Distant Star Explosion brightest ever seen


Boom! Distant star explosion is brightest ever seen
And it may be an odd type of supernova that has yet to be confirmed observationally.

An artist’s illustration of a brilliant supernova, the explosive death of a star. (Image: © Aaron Geller (Northwestern University)) 

This supernova is one for the record books. A mammoth star explosion known as SN2016aps, which occurred in a galaxy about 3.6 billion light-years from Earth, is the brightest supernova ever seen, a new study reports.


“We can measure supernovae using two scales: the total energy of the explosion, and the amount of that energy that is emitted as observable light, or radiation,” study lead author Matt Nicholl, a lecturer in the School of Physics and Astronomy and the Institute of Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the University of Birmingham in England, said in a statement.

“In a typical supernova, the radiation is less than 1% of the total energy,” Nicholl added. “But in SN2016aps, we found the radiation was five times the explosion energy of a normal-sized supernova. This is the most light we have ever seen emitted by a supernova.”

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