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5 Crocodile / IMIX – Moved by Divine Trinity: Day 5 of 13



5 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 creates an Intention of Empowerment. In the 4th hour of Light, the Maya surveyed the field of corn to see the job at hand. In the 5th Hour, thoughts turn to the ways and the means. Tone 5 is the Center of the cube, a Force of Intelligence that manages resources for application.

Like an artist preparing to paint, the means for creation – the canvas, brushes, and paints – are drawn together before the work begins. By design Human’s approach to creation is an uninterrupted flow of inspiration from the beginning to the end. We create in Communion with the One Above.

This organizing force of thought Empowers our Faith to Believe. When Human SEES the ways and the means, we can believe in a possibility.

Earth/CABAN is moving us to a New Field of Abundance, where a New Life has all the ways and means to be. CABAN is the Movement by Divine Design that empowers Life on Earth. The movement within her heart is the Force of magnetic energy that holds her in an orbit around the “object of her affection.” We are made of the same earth and all its elemental properties, like ALL life on Earth.

Crocodile/IMIX is the Alpha, simply the beginning of all things. 5 IMIX marks the First Day known to Humanity, born 4 Sun/AHAU. The Crocodile defines a primordial mother, like the badger with its claws, she is fiercely protective of her young. IMIX is the Divine Feminine. She knows how we Feel, and she holds the Gift of Discernment to know what makes us happy. She receives the Inspiration of AHAU’s Light, and conceives the Highest Creation for the happiness of the Whole.

IMIX inspired the Creation of our own Divine Mother. Our first Mother carried us everywhere. All our needs were met. We were nourished by the “lightning in HER blood” for the Dawn of our own Awakening. No Human mother would ever live up to the Divine Mother we conceived at our beginning. IMIX is a Day Sign of “Light” and she inspires a way to manifest the Divine Mother within.

5 Crocodile/IMIX begins the 9th uinal. Number 9 completes a Divine Transformation through the Patience to see the Bigger Picture. The 8 marks Faith raised to Believe in our Divine Justice. To Hold the Truth, we need to reach for the next higher Truth of a Divine meaning and purpose. Number 9 offers the Wisdom of Cause and Effect for us to Know our Power of Creation. Divine Justice is a  Power WE hold through every choice for Love. A Divine Cause will always manifest a  Divine Effect. When we know our Reason for creation is Love, our Faith is just as good as Believing. Number 9 is the WILL to finish – to follow a Dream all the way to its highest end. 9 comes with a warning that there could be suffering to bear for lack of insight if we don’t take this step. One experience of Spirit can be passed off as a coincidence. We can lose our Higher Ground. When we can see a Divine Reason WHY, we won’t stop believing. We’ll have the tools to manifest an even higher creation.

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5 Star / LAMAT – The Truth Within: Day 5 of 13



5 Star / LAMAT

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 guides the Intention of Empowerment. Every step of the climb moves Faith toward Believing. Tone 5 is Human’s Common thought to gather all the tools before we begin the production of creation. We are empowered when we know we have everything we need.

On Tone 5 we are inclined to take inventory of our ways and means – tangible Truth of a possibility. Seeing we Can, we can hold the Faith that we Will.

Star/LAMAT is the symbol of the Scion, the Whole of Humanity as the Light of the Creator’s Love. We were born to shine like a Star. The glyph illustrates the 4 directions to remember that our Love must shine equally all around.

Star/LAMAT shares a Gift of Instant Manifestation. LAMAT’s totem is the Rabbit, a cauldron of Love that multiplies to abundance whatever is held as the object of our affection. LAMAT is called a day of “pure luck.” Whatever we hold in our thoughts as an object of affection, whatever we focus on, will be multiplied to abundance.

Like a Rabbit there can be starts and stops given the Power to Multiply. We have to think about what we want, and not what we don’t want. The way through the challenge is to carry the Deer’s Special Tool – a Divine Provision for every Human limitation.

Star/LAMAT resides in the South, the direction of our Relationships with one another and with the Natural World. Holding the Element of Earth, LAMAT relates to our experience of physicality.

