Washington State: Personal COVID-19 Report from Snohomish County

Greetings Kin,

Sharing the COVID-19 perspective from Snohomish County Washington. There are no tests unless you go to the emergency room. So, we’ve isolated accordingly. There’s never been such little traffic along I-5 in Seattle, if you go far enough to see it.

If you take the total cases active and negative, and divide by 7.5 million people in the State of Washington, it’s not too hard to see that only .001 of all people have been tested. It started with 1 and 20 in a nursing home. It only takes one to go gather the droplets to bring them home. (Remember to leave your shoes at the door, and wash your hands after taking them off.) Doctors and healthcare workers are being affected. If you go to the emergency room, you say your goodbyes at the door.


Humans deserve a better end after a lifetime of serving each other – and we have served each other. Now we see the “least of these” who have been making our lives possible all along. We say “thank you for your service” to the cashier when we do go to the grocery store. We say what needs to be said.


It’s a beautiful, quiet, and contemplative Spring. We have a choice to create our new beginning. We are learning the names of our neighbors.  It’s easy to be friendly when you don’t have to let anyone in the door. We’ve traded phone numbers. “If you need something, just text, and if I have it, I’ll leave it outside the door.” When we DO see each other, the smiles are genuine.

We mean it when we ask, “How are you?” And, “fine” is no longer the appropriate answer, BECAUSE we MEAN IT. There is a lot of love in that question. “How are you?” IS STILL the MOST appropriate question to ask after “Hello.”

The best approach is to have Faith in one another, and Faith that we aren’t just “lost in space.” Life has a Divine Meaning and Purpose, waiting for Human to create… making conscious choices to Love the experiences we are given, and each other, one day at a time.

Things HAVE changed. The “unknown” was harder at first – always waiting for the numbers to reload every 24 hours. There’s a sense of waiting for someone to notice it’s not just a hoax. We hold Faith that EVERY life matters – because we are “ALL going to die anyway.” Every life WILL Matter to God who created ALL Life and the Beauty of Mother Earth.

Love, Debra

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