8 Serpent / CHICCHAN – A Gift of Truth: Day 8 of 13


Greetings Kin,

“Serpent lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself.”

Divine Justice is the Intention of Tone 8. As the Highest Intention of the Creator, Tone represents the Sun’s zenith position of Light.

Tone 8 begins the phase of a Divine Transformation. The Divine Perspective of the Day Sign is Illuminated in the Truth of Full Light.

Every transformation is built upon the Higher Ground of our last Ascension. We Ascended from the trecena of Serpent/CHICCHAN to experience the Truth of our Gifts of Knowing through a Human experience. Today we will seat a Higher Truth.

8 Serpent/CHICCHAN is a Holy Day observed as “Serpentine Day,” Honoring the Strength of Spirit and Force of Life. The Serpent ignites our “Supernatural Senses.” As the Sign of “lightning in the blood,” our phase of Transformation begins with a new Charge of Knowing. CHICCHAN’s “lightning force” is the one that grips our Heart and “bestirs our blood to speak.”

Lightning in the Blood is our Sixth Sense, the Senses shared with the Whole through the threads of Spirit that tie us together as the One. CHICCHAN holds the Power to send Ripples of Divine Consciousness through the Whole. What we experience, we can Believe that others are feeling too.

Like the Dragon Energy in the Seed, CHICCHAN can make our Unseen Power Known throughout our Whole Self as the Life Force itself.

In the Balance of the 7th uinal, Time is suspended from animation. We can get a Whole Sense of our Self and all the Roads we’ve taken. What would we choose today?

I realize that choices presented today are similar to choices presented 10 and 20 years ago. In 1999 I was starting all over, a new beginning and new hope for the future. It was my first relocation to the Pacific Northwest. Looking back, I was over-excited by a Dream I believed in the future. I was making choices as if that future was already hear, without the Wisdom of the Experience. I didn’t make wise financial decisions. I took on the debt of tomorrow. Then, I found out a perfect credit rating doesn’t hold up so well when you get a divorce, quit a job, move 2,000 miles to start a business.

I never noticed that history repeated itself in 2009 on my second relocation to the PNW. I was still bearing consequences of poor choices I’d made before. This decade has been the recovery.

These exact choices have come around again, presented as “limited time offers.” I was all excited again, thinking I had a great idea that was about believing in my future. I turned to wise counsel that shed a different light. The feeling of water poured all over my dream gave way for my Provision for the Future. There are many more blessings in starting out slow. I don’t have to begin again from another corner. I remembered I’m happy with what I have now. The less I have attached to the world, the more unlimited choices there are still to make. We can build an Abundant Future, when we’re willing to Wait in the place of the Unknown.

This time, 2019, I’m going to suspend animation of anything that ties me down. It’s a new Seed of a Dream that doesn’t deserve to be sold before I’ve even seen the harvest. Taking each day as a Sacred Event for its own purpose, will only make the Dream’s Time and Place all the better. Flint’s Intention is to open our eyes to the Truth we don’t see.  They have been related to “planetary” change, every decade marked by a 9 (completion).  I want to live for the future, creating the Happiness for Now. I also realized that neither were my choices. I’d hoped they were the long awaited answer of my own. In the Flow of Divine Will, there is no urgency.

The 7th uinal is showing us all that is and all that is not. I can see a brighter future, believing in my Consciousness to make use of Truth I already Know.

Residing in the zenith position, 8 is the number of “pure spirit.” Our Phase of Transformation is directed by a Divine Agency. The Faith we held in a Dream will be Transformed into Believing.

The Flint/ETZNAB trecena is connecting our Human thoughts and feelings to the experience of a Divine Communion. We will Know our Truth differently than any other thought. Our Truth will come with the “Feeling of Truth we Believe.” 8 Serpent/CHICCHAN ignites the Experience of Knowing and Believing in our own Power.

Like the Serpent, we will shed our Human skin. We’ll let go of worldly attachments with the Belief in something better. Love will always draw us to a Higher Ground. With the help of the Serpent we’ll slide right out of any corners we’ve painted ourselves into to draw a new boundary for the Freedom of our Spirit To Be.

Today we can know the Joy of our own Truth, through an epiphany that it was always worthy to stand on. We don’t have to be cornered by any opinion or negative thoughts that pass by. With Consciousness of CHICCHAN’s Gift of Power, we’ll cease to care what anyone else thinks. We’ll Know from the Pure Vibration of Spirit, that Happiness was only waiting for us to claim for our Self. Whatever Happiness we claim is always a Blessing to the Whole when it is aligned with the Justice of Harmony and Equity. When someone sees us claim our own Dream over all the outside influences that may have said it was impossible, others will see the Divine Sense of claiming their Dreams too.

To all my relations, may we Give Thanks for the Catalyst CHICCHAN. May we claim the Force within us that needs all of its own Freedom to Grow. May we allow our Self to change. We don’t have to keep doing the same things, because it’s now expected of us. We don’t have to do anything unless we find a Reason that we Really Love. May we Give Thanks for the Power to Transform our Life, and the Freedom to Choose what makes us Happy.

May we Light a Fire for Serpentine Day, to Honor the experiences of Body, Mind and Spirit that hold the Power to Change us by Truth we will never forget.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN

A SPIRITUAL RETREAT:  Daily posts will be a little shorter this trecena to accommodate some time away from the computer screen To Be Alive in a Living World. Flint offers a Time to Know Our Self and to Validate our own Truth. I’m imagining we’re on retreat together. We each have our own tiny cabin in the woods. At the center is the Sacred Fire always burning, where we come to release what no longer serves. At night we gather in silence under the stars to gaze into the flames. Guardians and Kitchen Angels are taking care of business and preparing all our meals. No one is teaching us anything. In our own cozy cabin, it’s an inside job. I’ll be meeting you by the fire instead of from behind a computer screen. May we all seize our Joy of Spring and hear it as Mother Earth’s Calling TO LIVE AND BE.