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5 Eagle / MEN – Dawn of New Creation: Day 5 of 13



Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 holds the Intention of Empowerment. Associated with the center of the cube, Tone 5 is a central organizing Force that manages resources for application.

Eagle/MEN is an Intermediary of Spirit that raises us up for a view from Above. The Eagle sees the direct path without any obstacles in the way. The Eagle knows that whatever it sees lies within its grasp. Eagle/MEN shares a vision of our future.

The Eagle flies by Intuition. It doesn’t hover or calculate its way. The Eagle sees only the “X” that marks the spot, takes a leap and leans into the Wind. An Eagle can see its prey nearly 2 miles away.

Eagle/MEN resides in the West, the direction of our Unknown Future. Holding the Element of Water, MEN speaks through the Heart. The only reason the Eagle doesn’t grasp the prize is if it turns away. The Eagle can turn away if it sees competition, or a moving target begins to appear to far away.

Eagle/MEN helps us see that a Dream inspired from Above is always shared with our name on it. Today we can see a Dream that lies ahead and know we have all the tools and all the time we need. The Eagle will share a way guided from Above. A promise of Divine Justice will carry us straight to the end as the Wind beneath our wings.

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5 Wind / IK – The Light of Truth: Day 5 of 13



5 Wind / IK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 represents the Intention of Empowerment. Each of the 13 Tones define inherent thoughts of creation. Compared to the 13 major joints in the Human body, they define all the ways humans move. In the 5th Hour of Light, after surveying the boundaries and parameters of a “field of creation” the Maya gathered the tools necessary to complete the task.

The Mayan calendars were written from the observation of human thoughts, the Elders called “tracking the mind.” The Power to manifest Creation is “mind over matter.” The 7th uinal reflects the Perfect Balance, the Great Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” The Wisdom was passed down as long ago as the Emerald Tablets of Hermes. It means that what is created from one realm of being will be balanced in all others.

In the realm of Consciousness, we manifest Creation in the Moment we make the Choice of Intention. We Express our Heart’s Desire. We were born to Love. What we Love defines our own Divine Justice.

Wind/IK is the Breath of Life and Breath of Spirit. “Te” is the sacred word the Maya relate to the first Breath of God. Holding the Element of Air, IK relates to our capabilities of Consciousness and the Breath of our Life. The “T” portals carved in stone magnified the Sound of the Wind and marked positions of the stars. The Elders said to Listen to the Wind as the Voice of the Creator. When you hear it, stop. What were you thinking? Was it a gust that redirected your thoughts? Or was it a gentle breeze that went along?

5 Wind/IK offers the Empowerment of God’s own Word and Authority. We were Breathed by the Creator for a Divine Meaning and purpose. And, the Supreme Creator holds the authority over our last breathe.

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5 Offering / MULUC – A Quickening of Spirit: Day 5 of 13




5 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 is a day of Empowerment. As the center of the cube, Tone 5 is an  organizing Force that manages resources and application. An Inherent thought of Creation is to gather the tools and resources that will be needed before we ever begin. Tone 5 raises the Truth of Possibility for Human to believe “I Can. I have everything I need to create.”

Offering/MULUC guides a way of Atonement with the thoughts of a Supreme Creator. The glyph illustrates a single drop of water raised up from the whole to be Seen and Acknowledged by the One Above. MULUC marks a day for Giving Back and Paying Forward.

The Elders said that when we bring an Offering, it should represent the value of the Blessing we expect to receive. The only way to know what is worthy is to Count our Blessings. Offering/MULUC guides a Sacred Exchange of Loving Back and Forth. When we Know the Unconditional Love held in the Mind of the Creator, we will know Love in the Overflow. When the single-drop of our own Spirit is rejoined with the One Below, the Love we FEEL will ripple through the whole.

MULUC is a symbol of the Moon, our Emotions, and Water Everywhere from the Cosmos to our own Tears. Water holds the Ether of our Spirit. All Water is Holy, holding the Light and Substance of Life. This is a Day to Honor our Feelings and the Feelings of the Whole. Feelings express the True Condition of our Heart. When we can’t find the words to explain a Truth that can only be known in our own Time and Place, we can share Feelings that are Common, given in Harmony and Equity for every Time and Place.

