12 Deer / MANIK – Application of Our Spiritual Nature: Day 12 of 13


12 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

The Intention of Tone 12 is Understanding. Today is the dawning of a new Truth that moves from the head to the heart. Understanding is the final step toward a new Ascension of Consciousness. Truth by truth we are transformed by a continuing correspondence that raises our Faith to a Belief.

Wisdom/CIB has given us the Truth of our Spiritual Gifts. They were given to perform a Divine Service. From our Human Nature we assessed a worldly purpose. In our Lower State we are just conscious enough to know the gifts actually exist. From our Human Nature, we imagine how it could serve our personal interest. We wonder if these gifts could help us win the lottery (ie. if you’re psychic, then you can give me the numbers).

Our Human ego has everything backwards. We weren’t meant to look at the world to decide how we would apply them. We would keep them ready to use for the Creator as we would be Divinely Inspired to do. We turn the “magic of Light” into “dark magic” seeking only a return of personal interest. We we are willing to “take” from an advantage, willing to sacrifice Spirit for the world, there is something in our circumstances that hasn’t been Forgiven.

Deer/MANIK is the Day Sign of the Mayan priest. The priest in the culture of the Maya wasn’t a “religious” leader, but the leader who organized the coming together of community and learned the ways passed down for holding Ritual and Sacred Ceremony. The priest’s fundamental role was not to provide discernment, but to help connect others to a Divine Source of Power and Discernment.

The glyph illustrates a hand that grasps the Ether of Divine to complete a holy circuit. It illustrates that the Choice is in our hands. The circle on the hand is an illustration of an eye, representing the way of the Deer’s vigilant observation in every direction. The Deer is the bringer of Spiritual Tools, said to keep every tool it ever used. Vigilance is the tool it uses every day.

A Vision on the Maya New year (8’Batz), July 4, 2016 – the completion of my first 260-day journal.

The Deer of MANIK is described in the Cherokee description as the mature stag. This Deer isn’t “Bambi.” This is the Deer that stands silently, knowing it has the Power to Leap into action at any moment. This is the Deer that takes the responsibility to be watchful for everyone in the group. Deer holds a strong intuitive connection and can transmit a communication of Spirit. The entire herd will sense the moment to move and make the same leap together.

Deer/MANIK brings the “Spiritual Gift” of Harmonic Resonance. As “Beings of Vibration” we have the power to transmit Love, Understanding, and Forgiveness without saying a word. Standing silently in the Truth of our Connection to the Divine… Conscious of what we Believe, we transmit a Divine wave-length that draws lower vibrations into sympathy. Deer/MANIK leads us to the altar of Sacred Ceremony, the place where we grasp our connection to the Above.

Through the Intention of Understanding, we can see what we have been “training” for. This is the day when we Know our Meaning and Purpose. Through Higher Learning we’ve left our worn out Human discernment behind. We may have thought we’d become the “magicians” of the world, clearing our road of life from any obstacles, and perhaps even know the winning numbers of the lottery.

Human has difficulty discovering the gifts because we expect them to accomplish what is impossible. It doesn’t take much thought to reason by the Truth that we were created equal. We were all given the same Free Will of Choice. Our gifts don’t hold the power to change the world, but only the power to change us.

We want our “gifts” to feel magical. They may feel flimsy at first, though they ARE the most magical of gifts that hold the Power to Manifest Happiness. That’s what every Dream represents… Our expression of what we imagine would create Love, Happiness, and the Freedom to Create. It’s our Human Nature to ignore what is “common.” Taste is a gift that would be hard to explain, and totally ethereal if we think about it. Why do we love some tastes better than others? Why can two people taste the same thing and have a different experience? Taste is a sense we celebrate without being conscious of it.

When we place a Divine Value on our gifts they hold the “magic” of Happiness… we can taste the Richness of Life through Spirit. They are the gifts that when we hold them, we don’t need any “more.”  We have everything we need and want. We can stop serving our ego, and start taking care of one another.

12 Deer/MANIK raises us to the Understanding that we were gifted for a Purpose of leading the way to the Divine. The Gifts that make Forgiveness Possible send a ripple through the Whole.

Source: BBC, Nature & Wildlife

Knowing our own Truth, we have the Power of Resolution – Our Free Will to Choose. We hold the Authority to design our own path forward as the Protectors of Humanity. We can stand up for ourselves and more important, stand up for those who have no voice. We effectively say “Yes” when we say nothing at all.

