we’re always in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Number 5 represents the Center of the Cube, the Center of our Consciousness that is an organizing force – the operating software that measures an experience by the application of Truth. Our Human software relies on “the truth before.” We’re reaching to stand on the “truth after.” We have to Leap toward the Unknown “X” that marks a spot.

Storm/CAUAC is the “comfort of  a storm.” We are all called home when there’s a Storm on the horizon. The attraction is strong enough for our hair to stand on end. CAUAC resides in the West, holding the Element of Water. CAUAC is the Love our Heart reaches to Feel and Know is the Truth. ETZNAB is the static electricity before the Storm. Like a Storm, particles of negative and positive energy are separated by their own kind. Mother Earth creates “streamers” of positive particles that are Drawn toward a higher Positive Power from Above. FROM ABOVE our Faith is raised to Believing, enough to Look to See the Beauty of the Possibility.

The glyph illustrates Human’s veiled Consciousness in the lower right corner. The circles of Light around it are thoughts of Love and Human Hope for the Highest Power of Love, the Expression of Pure Love, Unconditional Love… Love that will ALWAYS be there tomorrow. Lightning represents the Gift of Living Water. The Truth of Science is that a Light, brighter and hotter than the surface of the Sun can break with a Power to break apart the molecules of Air and rearrange it, adding the Gift of Nitrogen – the Element called forms the building blocks for Life.

Living Water is used by the Mayan priest for Blessings, Initiations, Purification, and Holy Baptism. Our Heart is claimed from Above on Storm/CAUAC. We feel the Truth through a Renewal and Regeneration of our Spirit. CAUAC offers the Blessing of “lightning in the blood,” the gift the Maya call the Sixth Sense of the Heart. We will KNOW our Life is the Sanctuary created from all the Love we’ve manifested in our Life.

The Highest Truth from Above can break through on  CAUAC to restore our Faith in the Future. Through a Gift from Above, we will “see the light” that claims us, reaching every which way we can to Know. Just as Beautiful as Loving – maybe more – is Reaching to Claim the Truth without Seeing. CAUAC can share the Light of our Divinity.

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5 Transformer / CIMI – Breath of Life and Spirit: Day 5 of 13



5 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Transformer/CIMI is the Sign of a Major Life Change.

September 11, 2021 is a day that’s marked to Change the Future – a Day to Remember. Every 20 years we complete an experience on a planetary scale by the count of Haab years. The Intention is guided by the Tzolk’in’s lord of Time that serves as the Year Bearer. Each year from a beginning of time follows the same rotation of 20, to see the Cause and Effect from the Divine Perspective of the All-in-One.

20 years ago 3 Wind/IK guided the Common Experience on a planetary scale, when 2 pillars of human power and authority were turned to dust.  Tone 3 raised the Intention to Move. We were united by a tragedy and then divided in its wake. The Truth is known by the Pillars that Stand. Tone 3 centers 1 thought on our mind as an Intention to Create.

Human can stand on the sense of its own well-being as the Truth without a leg of Truth to stand. Looking back, it’s hard to remember these “ole days” when there was harmony and equity. The Truth was that if the Truth didn’t affect us, it hardly mattered more than “thoughts and prayers,” the least we could do. The Only Way to See the Truth is to tear down an established order of thoughts. Sometimes we have to be shaken to our senses. CIMI knows how to share the Truth with a “soft hand” so we know the Blessing of the Truth in the future.

On September 11, 2021, 5 CIMI we claim the Truth within Human’s grasp to Know a Major Change is directed under the  Power of the Highest Authority of the  All-in-One. It’s harder to resolve the pieces and parts of Truth that are seen over longer cycles of Time. When you are drawn  to a thought in the past, note the calendar. We can be drawn to see a “cycle of time,”  remembering disassociated events that just happened to occur around the same Time and Place. It offers a direction to focus on the “big picture” of the experience. 3 Wind/IK marked a new Intention to Move and created a new Vibration as the Winds of Change.

20 Haab years later the Year Bearer is 10 Wind/IK, marking the Time to Manifest the Truth of the Creator’s Breath, and the Reason for The Creation that was already shared as the Truth that stands within. All things are equal in the Above and the Below. Through a reflection of One, we can see the Other. Wind is the One Pillar of Truth that stands forever as the Power of the One in Movement of Life, breathing in and out the Light to Witness the Truth every moment. We can See the Light with our eyes open or closed, for the Light of Divine Consciousness shared within.