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5 Wisdom / CIB – Human’s Road to Destiny: Day 5 of 13



5 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

The 5th Tone holds an Intention of Empowerment. At the “center of the cube” is an Intelligent and Organizing Force that manages Spiritual Resources for their Application. In the 5th Hour of Light our next Divine Step for creation is to take stock of the ways and means to our end. Thoughts we hold in Common are part of our Divine Design. Tone 5 represents the Intelligent thought before we begin, to see what will be needed and to gather all the materials and tools that will be necessary.

We don’t have to follow our Divine Instincts, but we learn quickly that it’s the way to insure the best outcome. The process of Creation is a Divine Communion with the One Above. Even when we are not aware of it, we know we don’t want to be interrupted. We empower our own Faith to Believe in the end, when we obey these thoughts of Divine Guidance.

Our Highest Hope is to claim the Wisdom of Divine Truth. For this most important climb to claim a New Life, we are guided by Wisdom/CIB. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

CIB represents the Divine Consciousness of the Truth of ALL Time. The glyph illustrates the Light of Wisdom emanating from Human’s head. The Key to the Kingdom of Divine Consciousness is Forgiveness. Through Forgiveness we can clearly see the Truth. CIB shares the Wisdom that ALL our experiences of Time are an archaeological treasure.

CIB is a day to Honor the Old Ones, the Ascended Masters, and the Whole of Humanity that came before. The One Mind of Divine Consciousness, Above, was the witness to every moment and every experience. The Wisdom of ALL Time is held as the Truth of Human’s Collective Wisdom and Experience. This is a Day to Honor a Divine Inheritance of Wisdom that was intended to be shared by the Whole.

Tone 5 in the 5th uinal illustrates the Master Number 55. Number 55 amplifies and doubles the attributes of Number 5. Number 55 carries the vibrations of adventure and versatility, curiosity, facing challenges, learning life lessons through experience, auspicious opportunities, idealism and activity, making positive life choices and important changes. Angel Number 55 is a message from your angels that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you, and get ready for big changes to take place in your life. Release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles and look forward to wonderful new opportunities.

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5 Night / AKBAL – A Revival of Spirit: Day 5 of 13

5 Night / AKBAL



Greetings Kin,

Today, Tone 5 and uinal 5 amplify an Intention of Empowerment. Tone 4 represented the Divine Pillar of Truth that will stand in every direction for the Holy, Holy, Holy, to open a channel of Light. Number 5 represents a Force at the Center from which to draw the Inner Strength of Spirit. We’re empowered by the Power of both Hands (5’s) engaged by One Intention. The greatest power of the human hand, an opposable thumb, empowers the grasp of 4 fingers… with both hands, the grasp of 8.

Tone 5 relates to the Inherent thoughts of creation, when we see the job that needs to be done. Thoughts turn to the resources at hand. An artist preparing to paint gathers the colors, the brushes, the water, and the canvas before Creating begins. It’s a COMMON way, a DIVINE thought Offered as a Provision of Empowerment.

Night/AKBAL is the Dreamer that Believes in the Dream. AKBAL can help us see WHY this was part of God’s WAY. The COMMON Sense reason is knowing we have everything to reach the end. There will be no interruptions. Creation is a Divine Communion of Spirit. No matter what we are creating, we’re in Communion as a Trinity of Consciousness. Human Will is aligned with a Divine Purpose to express the Beauty held in Spirit. God leads the 2 that are united as 1 in the Creation of Beauty. When we see Beauty in human creations, we are seeing an Expression Powered by Love. 2 loving as 1 manifest a Trinity, a sum that is exponentially greater than the equal parts.

Master Number 55: Tone 5, Uinal 5
Number 55 carries the vibrations of adventure and versatility, curiosity, facing challenges, learning life lessons through experience, auspicious opportunities, idealism and activity, making positive life choices and important changes. Angel Number 55 is a message from your angels that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you, and get ready for big changes to take place in your life. The angels ask that you cast off old shackles and constraints, be true to yourself and live your life with passion and purpose. Be prepared for huge changes when repeating Angel Number 55 appears.
Source: SacredScribes

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The Lightning Transformation Ahead: Lion’s Gate 08/08/2020

The Lion is a symbol of the Sun, filled with Fire and Passion. The Lion will call to you.

