2 Wind / IK – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 2 of 13

THE TRECENA OF CROCODILE/IMIX: Beginning a New Harvest of Creation


2 Wind / IK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 holds the Intention of Duality. Tone 2 is human’s response to the Inspiration shared in Unity with the Creator. On Tone 2 we consider the possibility from a Human reflection to make the choice, “To Be, or Not To Be.”

We are making a very important choice as the Intention that will set the Tone and Frequency for an entire round of 260-days. The Intentions may change, but the Force of our Faith and Love applied at the beginning will establishing a prevailing Frequency of thoughts. We Ascended with Higher Wisdom. We should see that Truth in our UNCONSCIOUS responses that return a higher Truth of Common Sense from the beginning.

We can CHOOSE that for the way we See EVERYTHING in this round. You may be already thinking of little things you could do to move a BIG intention forward. That’s the magnitude of the gift we hold at the beginning. It could be a SMALL thing we create in our Life – EASY – yet it moves us off go in a Divine Direction. Small things hold possibilities for exponential value over TIME.

ALSO, we might be better off with a small shiny thing. We don’t risk going too far off track if we take on something BIG right now. We’ve moved up from a jalopy to a race car. Good Sense and Reason would tell us to learn what we’re driving before we take off. One Divine Creation always leads to the next, and each one WILL be higher than the last. Plus, we need to get over this “everything right now” limitation that Human likes to apply to everything.

In the Divine Plan, our Inspiration for the new beginning is followed by the Truth of Wind/IK. Our thoughts are drawn for our first Choice to the Promise Spoken at the Creation… a Truth of Unconditional Love, and the Divine Communion of Answered Prayers to be EVERYTHING we need to hold Faith in ALL our Creations.

Wind/IK offers a Divine Dissemination of Higher Truth. The T illustrated in the glyph represents the “Tree of Life” – our VESSEL of Life and a generator of the most important Element of Oxygen in the Air. Oxygen is the combustible component that accelerates the Element of Fire. Wind lies in the North, the place of all Wisdom. All thoughts are electrical signals that are present within our common connection. Air is the most critical element of Consciousness and Life. The Elders say, “We Breath and are Breathed by the Creator.” Breath is a function not wholly under human control. A Supreme Creator holds the Authority of our Last Breath… the Time and the Place.


The Maya call “te” a Sacred Word that was the first sound of Creation. It IS a breath that intends to make a sound.

The Element of Air relates to ALL the faculties of the mind and the gift of Consciousness that was shared as our Spark – a Light of Genius. IK holds the power to change our mind with a single Divine Thought we would love to take on a journey. Or, Wind can change the whole landscape of our Life, to bring a change of mind. 2 Wind/IK holds the Time and the Purpose at the beginning of this round to help us see Our Mind HAS Ascended to a Higher Consciousness of Thought. If we listen and track our thoughts, we’ll know the Truth.

The Elders always said, “Listen to the Wind. If you feel a breeze, feel a gust, or notice the ruffling of the leaves, STOP. What were you thinking? Is the Wind trying to turn you another direction, is it holding you back, or is it a soft touch of Love. It’s the Creator’s response to what’s on your mind. This is also marked as a day to draw your own Sacred Breath of Intention – to Elevate your thoughts for this Important Choice.

So far, I am DEFINITELY noticing a change. What I always find curious is that in every round, it’s basically the very same Truth again. Only the Nature of the Truth has changed, and the same Truth is more compelling than before. We’ve seen the Unseen we can never forget. And, we were given a broader perspective for Truth, AND reminded we can also see things from any Time and Place, and another point of view…. if we remember.

We can begin kneeling in humility to ask and in gratitude, express our Appreciation for the Supreme Creator that CAN speak to us in MANY ways. Wind/IK is the one that disseminates Divine Ideas that push us in a direction. We could suspect a Shadow of IK would get carried away with that power. Though I have a new strategy for ALL our Shadows. We were born to stand up in the light of Direct Illumination – no shadows. I’ve never “liked” all the negative things shared about us in astrology. (But then, what Virgo needs to here that.) And, any time I’ve turned to any kind of Cards, such as the Tarot, I never will read them “reversed.” So, for this round – since that always never set well – I’m taking it on as a new intention. We can still see the Shadow in a positive way. We’ve Ascended them. So now we could claim a reverse affect. For example, now I could claim that Wind is not pushy – but that the Ascended Wind/IK has grown to push for Divine Reasons. WE don’t have to be pushy in this choice of “To be or not to be.” Instead, we’ll only be pushy when God pushes us to go one way or another. 🙂 We KNOW all darkness was meant to be transformed to Light. We COULD claim that it IS ALREADY SO, from the beginning.