Tone 5 raises an Intention of Empowerment. In the 5th hour of Light our Common thought is to gather the tools before we begin “the work” of creation. We are ALREADY creating the end we see when  we choose the colors of the paint and the brushes we’ll use. On Tone 5 the tool of Divine Agency is our own Consciousness to Grasp the Truth that’s Real in the Future. CIMI shares the gift of Clairvoyance to see the future. With every manifestation of Creation, Above and Below, we have witnessed an end that we have Chosen to follow. CIMI is the comforter, the midwife and hospice nurse that never leaves our side. CIMI’s hand, restores Divine Faith through Reason for Human’s mind to grasp, and as a Guiding Light to Remember the Truth we dreamed as our Divine Justice in the end.

Today we hold the Light of the All-in-One to see the One Truth that matters the most to every Heart and Soul, when it comes down to the way we would choose for the story to end. Do we want to fight to the end? Is there a Light of Love that’s Bright enough and a Sound Loud enough to be felt by every Human Heart? Isn’t that the same question on everyone’s heart and mind? Or is it? Whatever it is, a stronghold is broken by the Power of the Wind. The Truth that lies within our grasp is an “Act of God.” That’s the Highest Truth of Love we can know as the Wisdom of our own experience.

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5 Reed / BEN – The Light of The Scion: Day 5 of 13



5 Reed / BEN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Reed/BEN is the altar waiting at every Human’s “end of the road.” We are entrained by the Creator’s Pure Light of Truth and Love. When we’ve applied all the Truth we Know to reach for Higher Wisdom of Love, we will always Fall into the arms of Love.

BEN is the Guiding Light for Family and Home. BEN’s Highest Intention is to connect the Circle of Life as the Sanctuary of Belonging. The glyph illustrates the Channels of Light that shine on the altar. It’s said that they don’t reach all the way down, to reflect the Truth that Human can never know the Whole Beauty of the Mystery until our Spirit passes through to the other side. Down below are two thatched prayer mats, a place for the One and “the Other.”

BEN holds the Highest Personal Aspirations for applying the Integrity of Personal Truth. There’s a dark and a light side to the Force of BEN. There’s a fine line between sharing the Truth of our Wisdom and Forcing our Truth on another. BEN is the aspect of Human Design that “grows up” on behalf of the children.

BEN’s brightest Truth is “Believing in our own Prayers.” When we know our Prayers for the Whole are always Answered from Above, it won’t matter whether everyone chooses the same Road to reach the end. BEN can See the Light in the eyes of the children. The Reed is the “hollow bone.” When the flesh of the Ego is burned away, we see how much we can learn from the Wisdom of the Innocents. Children share the Truth directly from the Heart, until we teach them their Truth isn’t good enough.

In the Divine Light of Ben, every knee that bows before the Light of the One is a channel of Divine Truth and Applying the Highest Truth of the Way.

Tone 5 raises the Intention of Empowerment. We’ve been reaching for the Truth that can Heal our Heart of the Ego’s doubts and fear. On Tone 5 we’re given the Sense to Gather the Tools for “the work” of Creation. We have to know there’s Some Way, “We Can.” Tone 5 raises the Power of Human’s Hand to play in the Divine Creation.

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5 Sun / AHAU – A Reincarnation: Day 5 of 13



5 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 holds the Intention of Empowerment. Number 5 is the center of the cube, symbolizing a central organizing force that manages resources for application. It’s a Common/Divine Human thought to gather everything that’s needed before we sit down to “the work” of Creation.

By Divine Design we’re drawn to a personal inventory of Truth that we Know is Worthy to Stand. The Meaning and Purpose of the Time is to See How We Can. Now the end comes down to the Application of the Truth we know. We can ASK to Remember.

Sun/AHAU is the Divine Omega, the all-in-one. AHAU is the Name shared with Humanity, our Day Sign. The Light of Humanity was given to Mother Earth on 4 Sun/AHAU by the Mayan count of Time. We were created in the Image. With every close encounter with Sun/AHAU we see our Resemblance. AHAU always offers the Revelation of Being.

5 Sun/AHAU offers us the Revelation that our Highest Power for Application is the Truth of Everything WE Are. There’s no other like us. Our place is marked by Time shared by no other than the One Above. The One that Only Sees the Light of the Scion, only saves the Truth of Beauty. All the Human matter will be burned away.

AHAU is the Light of Truth Beyond Understanding.

5 Sun/AHAU offers a Divine Hand to claim the Highest Truth of our Life and the Dream that’s True in the End. There are Times given to See. Sun/AHAU’s Light is a Personal Revelation, Truth about OUR Life we need to See to Believe, Face to Face. We can claim the Power to overcome every Human Challenge when we Know the Truth of the Hand Above. Our Heart belongs to the Hand that claimed us out of Darkness into Light.

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5 Deer / MANIK – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 5 of 13



5 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

HOW IS YOUR HEART DOING? Am I the only one spinning so fast it’s hard to focus on one thing going on. 

