A Virtual Medicine Wheel Tale by 1 Wind/IK, Minisa Crumbo Halsey


Bozho! Greetings all, from the Spirit Horse Ranch

Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Smiling talks: let us gather together and think on a medicine wheel tale.

Accessing the WISDOM AND SPIRIT gifts of the visiting, northern ‘Little Winters’

It is a windy day, here on the land…which recalls an earth wisdom story told to me many years ago. It is the story of the three little winters of spring. Now, even though stories are traditionally told in the winter when we are are spending more time inside by the fire, our time now, seems to describe now. In many ways this is truly a little winter with accompanying vision quest qualities. Our collective retreats at this time bring opportunities of deep rest and healing. The spring medicine wheel season continues to radiate rays of inspiration and illumination which can and will penetrate and permeate all historic, tender and even hardened layers of memory and condition, all the while delivering the benison of light and love, capable of stimulating mental processes for future plans (and present), and able to plow the deepest furrows of every fertile and fallow field, be it of day or night, dream or vision.



The Winds

These are some of the gifts of spring. Ordinarily, there is more outward movement but spring this year, seems to be temporarily holding onto the hands of winter for a few more weeks..at least the hands of: the little winters of spring. Let us give them our full attention, sit with them and allow the strong winds of spring to reach back, on and into aspects our innermost being, loosening and tearing away those limbs of our sacred flowering trees that may be dead, dying or diseased; no longer wanted or needed, winds which are scattering green winds of pollen, and driving southern rain clouds to the fields, forests, ponds and gardens.

The RedBud Winter

This one comes first, when the redbud trees bloom…when spring has truly seated sometime in the third week of January. Then a warm spell.

The ‘Little Winters’ of Redbud and Dogwood, by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Dogwood Winter

The second little winter comes when the dogwood trees bloom. Then a warm spell.

Blackberry Winter

The third and last winter comes when the blackberries bushes bloom. It can seem to be the coldest and most unnecessary of the little winters..but it is the last.

The Rains

The cold, hard, male rains come…drumming the Mother alive and calling upon the return of her heartbeat to bring send sap rising, invite sprout and shoot, unfurling bud and leaf..softening, melting ice, moistening and warming the world once more..and so, the world is renewed once again and life begins anew with us in the northern hemisphere and reversed, down under.

Provisions and activities for personal ceremony come forward as we visit the shelving of memory and practice, selecting this or that according to interest or need, that we fashioned through decision and discipline for just such times as these. Provisions and activities, sacred all, fashioned in solitude or circle…to bring solace, lift the heart and lighten the mind, are our proven and worthy tools. We will sit in circle once again. Review these things and add to them..there will be new stories to tell..reach out to our brothers and sisters..and in these times of relative inactivity for some of us, remember: BEING IS A DOING. Prayers and blessings to all who are or have ‘walked on’, to the caretakers and ones most heavily burdened, may they and we know good health and the restoration of balance and harmony, all ways, all days, now and forever more.


That’s the way it is with me.

Curiosity, restlessness, patience
Inventiveness, endurance and bravery
Remembering, being breathed alive and a sun ceremony
Water song, traveling song..silent prayer songs and groans of the heart are all heard.
The drum..redbud singers and dewebenkwe rock!
A purification fire, inside on a cookie sheet or outside, w/ sema offering
Smudging and fanning off, self, others and the room, remembering to open a window
Sage, ginger and sassafras teas..green tea, chaga thunder, miso
Wild onions and eggs, dandelion greens in salads, corn soup,  fry bread ‘n salt pork
Moon time
Collecting and drinking clean rain water
‘Putting Down’ some sema, tobacco.. tobacco down-prayers up
Offering plates
Being breathed alive

And always, the inner vision quest of:


Migwech, Mamogosnon, prime Creator for ALL of the gifts.

Minisa and Jim Halsey
Spirit Horse Ranch
Bodewamin Longhouse

Jim Halsey and Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Jim Halsey and Minisa Crumbo Halsey

The Wind/IK trecena is dedicated to Minisa and the work she carries on disseminating the Truth of Light and Spirit, as the stories were spoken by the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the traditional indigenious ways. Minisa is among the principle wisdom-keepers of the Potowatomie language, and a recognized Elder. Her husband and Spiritual partner, Jim Halsey, has been an Eagle that shares her vision to uphold the dream.

LEGENDS: Jim Halsey and Minisa Crumbo (Tulsa People Feb. 2020)

An Interview that highlights Minisa and Jim’s life together. Jim began the life of an impresario as a teenager. Known as The Star Maker, Jim Halsey has guided the careers of many successful artists. Among many honors is being inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2002. Jim is author of “How to Make It in the Music Business,” and developer of online curriculum for aspiring artists.

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