Our Greatest Strength is realized overcoming what’s “hard” to do, like overcoming our greatest limitation. Humans do good to keep these new Truths on the Road, because we’re STILL Human Beings. What if we could apply this “reverse” perspective to the Whole. I’m pretty sure that often when we see a fault, it DOES serve another Divine Purpose. Just like we think “demanding” is not so Divine, yet remember that Mayan Mother Goddess and HER claws. We could look at what is “wrong” in one another, and instead of casting it ALL as a shadow, STOP. COULD this serve a Divine Purpose for another application? Could it mean the survival of life and limb itself in another Time and Place? Maybe we could trick our monkey mind to see human limitations in some Divine way??? ESPECIALLY when we have the WISDOM to know that’s what we TRULY WANT to Grow to Believe… and EVEN have the SENSE we can ASK for it???

This is Day to Track the Mind and to Discern Changing thoughts. We will see the Truth of our Transformation – we DON’T see things the same. The Truth didn’t change. We only have a more COMPELLING reason because we FELT it more, and we KNOW more about the Truth, different for every Time and Place.

Through the Sacred Breath, we don’t have to be called to an altar to know what we already know now. We don’t have to wait for a Holy Observance to Celebrate a Light of Illumination. NOW we see a Higher Truth of a Highest Light that brings the Light for Illumination to EVERY Sacred Day. We can Draw that Truth as a Light to shine within. Between breaths we could Feel where it goes to ignite a Fire within – built by the “pure energy” of Love. We could WAIT for the thoughts that Divinely “come to us” before getting too far down the road with one of our own.

To all my relations, may we find a way to Remember the Whole in EVERY climb. Instead of always focusing on “what we could do,” may we raise the Question. We could ask for a Creation that would Prove what Humanity can do – what we can ALL do, given a Choice to pay attention to our Life. We can pray that ALL of Humanity could realize that they were GIVEN a Life and the Opportunity we hold to Do Something With it. Those are words I remember from Joseph Rael, “Beautiful Painted Arrow.” It’s True – we are not long for this world. Would we let the Time slip away, until HUMAN can see the time is near? We could claim it NOW and have Life Left to Know it. We wouldn’t have to die, for our Masterpiece to hold its highest value.

Our Lives were manifested in a single-breath. A Supreme Creator knew exactly what it saw as good, and didn’t hold back from a single question. One Breath. One Thought, One Breath, from a Divine Master of the High, Higher, and Highest Order didn’t want to change one thing it saw in Our Life’s Possibility to Love. Yet Possibility isn’t as Powerful as the Truth of Love. Truth of LOVE is the Highest Power.

in lak’ech, i am another you – holding faith in what ALL of us could do, our own way, in our own Time and Place, together

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

I LOVED the 1st Precept shared from the Buddhist faith. It FEELS TRUE as the God of my understanding FEELS to me. Life was the Highest Gift of Creation. The Gift is what my God of Unconditional Love wanted us to Witness – Love that was given to all of us just the same. Honoring Life fulfills the 1st Commandment learned from my ancestors. Life is our ONLY MEANS to Know God. Honoring Life is a way for everything and for The Creation to be completed, Above and Below.

1) Panatipata veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami
I undertake the Precept to refrain from killing and injuring living things

I will use sense for my human limitation, because I see ALL things as living things. I will undertake a Precept to take from Life only what is needed to Live, and never without asking permission or without giving back the Love to See and Acknowledge that it HAS a life that is being sacrificed for mine.


I lit the candle this morning to Honor a New Tzolk’in Round, and OUR New Life. I feels like there will be changes and a second altar in the NNE. My place is at an angle where the light only leans far enough in the Spring and Summer for me to see all day from the balcony. I cleared things away to add the tools that have been recently inspired. I bought my own crystal skull, made of purple fluorite. I had to, when I saw it looked just like the one I painted. I justified it as an investment that will hold material value. Purple Fluorite is a stone of protection, thought to become more protective the longer it is used, and is an ideal “Dream Crystal,” defending one from evil spirits and bad dreams. It radiates a marvelous energy throughout the light body relieving stress, spiritual discomfort, and physical blockages. I felt the energy that was magnified by the crystal skull, Yorick. One of my perspectives is Virgo the Hermit – I want something all my own, unattached to any Intentions I know nothing about. Through Yorick I also found out that the Original 13 Ancient Skulls are said to transmit to all other crystals on Earth. It raised a Faith in the energetic properties and purpose of these creations. We are only learning that vast repositories of information can be stored in quartz crystal. ALL things that are given a meaning and purpose – asked for permission and help for a Divine Intention, will store that vibration and energy the longer they are in our hands or in a place where we bring the Energy of Love.