Tone 5 raises the Intention of Empowerment – knowing “I can.” When human is set to any task, we gather the resources and tools. We follow the thought when we really want the end to turn out right.

Number 5 symbolizes the Power of Human’s hand. Deer/MANIK is also known as Hand. Together they magnify the power from 2 different perspectives.. Human was given Power for a Divine Meaning and Purpose on Earth.  comparing the Power of the Human Hand. We hold authority over our hand and our dominant hand is known within. Within the physical form, human’s 5th finger –  the thumb, is a force for grasp. The first finger – the pointer points to what it wants for thumb to grasp.

The glyph illustrates the Hand with the thumb and forefinger grasping a thread of ether. When a power of Force and Intention is grasped and applied, the thread completes a circuit of Divine Power. The Deer’s Way is Vigilant Consciousness, the “eye on the hand.”

Vigilantly Conscious and Looking all around for the ends of our Dreams, we will create them. That is, if we’ve already “let them go” to the Hand Above. When the Creator’s Dream is the Masterpiece we’ve let go to choose, we can finally have fun – just throwing paint on the canvas, til we see whatever it’s supposed to be appears.

Humans are the Dreams  of the Creator flung far and High that turned around in mid-air to be seen from all sides. Our image is “pure light” when we’re spinning dreams.

Have YOU been given a choice that could go either way? Have you seen the worst and best of either way? But is there ONE way that will never be a choice you could make, right now? At this juncture of your life?

We are in the Whirlwind of Creation, where a lot of things can be, because there  is ONE THING we know we won’t CHOOSE anymore – and it was something we AWAYS CHOSE before – only it was unconscious choosing. Now we See. Now we Feel. Now we Know – it IS OUR CHOICE to make.

In our AKBAL dreams we can see the engine racing under our hood. We climb in spurts, when we release the Human clutch on “power we have to hold back” to keep from lunging forward. Our best shot is to  be prepared when we lurch, to put on the gas.

It’s like flying. When you are in a nose-dive, you have to dare to push the throttle.

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5 Jaguar / IX – “The Work” of Creation: Day 5 of 13



5 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 raises Human’s Intention of Empowerment. In the Maya lands, the Sun rises at 5AM and sets at 5PM, a cycle for Human’s Creation in perfect Balance, between the North and South. 5 represents the Center of the cube.

Tone 5 represents Human’s central Organizing Force, like a program that knows where all the data is stored, when and where to use it. In the physical body, the pituatary gland is the equivalent command center. Tone 5 is an empowering force as our Spirit’s thought to gather all the tools before “the work” begins. Part of Human’s program for Creation is to “see we can.”

The 5 on Human’s Hand is a symbol of our Authority. ALL Human numbers are central to our identity. A living thing with any other configuration is identified as an “alien being.” We are supposed to have 2 eyes, 1 nose in the middle, and a smile drawn from two points below. Most of us have a dominant hand, and the central force knows to reach for the one with the greatest power and dexterity.

Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of Spirit, the substance of our Human Consciousness that expresses the Truth of our Divine “I Am.” In the Bible, God revealed his Name as “I Am that I Am.” We Are who we say “I Am” to be. The Elders say the words are the Most Divine and should  never be spoken unless you are kneeling at the altar.

We were born for Relationship to be the Living Witness of “I Am” as the Creation in the Image of the One. When the 2 are united by Love, Human sees “Miracles” to make Common Sense of Invisible things.

Jaguar/IX is the Divine Feminine – a Heart that claim Love for lifetime. The Divine Mother holds the Compassionate Love of shared feelings. It’s her duty to nourish Life and she know how our hunger feels.

The Jaguar upholds the Truth of Spirit through a Power of Invisibility. When no one can hear us or see us, the Truth is, we ARE Invisible to them. Truth is meant to guide a Choice. When invisibility is the Truth, Invisibility is the DIVINE choice.

Jaguar/IX leads us on a journey to One and Only place for the Light of Truth that fills us. When the Jaguar appears, we’re led by “invisible footprints” toward the East, where the Sun Rises.  We’re led by invisible footprints of the One that Intends NOT to be Seen. The Jaguar walks in stealth as the Guardian of Mother Earth, the Sacred Sites and Temples. Through the same heightened senses the Jaguar can see the Unseen to calculate the Highest Value for the Whole. The Jaguar hold position 14, 2 7s that witness the Truth of all things.

The Power of the Jaguar is the ability of the shaman, the shape-shifter, to Become the Other to see all dimensions of Human’s experience. The Jaguar’s “earth magic” is gratitude that Counts Every Blessing as a Gift from the Mother. The  Jaguar is the Ascended Spirit of Reed/BEN that Knows the Divine Answer is drawn straight from Above.