Image Source: Numerologist.com

Greetings Kin,

When the stars line up with The Great Giza Pyramids, amazing things happen!

The 8th day of August brings forth an alignment in the cosmos which is known as the ‘Lions Gateway’. This event is characterized by a heavy flow of cosmic energy to and fro the spiritual and physical realms. The trecena of Storm/CAUAC already forecasts a gift of “Lightning in the Blood” for the renewal and regeneration of Spirit.  Energies are already opening to reach their peak on 08/08/2020, a Holy Day of Transformation on the Tzolk’in, 9 Deer/LAMAT that completes the Transformation for the manifestation on 10 Star/LAMAT.

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5 Dog / OC – Transition of Light: Day 5 of 13



5 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 holds the Intention of Empowerment. Tone 5 represents a Force at the center of the cube, a central organizing Force that manages Resources for Application. In the 5th Hour of Light, we’ve seen the task at hand and chosen an approach through our own “rules of the game.” The next Inherent thought at Tone 5 is to gather the tools for our Creation.

Whether we are creating a work of art or baking a cake, we collect the canvas, paints and brushes, or we gather the ingredients. Common thoughts held by the Whole can be recognized as Divine Thoughts, given in Harmony and Equity. As we track our own mind we are drawn to the Truth of a Guiding Light within. All things Divine have a Divine Meaning and Purpose. When we include this step of creation we raise the Truth, “I Can.” All the proof is drawn together when we take inventory of our Spiritual Tools, along with the Truth of a Divine Provision.

Dog/OC resides in the North, the direction of all Wisdom and the Element of Air that holds all the faculties for Conscious thought. 5 Dog/OC can guide our thoughts to the all-consuming Power of Unconditional Love. The Power of Love is a Divine Fire to burn all our emotional darkness away.

Days influenced by the Element of Air turn us to the Sacred Resource of the Divine Breath. Air is a Critical Element for Consciousness and Life. We can draw a Sacred Breath of the Creator’s Light of Unconditional Love. We can be changed through the Sacred Breath that shares the Healing Light of Love. Air can change our state of mind, like the Wind can change the landscape of our Life. Dog/OC can change our mind through the Wisdom of Love.

Dog/OC resides at the top of the “uinal pyramid” of 20 days in Position 10. OC holds and Affinity with Monkey/CHUEN, residing side-by-side in Position 11. Together, they reflect the perspectives central to a Divine Creator. Dog/OC believes the Truth of Love. Monkey/CHUEN sees the Beauty of the Expression, and through a Gift of Divine Consciousness, holds the Wisdom to Create the Beauty.

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5 Earth / CABAN – A Guiding Light: Day 5 of 13



Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 is a day of Empowerment. The Center of the Cube symbolizes human’s central, intelligent, organizing force for managing the resources, substance, and knowledge for application. Tone 5 gather’s all the resources for the last steps of our climb.

On Tone 5 we take inventory of our Spiritual Tools, the Truth of the Power of Love and the Divine Resources of Wisdom at Hand. Tone 5 represents our Inherent thoughts to discern the Means and the Way for creation.

Earth/CABAN is a Day Sign of Empowerment. CABAN is symbolized as Mother Earth, as the Source of Everything Known to Human. From the micro to the macro, Mother Earth proves the Integrity of a Divine Design.

The K’iche Maya Day Sign is No’j, a Sacred Word that marks a day of wisdom and knowledge. The glyph illustrates 3 Sources of Knowing that make up our Body of Consciousness. The horizontal line represents human’s linear thoughts. The wavy line symbolizes our imagination, and the floating circles, our Spirit’s Consciousness of the Divine.

CABAN resides in the East, the Direction of the Sunrise and the Element of Fire. From the East the Sun brings Divine Inspiration for a New Day. Fire is the Element with the power of transmutation – changing things from one form of being to another.

CABAN is a nahaul/essence of Movement. Mother Earth creates Time by Movement. Time is the Divine Means through which Human is offered the Wisdom of Experience. To draw from the resources of All Knowledge, we have to keep moving on.

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