My interest is sparked to learn more about Crystal Healing, so there are three new wands – one of Serpentine, Ruby Zoisite, and a Vogel calibrated crystal, cut to divine proportions. I don’t need anything else. I’ve thought of things I already have that I want to hold more sacred energy, I’ve have added them for this Light of IMIX as they come to mind.

I’m feeling a NEW call to Mother Nature. I spent very little time working with plants on the balcony last year. In 2018 I grew Spirit as Flowers by Intention, and it was the Year in Ek’Balam where I KNEW the Communion with ALL Living things – though I’d realized it all along that Spring and Summer. The Flowers are so abundant and beautiful in this Time and Place. I didn’t want to waste resources buying flowers at the grocery store and planned to find something directly from Mother Earth. The Rhododendron and Roses are Washington State Flowers. These won’t even be missed on the bush from where they came – every branch is loaded down… pink, flame red, white and this rosy red. I asked permission and left an offering. One bloom held on for dear life. I didn’t tug too hard to try and honored its choice to hold the beauty there. The Elders said, “All things want to be Seen and Acknowledged.” They didn’t say what Divine Communion happens WHEN YOU DO.

A full inspection of the balcony was a surprise to see the flowers growing in a shrine I built in 2018. That was the big NATURE year, when my balcony saw as many birds come and go as any aviary – all kinds mingling and happy together. This particular plant was THRIVING that summer and it was the first time since I owned it – about a year – that I’d decided to put it outside. It was in the spot beneath the House Finch nest, near the railing that gets the morning Sun. The highest limb was the perch every day where the Father Finch, sang his Morning Chorus to the Sunshine. This PLANT LOVED IT SO MUCH, when I had to bring it inside for 1 week for a building powerwash, every leaf fell off in the first 4 days – it refused to live inside ever again. It was so sad that there was nothing that seemed to help it. I was bound that it could have one last season, just to be there in its final moments. It came back to life from shoots from the heart of the branches – long enough to show me I did save a little life. It was a sad site and now only looks beautiful to me – I’d hung 4 little cornhusk angels made to hang in its 4 directions, tied tufts of raw wool to invite the birds, and a poor attempt at filling it in with a few colors of cloth ties. Every crystal and stone at hand, but not in use, went around the dirt of it. Now it’s in full bloom as an entirely different plant. The birds must have dropped a seed there. I didn’t plant the purple flowers!

SO, I decided I’m not going to plant any flowers this year. There are poppies that grow like weeds here all over the place… free for the transplanting, what others are mowing down. I found I loved GRASS and wild things that grew from the bird seed that was dropped – just as much as potted plants, if not more. And, I have some seeds for greens that can grow in some small place.

I am feeling my Ascension of Consciousness as more COMPELLING reasons to use my Common Sense and Wisdom to a greater degree as a MAJOR intention. The thoughts have been “coming to me.” We have to LIVE for ALL our possibilities. And we have to use wise judgement to do what the ants do, for what could be a hard winter. I’ve seen TV commercials go by I never paid much attention to – like cosmetics. That industry could be one of the first non-essential products to go if we were living on our barest necessities. I still have a stockpile of canned goods from my free “community store.” It became more of a threat to drag my germs outside. There’s stuff I don’t need I’ve thought of giving away now, but am thinking – SOMEONE should be storing it for LATER. I want to stock up on protein powder that won’t go bad, just so I know I can make a good meal out of oatmeal. And I like that. My basic “to-go” store of supplies is OLD PROVEN STUFF. The only pills I take are aspirin, acetaphenamine, and ibuprophen. I have a bottle of iodine, plenty of food grade H202, pure clay and charcoal powder, epsom salts and I want to stock up on baking soda. That is STILL the best cure for indigestion – 1/8 tsp in 1/4 cup of water will do it, if you drink some hot tea after. Chamomile is a new gift I’m learning to appreciate – good for RESPIRATORY, and can be used for tea or as a respiratory treatment if you smoke it with only 2 or 3 inhales of it. Earth wants to help heal us. Those Ole Tyme cures were passed down thousands of years. We’re buying the chemicals that came from all this – when it’s right around us in such simple things. Chamomile grows wild on Whidbey Island.