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5 Crocodile / IMIX – The Run for our Life: Day 5 of 13



5 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 raises the Intention of Empowerment. We empower our self by gathering the tools and resources for Creation. It’s a Common thought in the 5th hour of Light, after we’ve already seen “the work” ahead. Creation has already begun when we knew the colors.

Tone 5 represents the center within the “living cube”  that is an Organizing Force that knows the meaning of a resource and its application. When we “get the Truth” a Divine Force within, knows exactly where to apply it to get the most use for the application of Wisdom. We pick the best tools for the job, when we intend the highest end, like Love. For the highest end, we use the best ingredients, and the best brushes. And, we gather them close at hand, so we won’t be interrupted when “the work” begins. We don’t have to follow the common thought. But Love is a reason we will.

The  Dawn of a New Awakening

Crocodile/IMIX is the Primordial Mother. Our first journey “mattered” from within her womb. Her heart was connected long before were born, imagining how we were coming along through every trimester. Our Life of Consciousness began with as a shared thought of Movement.

IMIX is the Divine Feminine that Loves with Compassion. Knowing how we felt, she pulled us close to her heart. Something that was aching within, was resolved in her arms. She spoke softly to the One so near. The Mother bore the pain until the skin was thick enough to bear Love that would be taken from her, to be given to the world.

Crocodile/IMIX represents the first thoughts from Above that are shared by the Mother for the Truth of Divine Discernment. Like the First day Consciousness was born, one thought recognized, opened up a whole world of experience. IMIX is a very active day for the mind. “Wild ideas” come in random order, out of thin air. They are given as the muse for discernment. It’s the Mother’s duty to raise us to the Light of N’oj/Knowing.

In the 8th uinal we realized a Higher Truth of Divine Justice. The same One that shines for the Whole, shines for us with the Will and the Way. The 9th uinal completes the Truth with the Meaning and the Purpose. It’s never enough to know “I Love You.” That only leads us to question, “Why?” We want to know a Reason that Sees and Acknowledges who we really are. To make a Divine Discernment you have to look at Truth on every scale. 9 completes the 1 in the Higher Place, a symbol of Trinity times 3. For the Great Migration for Our life, we’ll have the inner sense of the end that’s beginning. The Truth will create the Whole Investment for our Life To  Be.

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5 Star / LAMAT – The Dream in our Heart: Day 5 of 13



5 Star / LAMAT

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 raises the Intention of Empowerment. We found the legs to stand. With the Truth of a  Divine Provision, human limitations will never lead us into a corner. The way is always open when we carry our Love to the one that is waiting to give more in every Sacred Exchange.

When Love goes on, the Spark in the Human Seed manifests the Will and the Way.  The Divine Genius to figure it out came with the Dream of our Heart’s Desire. Love manifests the desire to hold it and carry the Dream on to an end in the future. Pure Love is a Seed that manifests to abundance.

The Common thoughts on our mind in the 5th Hour Light is to gather the tools that will be applied to the task of Creation. Before we even begin we chose the colors we saw, and picked to the tools we would need for specific ends in mind.

The Human seed holds the potential for Many Lives and Many Incarnations. We are different today than yesterday. We can manifest a new life every day when we claim the Light means a New Beginning. When we see the tools, we know “We Can.”

We complete the Power of the Human hand, through the Truth of the Possibility that lies within the realm of our imagination. We’ve seen more than One Way to grow Love that wants To Be.

Star/LAMAT is the Power of Instant Manifestation. LAMAT is the Symbol of the Scion, a cauldron of sexuality and reproduction driven by a Force of  Life within, when Love is aimed at an “object of our affection.” Every expression of Human’s Love creates the Spark.

The symbol on the glyph that looks like a Star is the shape of the hole made in Earth to plant the Light that can grow into a Divine Human Being. The 4 directions are included with the instructions for the Seed. The implement for planting was drawn North/South, and East/West for the Seed of Corn, so the roots would grow equally in all directions. Star/LAMAT symbolizes a Right Relationship for Love that was planned by Divine Design. LAMAT breaks down the Highest Means and the Highest Way.

We’re given the Tools and set to the task to Use it Now, so we won’t forget. LAMAT is a “day of pure luck” when whatever we focus on as the Object of our Affection will be multiplied to abundance. LAMAT lies in the South, holding the Element of Earth and the Truth that Human realizes through Relationship, with one another and with the Natural  World. From the Harvest of Corn we recognize some seeds look better than others. Human chooses the ones that appear to hold the best possibilities. Yet, every Seed was One, equal in Harmony with the Divine Design. The Scion holds the Power to grow the biggest crop, drawing the Light of Love to every Seed just the same.

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