“21-Days of Gratitude” was the ceremony that marked the beginning of this Journal. 21 Days led to 260-days of the Tzolk’in round. In the 7th uinal we exist in the Perfect Balance. Each of the 20 Day Signs in the uinal is in position to reflect their way of Balance. Each one will offer a Divine Perspective from the all-in-one of who we are. I’m beginning 21 days starting today, under Sun/AHAU that will be a guiding light that completes the Whole of Understanding for each perspective of our Truth we can Know about our Self. At the End of 21 days, we’ll arrive at 10 Sun/AHAU, and a manifestation of our own Light of Truth.

21-Days of Gratitude: Day 6

I’m grateful we can slip out of old skins to become something new.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Flint/ETZNAB trecena.


8 Serpent/CHICCHAN (Cherokee, Serpent/DO’TSI)

The 7th Uinal of Balance

The 7th Uinal of Balance

CORE DAYS: The 7th Uinal of the Tzolk’in represent the center column of 20-days, which carry the Intention of Balancing. In the Center we are returned to Unity with the whole as our sense of duality comes into balance.  The Maya believed this to be the axis mundi – the center of the world that connects Heaven and Earth, where the four directions meet; where communication from lower realms may ascend to higher ones and blessings from higher realms may descend to lower ones and be disseminated to all. The Core Days may be experienced as a time of personal mystery as we recreate ourselves.

Galactic Tone 8:  Justice. Harmony and balance are the intent of Eights carefully weighs all evidence to reach a balance of justice. Eight is the power of organization demonstrated in the statement ‘as above, so below,’ from simplicity to infinity, the energy of eight organizes all levels of creation, some eights are ‘neat freaks.’

Serpent/CHICCHAN: Movement and the creation of time. Sensual and dramatic, this sun sign embodies intense instinctual wisdom and creates a connection from Earth bound, to Heavenly aspirations. By sincere service to others, Serpent opens and expands its heart. Serpent aligns authority and the truth to bring justice that is quick and sure. Serpents are very adaptable, even fluid until trapped in a corner, and then they explode. Serpents, venomous temper poisons itself as well as others by creating resentful, suppressive and even destructive attitudes.

Cherokee, Serpent/DO’TSI: Serpent’s symbol is Constellation Serpens. Serpent people are Sky people who come to earth periodically as Educators. As above-So below, on Earth the Serpent is the roots of the tree of knowledge. Serpent power is vital energy, the moving force, the instinct and desire for creativity, the trigger that sets off the action. It lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself. Knowledge, combining science, technology and psychology, plus spirituality are seeded on the planet through the descending Light of the Serpent.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

Keeping a daily journal throughout this trecena will offer a deep reflection to turn to through the transformation of this Tzolk’in round. Journal your inspiration, your Truth and the Prophecy of your future.

A Seed is like a Circle that holds it’s truth with the boundaries of its form. We can draw the Circle as our seed and ask the Creator to Consecrate the Intention as a Sacred Choice. We can hold our own Ritual and Ceremony defining this circle as our Design for our new Seed. By doing this last round, I remembered the Circle. Every Truth, Dream, and Idea written within was added by a Conscious Choice. When we Know the Truth we have included, we’ll turn away from any outside influences of either Truth or Illusion, until we’ve discerned it as a Truth of Happiness we will allow to cross the boundary into the our Circle of Our Own Truth.

We can add the Truth we Know and Stand on and the Truth of Dreams we hope to Create. The 7th uinal reflects the Great Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” It means that what we create in any realm will be Balanced in all others. Gratitude is the “Earth Magic” for Believing. When we count our Blessings, we see the Truth of Dreams that have already come Truth. Seeing our manifested Dreams, we Know the Truth of Miracles.

Click for the Creation Circle Exercise.

7 thoughts on “8 Serpent / CHICCHAN – A Gift of Truth: Day 8 of 13

  1. April 13-14 2019

    It has been a crazy weekend and just having the chance to review yesterday’s and today’s posts, and realizing that both posts focus on basic truths that all humanity needs to know and embrace is what I am grateful for. Your words encouraging self-knowledge, accepting our personal truths and believing in yourself and our own dreams, are what “Girls of all ages need to know and Believe.” “METoo” “The Gift of Truth/Self Truth” – 7 Seed/Kan Master Number 777, and ‘Serpent/CHICCHAN’s Lighting in the Blood’ are what ‘GIRLS need to BELIEVE’ and tap into. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance. Always Much love to you for sharing your positive thoughts. [forgive the run on sentences!!!]

    in lak’ech, i am another you


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was applying my understanding of the energies of the Day in relation to the announcement of US Presidential announcement of Pete Buttigieg this afternoon. I watched intently and “felt” the coyopa of the partcipants rise matching my own awareness of Chicchan. I am already pondering the return in 20 days coupled withe the tonal energy of 2. Life has become clear and more grounded through the sharing of your wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Richard. I feel like CHICCHAN is reaching us all in new effort. I’ve been feeling new CHICCHAN too – seeing how much of it is triggered by others when our hearts are aligned in love. much love to you, in lak’ech, Debra


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