I’m more set on what I don’t need anymore – that isn’t important anymore. It feels EASIER because I DO feel compelled to use more Common Sense than I can remember. I always wanted to move more in this direction. Now there’s an Unseen Force to do it.

That’s my “practice” of a day. I want to share more days with you. I do a lot of ceremony in Spirit and this round I want to feel it and see it as much as I can. It is a Year of 9 Earth/CABAN, so we are drawn to COMPLETE our Love of Mother Earth and our chance To Be. “Beautiful Painted Arrow” had many Divine Visions and when we asked, “How can this happen?” His answer was simply, “I obey.” When I first began working with an altar place, I would have a thought that there should be some water, or an offering of cornmeal. Obeying Spirit was as simple as going to get the water and cornmeal. There is ALWAYS Sacred Exchange with an Offering… and a more compelling reason to do it again. We’re not trying to Create powers. We’re Creating a Relationship and it will grow.

The tiny finch know how to make it through every hard winter outside. We can survive and we WILL Save our Life… we Finally SEEN it, so we HAVE already Saved it.

I WANT TO SEE BEAUTY IN YOUR TIME AND PLACE… at any scale of any medium. I LOVED seeing the photos from the Wesak Times and Places that remind me WE ARE. If you see something beautiful and can share some image of it to my email connect@jaguarspirit.com I love to at share as many as I can. And please tell me where you are.  In the beginning of this journal, I posted a photo and blog-link share on days marked Dog/OC. I want to do that again. What would you like to share? I will do my very best to choose from the 13th tribe that shares a Vision that it’s not MONEY we need, but Love. If your blog offers something of benefit to human life, I’m very happy to support that. I don’t think MONEY is worth having as an Intention for Life. Abundance comes when Love is all that’s intended in the sacred exchange. I’ll support ANY money making venture that comes from and interest you love, made by your hand, or written from Love. I have some “wilder ideas” for the future. much love, Debra


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Crocodile/IMIX trecena.

My gift for this Tzolk’in round is linked there, a Tzolk’in Field Guide that has as much about the basic aspects of each day as I could think to put into it. The directions and the elements are aspects of Universal Laws that can be known in MANY ways, through many kinds of practice. My aim with the dates for each trecena, included for the next few years, was an intention that we could have everything for a day in one place at hand, if we didn’t have a computer. On the 13-day Trecena Guide page it comes with the PDF for a journal page, and the Tzolk’in chart. I never came to a “cheap” hard copy of all the pages the way I want the hardcopy to be. My plan for that is with the links… as far as I’ve conceived that dream. BUT NEXT, with some editing help, I can FINISH THE ORACLE CARDS – that everything in me wants to see in my hands.



2 Wind/IK (Cherokee Whirlwind/ DAK’SI   I’SB)

Galactic Tone 2: Mysterious as the question ‘to be or not to be?” Two is the recognition of the separation of self from all else and the desire to be rejoined. Walking a balance while making choices of all kinds, light/dark, male/female, good/bad, Yin/Yang, is the energy of this number. Experiencing the differences between one and another is the use and purpose of this number.

Wind/IK: Breath of Spirit, breath of life. Winds embody the power of dissemination and planting of good seeds or ideas. Dreamers and planners with powerful imaginations, Wind persons make great orators and they spread the word of spiritual inspiration as it is carried by the wind. Wind is the power behind the movement of natural cycles such as weather, erosion, and cultural change. As the wind, these persons are extremely changeable and adaptable. They may appear inconsistent or fickle to others. Wind can be destructive to self and others by putting on airs. When Winds strut and boast, expanding on facts and accomplishments, they are building the dark clouds of trouble that may become hurricanes.

Cherokee, Whirlwind/AGALU’GA: Whirlwind’s symbol is a double spiral helix in rising smoke. Wind brings energy for an Inquiring mind, learning and wisdom. In Cherokee, the constellations are represented by 12 birds (dancers), the 13th bird is the Whirlwind, the lead dancer. This reflects the whirling of life. Wind is the breath of the Universe (matching the Mayan symbol) channel of communication and carries the Sacred Smoke to the Great Spirit (Source- Hunab Ku in Mayan); matches the pulse of the breath of the Cosmos.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today? How have you changed? What do you want?

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