As a Day Sign of the West, Deer/MANIK can touch our hearts. Deer will draw to the surface any feelings of limitation so that we can be given the Spiritual Tool to overcome it. When we feel challenged, our Spiritual Gifts will return the Truth of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. We resent when someone’s behavior communicates that we weren’t worthy of better. So, the hidden Truth of our basic fear is “unworthiness.” We provide a Divine Service to Humanity when we can lead them to a source of Forgiveness. We can lead without a word by Grasping the Ether of Spirit that makes us One.

To all my relations, whenever we say “Yes” may it be our Conscious Choice to do so. May we stand in the Truth that an Almighty Power whose interest is Harmony and Equity is our Divine Authority. May we remember the Covenant entered on both sides when we Choose to live by Spirit. May we practice using our Spiritual Gifts every day, so they won’t be forgotten in the chaos and distraction of our “hard road of life.” May we be prepared to make a Leap of Faith when Spirit Calls us to stand in our Truth. Like the Flowers whose face follows the Sun across the sky, may we Always turn to the Creator’s direction to Live, Grow, and Bear the Seed of a new harvest. May we know that through Forgiveness, we are not just “saving the day.” We are forming the Seed of Spirit we will leave as the inheritance for a new generation.

In lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


I’m sharing a the “21-Days of Gratitude” as a perpetual Personal Ceremony through the next journey to 8 Monkey/CHUEN Maya New Year.  The “21 days” begin and end on Jaguar/IX. NOTE: I’m having a terrible time keeping an accurate count. I lost two days somewhere. (For reference, this 21-day count began on 12 Jaguar/IX.)

21-Days of Gratitude: Day 14

I’m grateful for those who have stood in their Truth to become a Light for me. I’m grateful to so many who’ve had the courage to stand before the world and share their darkest Truth, sacrificing themselves to save others from the same suffering.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Wisdom/CIB trecena.


12 Deer (Hand)/MANIK, (Cherokee Deer Ahwu’sdi)

Galactic Tone 12: Twelve is a gift of great capacity of retrospection. It is this ability that allows Twelve to connect disassociated parts into a (new) functioning whole. The energy of Twelve is that which presents a new piece of understood information or accumulated experience to be applied.

Deer/MANIK (Hand): Deer are spirit tools. Silence itself is a spiritual experience for Deer. For Deer life is a pilgrimage. Deer are dominant persons who defend the people and will make sacrifices for others. The spirit of Deer upholds the pillars of the four directions. With the power inherent in the number four, Deer pushes away bad influences or negative energies. Skill and quality of work are very important to Deer. They are presented with tools for every task in life and it is with these that they are able to rise above limitations. Deer has a habit of keeping every tool it has ever used. This leads to clutter and indecision, loss and procrastination. When confronted with promises not kept, Deer becomes stubborn, manipulative and evasive.

Cherokee, Deer/Ahwu’sdi: Symbolized by Constellation Galagina, the Stag, known as Taurus, the Bull. It does not include the Pleiades and Hyades clusters which in Cherokee are viewed as separate. To feed, gatherers of food and supplies, they enjoy rituals, ceremonials, feasts, the souls of hospitality, sociability. Freedom versus security issues often inspire leadership and unique solutions.  Combined with artistic and inspiring energies in harmony with lunar cycles, they nourish the clans. Totem-Deer:  A priest or shaman, a powerful person in general, to overwhelm an individual with one’s personal power, divination; inclined to become a teacher, healer, guru, civic leader, or politician.  Ability to create harmonic resonance.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, or share your local energy report.

7 thoughts on “12 Deer / MANIK – Application of Our Spiritual Nature: Day 12 of 13

  1. I am sorry to admit I have missed a few of your posts recently-this one spoke to me deeply-I have so much to learn and must examine my motives, too. the line about the human ego having things backwards-really moved me, and made we understand more. thank you-in lak’ech. Michele

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  2. Aloha! it has been such a long time…a new life, connections are few and far between (no internet or cell, must travel), ups and downs – I miss you! but every chance that I can read a ‘day’, it always fits the circumstances. You are a blessing. I certainly hope that you are bringing in this new year (and now the other side of an amazing lunar eclipse that we saw last night with a zillion stars all around from our Island) treating you well. For us, January has been a HUGE challenge, but the entire move has been. We are adjusting! Mahalo, en lak’ech, espavo, aloha nui loa…e

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